Genshin Impact

How to Unlock and Play in Co-Op Mode

Genshin Impact - How to Unlock and Play in Co-Op Mode
Genshin Impact's Co-Op Mode unlocks by reaching Adventure Rank 16. Check out how to unlock multiplayer, how to play, what to do, and benefits of Co-Op here!

How to Unlock Multiplayer Co-Op

Reach Adventure Rank 16

Genshin - Multiplayer - Unlock at AR 16
Co-Op Mode will automatically unlock by reaching Adventure Rank 16. This means you can add other players as friends, enter their world in multiplayer mode, or have them enter your world instead!

How to Get More Adventure Rank EXP

Genshin - Multiplayer Increase AR EXP
You can raise your Adventure Rank EXP by doing commissions, opening chests, claiming rewards from domains, and doing events!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

How to Play in Co-Op Mode

Enter by Selecting Co-Op Mode

Genshin Multiplayer - How to Play in Co-Op Mode - Co-Op Mode
To enter another player's world, go to menu and select Co-Op Mode, or go to your Friends list to see who's online! You can also click on the multiplayer icon beside the map on your HUD.

Request to Join Host

Genshin Multiplayer - How to Play in Co-Op Mode - Request to Join
You can send invites to players with Request to Join, which will show up in both the Friends list and the Random Players list. If you don't see a player you want to join, you can also do a search via their user ID (UID).

Note that you cannot join players who are offline at the moment, even if they are your friends.

Add Players in Co-Op

While you can play with your own friends, you can also play with random players from the same server region! If you don't have a lot friends in your Friends List yet, you can check out our Friend Request and Co-Op board!

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board

Be the Host by Accepting Invites

Sometimes, people will want to join your world and you will have to be the host of that Co-Op session. Depending on your World Permissions, feel free to accept or deny their invitations!

The Host Decides Whether to Accept Or Not

The host player will decide if they will accept your invite. Take note that player invitations will disappear on their screen after 10 seconds.

Enter Domains by Matching

Genshin - Multiplayer - Match in Co-Op
You can also enter Co-Op mode by clicking on Match on your Domain Screen. Clicking this button will make you enter a queue, and you will have to wait for the game to load you either in your world or another player's world as the Host.

If you're already in Co-Op with one or more players, the Enter button will be replaced with 'Co-Op' and you won't have to press the Match button.

List of Domains Guide

How Many Players Can Be in Co-Op Mode?

Up to Four Players Can Join

Genshin - Multiplayer - Up to 4 People
In Multiplayer mode, only four players can join and play together. One player will play the role of Host, and the other three players can request to join the Host's world.

How to Add and Play With Friends

Can Only Join on Same World Level or Lower

Players can only join another player's world if they're the same World Level or lower. Players cannot join other people's worlds if their World Level is too low.

Crossplay Included for All Platforms

Genshin - Console and Mobile Crossplay

Genshin Impact supports Crossplay for all platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and PS4! Regardless of the system you'll be playing on, you can join friends in their world or invite them to yours.

Crossplay Information

Cross-Save is Available

Genshin - Cross-Save
Cross-save between iOS, Android, PC, and PS4 is also available! This means that you can play your account on any platforms without having to worry about starting anew!
Cross Saves and Cross-Progression

PlayStation Cross-Save Funtion

With the introduction of Version 2.0 came the new account linking function between PlayStation Network Accounts and miHoYo Accounts. With this, you can play on PlayStation and on PC or Mobile and the progress will transfer!

PSN Account Link Guide

Limited by Region

Genshin - Servers

Unfortunately, online play is limited by region, so you'll need to make sure to choose the same server region as your friends to ensure you can play together with them. Keep in mind that you cannot switch servers after starting your journey.

On PS4, you won't be able to choose your server at all, which is instead reliant on the region of your PSN account. Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding what platform to play on.

What Can You Do in Co-Op Mode?

Explore Teyvat Together with Friends

Genshin - Heart Island Co-Op

Co-Op allows players to freely explore the Host's world, and any areas the Host has unlocked are available for other players to use as well. Players can do Domains, Ley Lines, and various overworld challenges together.

Limits to Playing in a Host's World

Limits to Playing in a Host's World
CheckmarkOnly the Host can open treasure chests

CheckmarkOnly the Host can continue the story

CheckmarkOnly the Host can interact with most NPCs

CheckmarkOnly the Host can start Domains and challenges

Although they are free to explore the world, guests in a Host's World are limited in the actions they can perform. As such, visitors can only attack and pick-up drops or items in the Overworld.

Talk to Other Players in Chat Function

Genshin - Multiplayer - Chat Function.png
Chatting with other players is possible with the Chat function. You can talk to your friends while in and out of Co-Op, or talk to your current Co-Op Team to discuss strategies! In addition, you can use built-in stickers of various characters.

Complete Daily Commissions in Co-Op

Genshin - Adventurer

Doing Daily Commissions is possible in co-op, which can make daily missions go more smoothly and fun. Note that Companionship EXP will only add to your current active characters, but will be doubled while in Co-Op.

Certain Daily Commissions, which needs interacting with NPCs, are sometimes not possible in co-op.

How to Unlock Daily Commissions

Have Fun with Event Challenges

Genshin - Multiplayer - Event Challenges Coop
Some Events in Genshin Impact can be done in co-op mode. Most of these co-opable events can help players defeat Event bosses, challenge fun mini-games, or help people complete event tasks!

List of All Events

Visit Player's Serenitea Pot

Genshin - Take Photos with Friends
Players can also visit other players' Serenitea Pot and hangout or explore their own creations! Furthermore, other players can help speed-up the host's crafting processes, or buy items from the host's Traveling Teapot Salesman!

Housing System & Serenitea Pot Guide

Go Fishing Together

Genshin - Fishing Mode in Genshin

Players can go to any Fishing Spot and fish together! Similar to berries and fruits found in the open world, any single fish can only be taken once, so be mindful when taking and sharing.

Fishing System Guide

Experience PvP in Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin - Genius Invokation - Play in Co-Op or Random Matches
Genshin Impact only feature Player vs. Player (PVP) combat in the Genius Invokation TCG mode, which is a permanent trading card gameplay with its own events and rewards.

Outside of the card game, you don't have to worry about fighting other high-level players – the online play is strictly cooperative!

Genius Invokation TCG Guide

Benefits of Multiplayer Co-Op

All Benefits of Co-Op Play

Benefits of Co-Op
CheckmarkHelp clear tough Domains and Challenges

CheckmarkExplore the world and help with puzzles

CheckmarkFarm items and Local Specialties

CheckmarkHave fun playing together

Grind Domains, Ley Lines, and Challenges

Genshin - Challenge Domains - Start

Players can go through Domains or Ley Line Outcrops together multiple times, help players level up, and grind for various Item drops or Artifacts. However, only the Host can start or end a domain or ley line run.

Explore the World and Solve Puzzles

Genshin - Heart Island Co-Op
You can try and solve tough to crack overworld Puzzles together with other players! Co-Op players can interact with most entities in the overworld, so you can try to solve these puzzles with ease.

Farm Items and Local Specialties

Genshin - Fluorescent Fungus
Items like Local Specialties can only respawn after a certain amount of time, but with co-op, you can ask for friends and other people to let you farm for these items in their world!

List of Local Specialties

Fun With Friends

Genshin - Bring Friends to Help.png
You can simply do Co-Op to have fun! Play with friends to do various stuff like player-made challenges, race with ice bridging, and general exploration.

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