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Anemocolus Statue of the Seven
This is a guide to all the Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact. Head out to the field and obtain all the Anemoculus to level all the Statues of the Seven!

Statue of the Seven Items
Anemoculus Icon.pngAnemoculus Geoculus Icon.pngGeoculus

Starfell Valley Anemoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Blightcrown Mountains

Starfell Valley Map


Starfell Valley Anemoculus Guide
1 Found near the Anemo Slimes under the cliff.
2 Use the wind element to summon an air vent.
3 Climb the nearby tower to reach it.
4 Located along the cliff.
5 Atop the stone tower.
6 Found between the two trees.
7 Found inside the leaves of the tree.
8 Above the ruins.
9 Near the ruins. Beware of the Ruin Guard in the area.
10 Destroy the rock.
11 Freeze the path or glide (requires high stamina) to reach the area.
12 Found inbetween the small islands.
13 Slightly Northwest from Ciderlake's center. Glide to get the Anemoculi.
14 Glide from a highcliff to the big tree in the area. It cannot be reached from the ground.

Take Anemoculi 11 By Freezing Your Path Or By Gliding

Use a character with an Ice Element to freeze your path. The sheer distance makes it nearly impossible to reach by swimming so this is the most reliable method to reach the area.

Galesong Hill Anemoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Blightcrown Mountains

Galesong Hill Map

galesong hillEnlarge

Galesong Hill Anemoculus Guide
1 Infront of the Statue of the Seven.
2 Found on the tree.
3 Found in the air. Summon an air vent to reach it.
4 Climb and glide from one of the stone pillars to reach it.
5 Activate and use the huge airvent in the area. At the top of it lies the Anemocolus.
6 Found inbetween the trees.
7 Summon an airvent to reach it.
8 Found on a nearby cliff.
9 Complete the seal of the sword cemetery quest to reach the Anemoculi.
10 Found inside one of the Hilichurl house.
11 Glide from the cliff to reach it.
12 Glide near one of the cliff. Beware as it might be difficult to spot.
13 Follow the Seelies to the edge of the continent then use the warphole.

Get Anemoculi 15 By Following The Three Seelies

three spirits
Follow the Seelies on the edge of the continent. Upon doing so, the next step will commence.

Enter The Warp Hole

enter the warp hole
Upon the completion of the first step, you'll be able to use a warp hole that will take you to the Spiral Abyss Domain which is also home to the 15th Anemoculi on Galesong Hill.

Spiral Abyss Guide

Windwail Highlands Anemoculus Map

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Blightcrown Mountains

Windwail Highlands Map

Windwail Highland.pngEnlarge

Windwail Highlands Anemoculus Guide
1 Destroy the rock to find the Anemoculus inside.
2 Use the airvent in the area to reach the Anemoculus.
3 Located in a tree. Beware of the Hilichurl camps nearby.
4 Fly from the cliff to reach the Anemoculus.
5 Burn the thorns to be able to climb the stone pillar.
6 Glide from a high place to reach it.
7 Summon an airvent to reach it.
8 Fly from Mondstadt or use the Traveler's Geo element skill to reach it.
9 Found in Springvale town.
10 Found near a house in Springvale.
11 It's just along the road.
12 Found on the edge of a cliff.
13 Glide from a cliff to reach it.
14 Summon a vent to be able to fly to get it.
15 Found in the air, glide from a cliff to reach it.
16 At the top of the Dawn Winery.
17 Reach using the Traveler's Geo Elemental Skill.
18 Will only appear if the puzzle near it is solved.

Solve Elemental Puzzle To Get Anemoculi 18

how to getEnlarge

The southmost Anemocolus requires a little bit of puzzler skills to obtain (or an Anemo character to make it easier).
Path to Amenocolus
There is an unactivated wind shrine on the area. To be able to solve the puzzle, you'll first want to have an active character with a wind element on your party. You'll then have to collect the wind spirits starting with the ones in the dead center of the area. An air vent will appear on the area where you collected the last spirit.

But if you have an Anemo character, you can use a single spirit to and use your elemental skill to summon an Airvent. This allows you to disregard the puzzle completely (also works on other puzzles of the same nature).

Blightcrown Mountain Anemocolus Location

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Blightcrown Mountains

Blightcrown Mountains / Stormterror's Lair Anemoculus Map

Brightcrown Mountains.jpg

Blightcrown Mountains Anemocolus Locations
1 Found on the cliff.
2 Floating. Glide from a nearby cliff to reach it.
3 There are anemoslimes nearby.
4 At the edge of a cliff.
5 Destroy the rock hiding it.
6 Found near a protruding rock.
7 Found on the lower level of the ruins behind a rock that can be destroyed.
8 Glide from a nearby hill.
9 At the summit of the ruins. There is also a luxurious chest in the area.
10 Found on the lower level of Stormterror's Lair. There is a Ruin Guard in the area so beware.
11 Located inside a small area in the ruins. A bit hard to find.
12 It's further down than shown in the in-game map.
13 Found exactly above the warppoint. Can easiy be reached by porting to the statue in the area then gliding towards it.
14 Located in the center of the tree. Can be reached by climbing it.
15 Above a stone pillar.
16 On a broken pillar. It can be hard to reach without a lot of stamina.
17 Use the wind gusts to reach it.
18 Floating. Glide from the nearby hill to reach it.
19 Found inside the pillar. Needs to be reached from above.
20 Found way up. Use the wind vent from one of the wind element pillar to reach it.

Requires Part 3 Of the Prologue to Access

You'll need to advance the story a little bit more if you want to access Stormterror's Lair. The minimum story progression needed is part 3 of the prologue.
Story Walkthrough

AR (Adventure Rank) 18 Is Needed For Part 3

You'll need an Adventure Rank of 18 or higher in order to start the part 3 of the prologue. Stormterror's Lair is home to many items, so grind that AR ASAP!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Go Inside the Pillar To Take Anemoculi 19

anemocolus northeast
It cannot be reached from the ground, so you'll need to find a higher point and glide your way to the Anemocolus. After reaching it, you can just warp out to safety.

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3 Anonymous11 days

Can someone explain how to get the Anemocolus in Stormterror Lair, the Southeast part of the lair

2 Kuroha17 days

for the nameless island, you can also get "Barbatos Ratatouille" Recipe from an NPC at the peak of stormbearer point. it gave you 15%-25% stamina reduction while gliding and sprinting. with this and amber/venti + 130 stamina, you could glide from the peak of Starnatch Cliff and reach the Island without any problem.

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