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This is a guide about Online Multiplayer and how to unlock it in Genshin Impact. To learn how to unlock multiplayer mode, multiplayer features, Disadvantages of Multiplayer, and things that can only be done via multiplayer, read on.

Multiplayer Guides
Online Features How to Unlock and Play How to Add Friends

How to Unlock Multiplayer

Unlocked at Adventure Rank 16

Online Multiplayer 1

The multiplayer feature is locked until you reach Adventure Rank 16 so keep on playing, opening those chests, and open warp points to earn Adventure EXP!

How to Play Multiplayer

  1. Choose Multiplayer
  2. Apply
  3. Organize characters you want to use for your party.

①Choose Multiplayer

multiplayer icon.jpg

Select Multiplayer at the top left side of the screen. Multiplayer can be chosen anywhere on the field.


From here, you can send your application to player lists. If you don't see a player you want to join, you can also do a search via UID (User ID).

The Host Decides Whether to Accept Or Not

Hosts decide whether to play with players that have applied. Take note that Applications disappear after 10 seconds so act fast!

③Organize Characters You Want to Use


Once you have started multiplayer, organize the characters you want to use for your party. The amount of characters that can be used depends on the number of players present.

Host Participants
2 People 2 Character 2 Character
3 People under construction under construction
4 People 1 Character 1 Character

You Can Change the Character You Want to Use

By selecting your own character selection screen, you can organize which characters you want to use. This is highly recommended together with communicating with fellow players to form parties that synergize with each other.

Multiplayer Features and Things to Do

Things to Do Online
  • The Host's world can be explored.
  • You can tackle domains via multi-challenge.
  • Can do daily quests together
  • Chat function is available

Host's Field Can Be Explored

Online Multiplayer 7

You can explore the host's field, fight monsters at the same time, and even access warp points that the host has already activated.

You Can Tackle Domains


Unexplored areas can be explored. Choose the Multi-Challenge when entering an unexplored area to explore it together.

Challenge Daily Quests Together


Daily quests can be completed together. Since these quests are faster to complete in a party, it is highly recommended to form a party before doing daily quests.

Chat Function is Available

Online Multiplayer 10

Chatting with other players is completely possible. Make sure to talk to other players, specially when deciding something, focusing on an objective, choosing which quests to do, and so on. And the most important part, is to keep it friendly!

▼Stamps Can Also Be Sent in Chats

For fun and giggles, sending out stamps is completely doable. Just don't spam it too much and be annoying in the chat.

Disadvantages of Multiplayer

Multiplayer Disadvantages
  • Mission cannot proceed
  • Chests can only be opened by host
  • Anemoculus can only be collected by host
  • Unable to talk to some NPCs

Missions Cannot Proceed

Online Multiplayer 12

During Multiplayer, All ongoing quests are temporarily stopped. To resume these quests, return to single player mode so make sure that all quests you want to do are already settled before joing other player's games.

Chests Can Only Be Opened By Hosts

Precious Chest.jpg

The chests on the hosts game can only be opened by the hosts itself. In addition, the contents are only obtained by the host too.

Anemoculus Can Only Be Collected By Host

Similar to chests, Anemoculus cannot be collected by participants and cannot be used at the 7 days inn. However, you can still use the seven days statue to recover your HP.

Unable to Talk to Some NPCS

Online Multiplayer 15
Characters conversation content
Can Talk Sara Can Purchase Foods and Vegetables
Marjorie Purchase items etc.
Cannot Speak Catherine Reward Reciept
Blanche Purchase Materials

※These are sample characters

Some NPCs services will be unavailable during multiplayer. There are only a limited number of NPCs whose services are still available in multiplayer mode. For those unavailable, they will be available once again upon exiting multiplayer mode.

Tricks To Do In Multiplayer

Loot Other Worlds

You can potentially take their Ores and Plants. This is a great way to get some ascension materials for your characters if your own resources has ran out.

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