Genshin Impact

All Quest Profile Avatars and How to Unlock

Genshin Impact - All Quest Profile Icons and How to Unlock
Unique avatars unlocked through certain world quests was made available in Genshin Impact 4.6. Check out all quest profile icons, how to unlock each avatar, and how to use them here!

List of All Quest Profile Avatars and How to Unlock

Avatars and Unlock Requirements

Profile Icon Quest Requirement
Genshin - Hanachirusato Hanachirusato's Mask Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual
Location: Narukami Island
Genshin - Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine Avatar "Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine" Neko Is a Cat
Location: Seirai Island
Genshin - The Thunderbird and the Boy AvatarThe Thunderbird and the Boy Through the Mists
Location: Tsurumi Island
Genshin - Dainichi Mikoshi Avatar Dainichi Mikoshi From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku
Location: Enkanomiya
Genshin - Zhiqiong Zhiqiong's Signature The Chasm Delvers
Location: The Chasm
Genshin - Arama Avatar Arama Aranyaka
Location: Sumeru Rainforest
Genshin - Jeht and Benben Avatar Jeht and Benben Golden Slumber
Location: Sumeru Desert
Genshin - Mother of the Jinn Avatar Mother of the Jinn The Dirge of Bilqis
Location: Desert of Hadramaveth
Genshin - Bloomguard Sorush AvatarBloomguard: Sorush Khvarena of Good and Evil
Location: Girdle of the Sands
Genshin - Nice to Meet You Avatar Nice to Meet You Ancient Colors
Location: Beryl Region, Fontaine
Genshin - Ann & Mary-Ann Avatar Ann & Mary-Ann Ann of the Narzissenkreuz
Location: Court of Fontaine (Underwater)
Genshin - Caterpillar AvatarCaterpillar Unfinished Comedy
Location: Fortress of Meropide
Genshin - Crest of Artifice Avatar Crest of Artifice Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles
Location: Fontaine Research Institute
Genshin - The Formless Society Avatar The Formless Society In the Wake of Narcissus
Location: Narzissenkreuz Ordo
Genshin - Pahsiv! AvatarPahsiv! The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes
Location: Erinnyes Forest
Genshin - Rainjade Oblation AvatarRainjade Oblation Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade
Location: Chenyu Vale
Genshin - Monsieur Os Avatar Monsieur Os Canticles of Harmony
Location: Nostoi Region, Sea of Bygne Eras

What are Quest Profile Avatars?

In-Game Avatars From World Quests

Genshin - what are quest profile icons
In Version 4.6, unique in-game icons have been added as an option for your account's profile avatar! These icons can be unlocked by completing their corresponding world quest requirements.

Once you've completed the prerequisite quests, the icons automatically unlock!

List of World Quest

How to Use the Quest Profile Avatars

Change Avatars in the Main Menu

Genshin - How to Change Avatars
To change your in-game avatar, go to the main menu, select the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the menu and click Change Avatar.

You can find both character icons and the new quest icons in this list, and just pick the icon you want to use!

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