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Genshin - Cryo Element Guide

Cryo is the ice Element in Genshin Impact and is 1 out of 7 Elements in the game. Check out this guide to learn about Cryo's Strengths, Weaknesses, Cryo Elemental Reactions, and Cryo Characters in the game.

What is the Cryo Element?

Genshin's Ice Element

Cryo is the ice Element in Genshin Impact, with Snezhnaya being the designated Cryo Region and Tsaritsa as the Cryo Archon.

Cryo Status Effect

Cryo on Characters

The Cryo status on your character will slow their movement and attack speed animations. This also means that Cryo Elemental Reactions can also affect you (like being Frozen by Hydro) if the enemies have elemental attacks.

Cryo Aura

Genshin - Cryo Aura Condensed Ice
Name Condensed Ice
Effect Increases Stamina consumption.

Condensed Ice increases the stamina consumption of your character and comes from a Leyline Disorder or an Enemy Aura. This debuff can only be removed by using a cleanse ability or applying a different element to yourself.

Cryo Resonance

Shattering Ice

Having two Cryo characters in the party will activate the Cryo Resonance Buff called Shattering Ice, which causes Electro to last 40% less on your characters and Increases CRIT Rate against Frozen or Cryo-affected enemies by 15% for all party members.

Cryo Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Immunities

Best For Electo Elemental Shields
Hydro Elemental Shields
Electro Elemental Armor
Bad For Pyro Elemental Shields
No Effect On Cryo Elemental Shields
Cryo Elemental Armor

Cryo is very strong against Hydro Elemental Shields, Electro Elemental Shields, and Electro Elemental Armor. It's weak against Pyro Elemental shields and does no damage to Hydro Elemental shields and Hydro Elemental Armor.

Elemental Shields need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy, while Elemental Armor does not need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy.

Shields used by Mitachurls don't have to be destroyed either as long as you hit the opponent's body.

List of Cryo Reactions

Genshin - Elemental Reaction - Frozen.png

Cryo can react to multiple Elements in the game. Some reactions change damage according to the order of the first element applied.

Reaction Element Order Reaction Effect
1. Cryo Cryo
Pyro attacks deal 2x more damage if Pyro is applied after Cryo.
2. Pyro Pyro
Reverse Melt
1. Pyro Pyro
Cryo attacks deal 1.5x more damage if Cryo is applied after Pyro.
2. Cryo Cryo
Hydro Hydro
Cryo Cryo
Freezes enemies. The effect will trigger from any order.
Any order
Electro Electro
Cryo Cryo
Reduces the enemy's physical defense by 40%. The effect will trigger from any order.
Any order
1. Cryo Cryo
Anemo spreads Cryo around the target and then deals Cryo and Anemo damage.
2. Anemo Anemo
1. Cryo Cryo
Drops a Cryo shard that creates a Cryo shield which absorbs damage and has bonus resistance to Cryo damage when picked up.
2. Geo Geo

List of Cryo Characters

Upcoming Cryo Characters

Character Rarity Weapon Rating
Genshin Impact - Layla ImageLayla ? ? ?
Genshin Impact - Tsaritsa ImageTsaritsa ? ? ?

Current Cryo Characters

Character Rarity Weapon Rating
Genshin Impact - Eula ImageEula 5★ Claymore S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Aloy ImageAloy 5★ Bow C Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Ayaka ImageAyaka 5★ Sword S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Qiqi ImageQiqi 5★ Sword A Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Shenhe ImageShenhe 5★ Polearm S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Ganyu ImageGanyu 5★ Bow S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Rosaria ImageRosaria 4★ Polearm A Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Kaeya ImageKaeya 4★ Sword B Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Chongyun ImageChongyun 4★ Claymore B Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Diona ImageDiona 4★ Bow S Rank Icon

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