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Anemocolus Statue of the Seven
This is a guide to all the Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact. Head out to the field and obtain all the Anemoculus to level all the Statues of the Seven!

Statue of the Seven Items
Anemoculus Icon.pngAnemoculus Geoculus Icon.pngGeoculus

Interactive Anemoculus Map

Uses for Anemoculus

statue of the seven

Anemoculus is a collectible spirit fragment of sorts found in the Mondstadt region. You use them to level up the Statues of the Seven in Mondstadt, which increases your stamina and gets you other nice rewards as well.

There are 65 total Anemoculus to find and collect.

How to Level Up Statue of the Seven

Starfell Valley Anemoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Brightcrown Mountains

List and Map of Anemoculus

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt - Starfell Valley Map.pngEnlarge
Starfell Valley
No. of Anemoculus 14

How to Get Each Anemoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_1.jpgEnlarge Found near the Anemo Slimes under the cliff.
2 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_2.jpgEnlarge In midair. Use an Anemo skill on an Anemograna on the ground to summon an upward wind current.
3 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_3.jpgEnlarge Climb the nearby tower to reach it.
4 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_4.jpgEnlarge Located on the side of the cliff. Accessible by gliding.
5 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_5.jpgEnlarge Atop the small stone pillar.
6 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_6.jpgEnlarge Found between the two trees.
7 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_7.jpgEnlarge Found under a tree branch.
8 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_8.jpgEnlarge Above the ruins.
9 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_9.jpgEnlarge Near the ruins. Beware of the Ruin Guard in the area.
10 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_10.jpgEnlarge Under a cliff.
11 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_11.jpgEnlarge Use Cryo skills to create a path over water or glide from Starsnatch Cliff (requires high stamina) to reach the unnamed island far to the east.
12 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_12.jpgEnlarge Found midair in between the small islands. Use the Anemo monument on one of the islands to create a gliding path
13 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_13.jpgEnlarge Slightly north-west from Cider Lake's center. Glide to get the Anemoculi.
14 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_14.jpgEnlarge On top of the tree. Accessible by gliding from the cliiff above. It cannot be reached from the ground.

11. Freeze Your Way to the Unnamed Island


An Anemoculus is hiding on the unmarked, unnamed island to the far east of where you started the game. Use a character with an Cryo Element to freeze your path. The sheer distance makes it impossible to reach by swimming without stamina items, so this is the most reliable method to reach the area. Having multiple Cryo characters in your party can help you get there faster!

Note: When going to the island, you might as well prepare a strong team and clear the World Quest on the island too. There's a tough mini-boss involved, so besure to check our guide for it!

Time and the Wind Walkthrough

Galesong Hill Anemoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Brightcrown Mountains

List and Map of Anemoculus

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt - Galesong Hill Map.pngEnlarge
Galesong Hill
No. of Anemoculus 13

How to Get Each Anemoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_1.jpgEnlarge On the rock in front of the Statue of the Seven.
2 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_2.jpgEnlarge Found on the branch of the tree behind the Statue of the Seven.
3 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_3.jpgEnlarge In midair along the road. Use an Anemo skill on the Anemograna on the ground to create an upward wind current.
4 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_4.jpgEnlarge Climb and glide from one of the stone pillars to reach it.
5 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_5.jpgEnlarge Activate and use the huge air current in the area. At the top of it lies the Anemocolus.
6 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Starfell_Valley_6.jpgEnlarge Found in between the trees next to the Temple of the Lion.
7 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_7.jpgEnlarge Gather the 3 Anemograna on the ground, or use an Anemo skill to generate an upward wind current to reach it.
8 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_8.jpgEnlarge Found on a nearby cliff within a hilichurl camp.
9 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_9.jpgEnlarge Complete the Seal of the Sword Cemetery quest to reach the Anemoculi on top of the monument.
10 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_10.jpgEnlarge Found inside a hilichurl house.
11 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_11.jpgEnlarge Glide from the nearby cliff to reach the Anemoculus on top of the pillar's platform.
12 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_12.jpgEnlarge Located on the ledge below the cliff. Accessible by gliding.
13 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13.jpgEnlarge Follow the 3 Seelie on the edge of the cliff in Cape Oath, then use the warp hole to get to Musk Reef.

