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Genshin Impact - List of Hangout Events

Hangout Events are a permanent dating sim feature released in Genshin Impact Version 1.4. Learn how to unlock Hangout Events, how to get all characters' Hangout endings, a list of all Hangout Series, and rewards for getting Hangout Memories in this guide!

All Hangout Event Guides

All Characters' Hangout Events

Character Hangout Event
Genshin - Barbara Barbara Act 1: Wellspring of Healing
Genshin - Beidou Beidou Act 1: When the Crux Shines Bright
Genshin - Bennett Bennett Act 1: Fantastic Voyage
Genshin - Chongyun Chongyun Act 1: Signs of Evil
Genshin - Diona Diona Act 1: The Cat and the Cocktail
Genshin - Faruzan Faruzan Act 1: A Confounding Conundrum
Genshin - Gorou Gorou Act 1: The Canine General's Special Operations
Genshin - Heizou Heizou Act 1: Trap 'Em by Storm
Genshin - Ningguang Ningguang Act 1: The Jade Chamber's Returning Guest
Genshin - Noelle Noelle Act 1: Chivalric Training
Act 2: Knightly Exam Prep
Genshin - Sayu Sayu Act 1: Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu
Genshin - Shinobu Shinobu Act 1: The Gang's Daily Deeds
Genshin - Thoma Thoma Act 1: A Housekeeper's Daily Chores
Genshin - Yun Jin Yun Jin Act 1: A Song That Knows Grace
Genshin - Layla Layla Act 1: Layla Act 1

Who has the best Hangout Event?

Barbara 488
Noelle 848
Chongyun 1093
Bennett 625
Diona 60
Sayu 51
Thoma 265
Beidou 105
Gorou 89
Yun Jin 48
Ningguang 71
Heizou 36
Shinobu 27
Faruzan 18

Hangout Event Information

What Are Hangout Events?

Genshin - Hangout Event Information

Genshin Impact Dating Sim

Hangout Events are special Story Quests for most of the 4-Star Characters in Genshin Impact. The Hangouts feature was released in Version 1.4, and Genshin Impact has been releasing new Hangout Series since.

These Hangout Events are the 4-Star equivalent of Story Quests, which usually only feature 5-Star characters. Unlike Story Quests though, you will need to make dialogue choices in Hangout Events to get different endings.

All Quests and Quest Types

How to Unlock Hangout Events

How to Unlock • Reach Adventure Rank 26+
• Complete Prologue: Act 3
• Use 2 Story Keys for a Hangout

Use Story Keys to Unlock Hangouts

After reaching Adventure Rank 26 and completing Prologue: Act 3, you will be able to use Story Keys to unlock Hangout Events. Each character's Hangout Event will need 2 Story Keys to unlock.

How to Get Story Keys

At Adventure Rank 26, Travelers will earn 1 Story Key for every 8 Daily Commissions. Since you only have 4 Daily Commissions in a day, it will take at least 2 days to get 1 Story Key.

You will have to claim the Story Key once you've done all 8 Daily Commissions before you can begin progress for the next one. There is also a limit of 3 Story Keys at a time, so use them to as soon as you can!

How to Play Hangout Events

Genshin - How to Play Hangout Events

Hangout Feature Guide
1 Select Quests > Story Quests > Hangout Tab.
2 Choose a character's Hangout Quest and Act.
3 Play through the Hangout and make dialogue choices to get different Hangout Memories.
4 Collect multiple Hangout Memories to get all endings and claim more rewards!

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Hangout Series Release History

Hangout Series 8 (Version 3.5)

Series 8 Hangout Quests
Genshin - FaruzanFaruzan: Act 1

Faruzan's first Hangout Event was announced in the 3.5 Livestream, and released on the first half of Version 3.5 as part of Hangout Series 8.

Version 3.5 Release Date and Patch Notes

Hangout Series 7 (Version 2.8)

Series 7 Hangout Quests
Genshin Impact - Heizou HangoutHeizou: Act 1

Shikanoin Heizou's first Hangout Event was announced in the 2.8 Livestream, and released on the first half of Version 2.8 as part of Hangout Series 7.

Version 2.8 Release Date and Patch Notes

Hangout Series 6 (Version 2.7)

Series 6 Hangout Quests
Genshin Impact - Kuki ShinobuShinobu: Act 1

Kuki Shinobu's first Hangout Event was announced in the 2.7 Livestream and released on the second half of Version 2.7 as part of Hangout Series 6.

Version 2.7 Release Date and Patch Notes

Hangout Series 5 (Version 2.4)

Series 4 Hangout Quests
Genshin - Ningguang HangoutNingguang: Act 1 Genshin - Yun Jin HangoutYun Jin: Act 1

Ningguang and Yun Jin's first Hangout Event were announced and released sometime on Version 2.4 as part of Hangout Series 5.

Version 2.4 Release Date and Patch Notes

Hangout Series 4 (Version 2.3)

Series 4 Hangout Quests
Genshin - Gorou HangoutGorou: Act 1 Genshin - Beidou HangoutBeidou: Act 1

Hangout Series 4 features Gorou and Beidou as the stars of these new events released in Version 2.3.

Version 2.3 Release Date & Patch Notes

Hangout Series 3 (Version 2.2)

Series 3 Hangout Quests
Genshin - Sayu HangoutSayu: Act 1 Genshin - Thoma HangoutThoma: Act 1

Hangout Series 3 became available with the release of Version 2.2 on October 13, 2021. Play through Sayu and Thoma's hangout events and learn more about these Inazuma characters.

Version 2.2 Release Date & Patch Notes

Hangout Series 2 (Version 1.5)

Series 2 Hangout Quests
Genshin - Noelle Hangout Act 2Noelle: Act 2 Genshin - Diona HangoutDiona: Act 1

Version 1.5 released Noelle's second hangout event, and Diona's first Hangout event.

Version 1.5 Patch Notes

Hangout Series 1 (Version 1.4)

Series 1 Hangout Quests
Genshin - Barbara HangoutBarbara:
Act 1
Genshin - Noelle HangoutNoelle:
Act 1
Genshin - Chongyun HangoutChongyun:
Act 1
Genshin - Bennett HangoutBennett:
Act 1

These were the first Hangout Events in Genshin Impact. Noelle's Hangout now has an Act 2, but Barbara, Chongyun, and Bennett's second Hangout Events are yet to be released!

Version 1.4 Patch Notes

Hangout Event Rewards

How to Get Rewards from Hangouts

To get Adventure EXP, Primogems, Talent Materials, and Specialty Food from Hangout Events, you have to unlock a character's Hangout Memory. This means you need to play through the quests and get their endings!

Rewards from Hangout Memories

Rewards per Character Hangout
Obtain 1 Ending
Genshin - Multiple Items Character Talent Material x3
Obtain 2 Endings
Genshin - Multiple Items Character Gem Fragment x3
Obtain 3 Endings
Genshin - Multiple Items Character Specialty Dish x3
Obtain 4 Endings
Genshin - Multiple Items Character Gem Fragment x3
Obtain 5 Endings
Genshin - Multiple Items Character Talent Material x3

The Talent, Ascension, and Specialty Dish rewards differ with each character.

You also get Hangout Achievements!

Apart from the item rewards you get from endings, you'll also get achievements when playing through the Hangout Events! So far, each Hangout Event Act has a total of 3 Achievements.

One of those Achievements will give you 20 Primogems, while the other two will only give 5 Primogems. That's a total of 30 extra Primogems from the Hangout Event!

Achievement List and Rewards

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