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Genshin - How to Increase Friendship Level

This is a guide on how to increase Friendship Level in Genshin Impact. Learn how to get Companionship EXP, and how to unlock voice lines and Character Stories!

What is the Friendship Level?

Each character has a Friendship Level progress bar that can be viewed in their character screen. It measures the bond between the character and the Traveler.

What is the Maximum Friendship Level?

The max Friendship Level is 10. In order to increase the Friendship Level, you need to gain Companionship EXP.

How to Increase Friendship Level

Genshin - Friendship Level

Friendship Level is increased by gaining Companionship EXP. This is shared by the entire active party upon gaining it, which means everyone receives the same amount regardless of level.

As of the moment, there's no way to numerically gauge how much Friendship EXP you have or how much Companionship EXP you need to level up.

How to get Companionship EXP

Do Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions are a great way to get Companionship EXP. Each Commission gives you 55 EXP, giving you a total of 220 EXP. You also get 95 EXP for completing all Daily Commissions, so make sure you do them everyday!

You can check the available Daily Commissions in the Quest Menu Screen.

How to Unlock Daily Commissions

Collect Realm Bounty

Genshin - Companionship EXP
You accumulate an amount of Realm Bounty through the Housing System hourly, depending on your Adeptal Energy levels. Once collected, Realm Bounty will be directly converted into Companionship EXP for the characters deployed!

How to Get Realm Bounty

Challenge Domains

Genshin Impact - List of Domains

Clearing domains is another effective way to increase your Adventure Rank. Domains also reward you with Artifacts and Ascension Materials, helping you improve your character's talents and weapons!

List of Domains

Defeat Weekly and Field Bosses

Genshin Impact - List of Bosses

Beating Daily and Weekly Enemy Bosses reward you with Companionship EXP, along with Materials and Artifacts.

List of Bosses

Challenge Ley Line Outcrops

Genshin - Banner - Ley Line Outcrop Banner.png

Clearing Ley Line Outcrops grant you Companionship EXP, along with Mora and Character Ascension materials.

Ley Line Outcrop Guide

Friendship Level Rewards

Increasing a character's Friendship Level unlocks extra voice-overs and character stories which can be read in their profile.

Lvl Reward
1 • Unlocks Serenitea Pot Dialogue: ''How do you like it here?''
2 • Unlocks Character Story 1
3 • Unlocks Character Story 2
4 • Unlocks Character Story 3
• Unlocks Bonus Story (Unique per Character)
• Unlocks Serenitea pot Dialogue: ''Would you like to have a chat with me?''
5 • Unlocks Character Story 4 and additional Voice Lines
6 • Unlocks Character Story 5, Character's Vision Story, and additional Voice Lines
7 • Unlocks Serenitea pot Dialogue: ''Is there anything you'd like to do?''
10 • Unlocks namecard based on the character

Character Story

Increasing your Friendship Level allows you to unlock Character Stories. These stories provide more information and lore about your character, helping you learn more about them!

Character Voice Lines

Along with unlocking character stories, you can also unlock new voice lines. These lines include more interesting facts and information about the character, along with their thoughts on other characters in the game!

Character Namecard

Reaching Friendship Level 10 rewards you with a Character Namecard. You can equip your namecard on your player profile for friends and other players to see!

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