13. Follow 3 Seelies and Use the Warp Hole

three spirits

There are 3 Seelie on the edge of the cliff in Cape Oath. You need to find them and follow them to their statues to activate the upward wind current and reach the warp hole above.

1 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13A.jpgEnlarge Gather the 3 nearby Seelie into their respective statues to activate the upward wind current.
2 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13B.jpgEnlarge Jump up, activate your Wind Glider and fly up to the Warp Hole
3 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13C.jpgEnlarge The Warp Hole will take you to Musk Reef, to the entrance of the Spiral Abyss.
4 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13D.jpgEnlarge You'll be able to see the Anemoculus on top of the Spiral Abyss Gate.
5 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13E.jpgEnlarge Gather the 3 Anemograna on the cliff to the left of the gate or grab one and use an Anemo skill to activate an upward wind current.
6 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Galesong_Hill_13F.jpgEnlarge Use the wind current to fly upward, then glide down to the top of the gate to get the Anemoculus.

Spiral Abyss Guide

Windwail Highlands Anemoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Brightcrown Mountains

List and Map of Anemoculus

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt - Windwail Highland Map.pngEnlarge
Windwail Highlands
No. of Anemoculus 18

How to Get Each Anemoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_1.jpgEnlarge Destroy the pile of rocks to find the Anemoculus inside. Claymore users are recommended for this.
2 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_2.jpgEnlarge Use an Anemo skill on an Anemograna on the ground to generate an upward wind current and reach the Anemoculus.
3 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_3.jpgEnlarge Located in a tree. Beware of the Hilichurl camps nearby.
4 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_4.jpgEnlarge Located below the cliff. Fly from its edge to reach the Anemoculus.
5 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_5.jpgEnlarge Burn the thorns with a Pyro skill to climb the stone pillar. Alternatively, you can climb the other pillars beside it and jump to grab the Anemoculus.
6 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_6.jpgEnlarge Under a cliff. Glide from a high place to reach it.
7 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_7.jpgEnlarge Use an Anemo skill on an Anemograna on the ground to generate an air current to the gliding path.
8 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_8.jpgEnlarge Located over the lake in the southwest area of Mondstadt. Fly from a high point in the city or a cliff from Wolvendom to reach it.
9 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_9.jpgEnlarge Found on a cliff in Springvale. Use an Anemo skill on the Anemograna on the ground to generate an upward wind current.
10 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_10.jpgEnlarge Found on the roof of a house in Springvale.
11 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_11.jpgEnlarge On the side of the road, facing a cliff.
12 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_12.jpgEnlarge Found on the edge of a cliff.
13 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_13.jpgEnlarge Glide from the cliff's side to reach it.
14 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_14.jpgEnlarge Use an Anemo skill on the Anemograna on the ground to generate an upward wind current to reach it.
15 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_15.jpgEnlarge Found in midair, glide from a cliff to reach it.
16 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_16.jpgEnlarge On the rooftop of the Dawn Winery.
17 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_17.jpgEnlarge Located over the river next to Dawn Winery. Accessible using Cryo skills to make a bridge over the water.
18 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Windwail_Highlands_18.jpgEnlarge Solve the Anemo puzzle to generate a gliding path to the Anemoculus.

18. Solve the Anemo Puzzle

Path to Amenocolus

There is an unactivated Anemo Elemental Monument in the area. To solve the puzzle, you'll need a party member with an Anemo skill.

1 Genshin_Impact_Dawn_Winery_Anemoculus_1.jpgEnlarge Use an Anemo skill on the elemental monument to open the gliding path.
2 Genshin_Impact_Dawn_Winery_Anemoculus_2.jpgEnlarge Gather the 3 Anemograna on the ground, or grab one of them and use an Anemo skill to generate an upward wind current.
3 Genshin_Impact_Dawn_Winery_Anemoculus_3.jpgEnlarge Jump up, activate your Wind Glider, then follow the gliding path to the Anemoculus.

