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This is a guide on how to beat Primo Geovishaps, an enemy boss in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn locations where you can find Primo Geovishaps, as well as spoils dropped when defeating them.

Primo Geovishap Locations and Basic Info

The Primo Geovishap is an enemy boss that can be found in Tianqiu Valley in Liyue. Similar to Regisvines and Hypostases, you can fight it regularly.

Primo Geovishap Location

Primo Geovishap Location.jpgEnlarge
Tianqiu Valley

Basic Information

Primo Geovishap Image
Primo Geovishap
Adventurer Handbook Description
After many years, the awesomely powerful Primo Geovishaps grow accustomed to changed in its elemental environment. Folktales hold that after the great “draconic calamity” that led to the ruination of Tianqiu Valley, the overlord of the Geovishaps and Primo Geovishaps was imprisoned deep beneath the earth, and so too did they burrow into deep and unseen places, awaiting their chance to rise once more...
Required Resin 40
Standard Drops

Item Drops
Genshin - Agnidus Agate Sliver ImageAgnidus Agate Sliver Genshin - Agnidus Agate Fragment ImageAgnidus Agate Fragment Genshin - Agnidus Agate Chunk ImageAgnidus Agate Chunk
Genshin - Agnidus Agate Gemstone ImageAgnidus Agate Gemstone Genshin - Varunada Lazurite Sliver ImageVarunada Lazurite Sliver Genshin - Varunada Lazurite Fragment ImageVarunada Lazurite Fragment
Genshin - Varunada Lazurite Chunk ImageVarunada Lazurite Chunk Genshin - Varunada Lazurite Gemstone ImageVarunada Lazurite Gemstone Genshin - Vajrada Amethyst Sliver ImageVajrada Amethyst Sliver
Genshin - Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ImageVajrada Amethyst Fragment Genshin - Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ImageVajrada Amethyst Chunk Genshin - Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ImageVajrada Amethyst Gemstone
Genshin - Shivada Jade Sliver ImageShivada Jade Sliver Genshin - Shivada Jade Fragment ImageShivada Jade Fragment Genshin - Shivada Jade Chunk ImageShivada Jade Chunk
Genshin - Shivada Jade Gemstone ImageShivada Jade Gemstone Genshin - Prithiva Topaz Sliver ImagePrithiva Topaz Sliver Genshin - Prithiva Topaz Fragment ImagePrithiva Topaz Fragment
Genshin - Prithiva Topaz Chunk ImagePrithiva Topaz Chunk Genshin - Prithiva Topaz Gemstone ImagePrithiva Topaz Gemstone Genshin - Juvenile Jade ImageJuvenile Jade
Artifact Drops
Genshin - Berserker SetBerserker Set
Genshin - Instructor SetInstructor Set
Genshin - The Exile SetThe Exile Set
Genshin - GladiatorGladiator's Finale Set
Genshin - WandererWanderer's Troupe Set
Genshin - Prayers for Illumination SetPrayers for Illumination Set
Genshin - Prayers for Destiny SetPrayers for Destiny Set
Genshin - Prayers for Wisdom SetPrayers for Wisdom Set
Genshin - Prayers for Springtime SetPrayers for Springtime Set

Primo Geovishap Can Change Element

Gensin - Primo Geovishap - Hydro.pngEnlarge Gensin - Primo Geovishap - Cryo.pngEnlarge
Hydro Primo Geovishap Cryo Primo Geovishap
Gensin - Primo Geovishap - Electro.pngEnlarge Gensin - Primo Geovishap - Pyro.pngEnlarge
Electro Primo Geovishap Pyro Primo Geovishap

Unlike other world boss battles, the Primo Geovishap can change into different elements. This means you take extra care when picking the right team to face it.

How to Beat Primo Geovishap

Use Characters with Shields

Shielded Character.jpg

The Primo Geovishap deals high damage AoE attacks that can take out your characters in a few hits. To counter this, make sure you have at least one character that uses Shields. Using a line-up that has Geo Resonance is also helpful for this fight.

Keep your Distance

Keep Your Distance.jpg

Along with devastating AoE attacks, the Primo Geovishap also has strong close range attacks. Maintain your distance to avoid these attacks, while also having enough room to dodge its ranged attacks.

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