Brightcrown Mountains Anemocolus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Starfell Valley Galesong Hill
Windwail Highlands Brightcrown Mountains

List and Map of Anemoculus

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt - Brightcrown Mountains Map.pngEnlarge
Brightcrown Mountains
No. of Anemoculus 20

How to Get Each Anemoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_1.jpgEnlarge Found on the ledge of a cliff.
2 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_2.jpgEnlarge Glide from the edge of a nearby cliff to reach it.
3 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_3.jpgEnlarge Found in the marked area with some Anemoslimes nearby.
4 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_4.jpgEnlarge At the edge of a cliff.
5 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_5.jpgEnlarge Destroy the rock hiding it.
6 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_6.jpgEnlarge Found above a protruding rock. Use the air current to glide upward and reach it
7 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_7.jpgEnlarge Found on the lower level of the ruins behind a rock that can be destroyed. Watch for the Ruins Guard
8 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_8.jpgEnlarge Inside a wind barrier. Accessible by glide from above a nearby hill.
9 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_9.jpgEnlarge At the summit of the ruins. There is also a luxurious chest in the area.
10 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_10.jpgEnlarge Found on the lower level of Stormterror's Lair. Watch for the Ruin Guard in the area.
11 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_11.jpgEnlarge Located inside a small area under the cliffs of the ruins. A bit hard to find.
12 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_12.jpgEnlarge Hidden under a crevice under a small cliff. It's further down than shown in the in-game map.
13 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_13Enlarge Found above the Teleport Waypoint. Can be reached using the wind tunnel on the cliff south-west of the Waypoint.
14 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_14.jpgEnlarge Located at the top of the tree. Can be reached by climbing it.
15 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_15.jpgEnlarge Above a stone pillar.
16 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_16.jpgEnlarge On top a ring of broken pillars. It can be hard to reach without a lot of stamina.
17 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_17.jpgEnlarge Under an archway. Use the wind current to reach it.
18 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_18.jpgEnlarge Glide from the nearby hill to reach it.
19 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_19.jpgEnlarge Found inside the pillar at the very bottom. Needs to be reached from above.
20 Genshin_Impact_Anemoculus_Brightcrown_Mountains_20.jpgEnlarge Use an Anemo skill on the Anemo monument to generate a wind current.

Requires Part 3 Of the Prologue to Access

As the area will be blocked off until you get to a certain point in the story, you'll need to advance the story until part 3 of the prologue to get access to Stormterror's Lair.

Story Walkthrough

You need AR 18 for Part 3

You'll need an Adventure Rank of 18 or higher in order to start part 3 of the prologue. Stormterror's Lair is home to many items, so get that AR up as quickly as possible!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

13. Use the Wind Tunnel Near the Waypoint

Anemoculus Brightcrown southwest

The Anemoculus is located high above the warppoint, which is why you need to activate the Wind Tunnel southwest in order to reach it.

19. Go Inside the Pillar To Take Anemoculus

anemocolus northeast

It cannot be reached from the ground, so you'll need to find a higher point and glide your way to the Anemocolus. After reaching it, you can just warp out to safety.

Anemoculus Resonance Stone Gadget

How to Get Anemoculus Resonance Stone and Effects

The 1.1 Update has added a new item that will help you find any Anemoculus you're still missing.

How to Unlock Anemoculus Resonance Stone

Reputation System Banner

You can unlock the blueprint for Anemoculus Resonance Stone by reaching City Reputation Level 2 in Mondstadt.

City Reputation System

How to Craft Anemoculus Resonance Stone

Resonance Stones Materials
Genshin Impact - Anemoculus Resonance Stone Image Anemoculus Resonance Stone

In order to craft the Anemoculus Resonance Stone you need the following materials.

The Dandelion Seed and Cecilia are local specialty items that you can only find in Mondstadt.

Mondstadt Local Specialties

How to Use Anemoculus Resonance Stone

Oculus Resonance Range.pngEnlarge

Once you have the item crafted, go to your inventory to equip it and use it.

It will then pull up the map and show you an approximate area where you can find a random Anemoculus you haven't found yet.

Oculus Resonance Stone

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13 in Stormterror's Lair is wrong. You can't reach it from the Statue, not even close. You're supposed to climb a cliff nearby that has a Wind Totem, activate it, and gliding rings will appear. Glide right in for a short ride, and then bam. You're above the Anemoculus and can easily grab it.

3 Anonymous4 months

Can someone explain how to get the Anemocolus in Stormterror Lair, the Southeast part of the lair

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