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Genshin Impact - Everything to Know About Genius Invokation TCG
Genius Invokation TCG is a Genshin Impact card game mode that was released with the Version 3.3 update on December 7, 2022. We'll teach you everything you need to know about Genshin's card game!

Genius Invokation TCG
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What is Genius Invokation TCG?

Genshin Card Game Mode

Genshin Impact - Genius Invokation TCG

Genius Invokation TCG is Genshin Impact's exciting card game mode where you can build decks and battle players in a tabletop duel. This permanent feature is based on the game's core mechanics, with collectable cards from your favorite characters!

Version 3.3 Release Date & Patch Notes

Available in Co-Op and PvP

You can also challenge real-life people in Genshin's once you reach Player Level 4. Check out our full PvP guide for more!
TCG PvP Guide & Co-Op Board

Latest News on Genius Invokation

Radiant Secrets Major Update in Version 3.7

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG - Radiant Secrets
From the recent Version 3.7 livestream, it was announced that there will be a major update for Genius Invokation TCG! From new character cards such as the four Archon's, to new game modes like Arena of Champions and The Forge Realm's Temper!

Arena of Champions Game Mode

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG - Arena of Champions
The Arena of Champions is a PvP game mode where players need to earn a total of 5 victories against other players! Take note that that a total of three defeats will kick you out of the challenge so you gotta update your deck and think of your strategy beforehand!

Arena of Champions TCG Guide

The Forge Realm's Temper Game Mode

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG - Arena of Champions
The Forge Realm's Temper is a PvE game mode where players can customize the difficulty of the game to their liking and current TCG level! In addition, players can also configure a bunch of options to score more points after the duel to earn more prizes!

The Forge Realm's Temper Event Guide

3.7 Heated Battle Mode: Tactical Formation

Genshin - Version 3.7 Heated Battle Mode

Event Start June 03, 2023
Event End June 12, 2023

In the 3.7 Heated Battle Mode: Tactical Formation, players will only be able to choose a limited number of randomized preset decks, each containing 1 Character Card and several Action Cards. Take turns with your opponent in selecting Character Cards before the duel.

Heated Battle Mode Event Guide

3.7 Card and Gameplay Adjustments

Subject Adjustments
Genshin Impact - Ganyu ImageGanyu Optimizes the icons generated by Normal Attack "Frostflake Arrow."
Ganyu will no longer get the +1 Cryo DMG effect after equipping Talent Card "Undivided Heart."
The number of charges for Ganyu's Elemental Burst has been increased from 2 to 3 and the Cryo DMG dealt has been increased from 1 to 2.
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee Optimizes the icons generated by the Combat Status "Sparks 'n' Splash."
Genshin Impact - Bennett ImageBennett Optimizes the effects described of Combat Status "Inspiration Field" to the ff:
After Bennett equips "Grand Expectation," the DMG increase requirements of "Inspiration Field" will be changed from "If this character has at least 7 HP" to being always active.
Genshin Impact - Mirror Maiden ImageMirror Maiden Adjusts Elemental Skill Hydro DMG dealt from 3 to 2.
Genshin Impact - Arataki Itto ImageArataki Itto Adjusts the effect and description for Summon "Ushi":
When your character takes DMG, Arataki Itto gains Superlative Superstrength.
Genshin Impact - Send Off ImageSend Off Adjusts effect and usage to "Choose one Summon on the opposing side and cause it to lose usages by 2" rather than "destroy it."
Genshin Impact - Lithic Spear ImageLithic Spear Adjusts effect so that even defeated characters will be included in the calculations.
Genshin Impact - Maguu Kenki ImageMaguu Kenki When included in the deck, all non-Cryo Elemental Dice will be used first for Elemental Tuning and playing your hand in Genius Invokation TCG.
Charged Attack Mechanic Adjustment After the update, the description is as follows: Before your Action Phase, should the total number of your Elemental Dice be even, your Normal Attack will be considered a Charged Attack.
General Card Adjustments Optimizes the defeat menu presentation, certain description texts, and punctuation in Genius Invokation TCG.
Adds rules and descriptions relating to concepts such as "Defeated," "Food," "Calculation Order," "Charged Attack," and "Plunging Attack" for Genius Invokation TCG.
Adjusts the "Other Rules" tab in Genius Invokation TCG Rules into the "Other Rules" and "Special Entry" tabs.
Invitation Duels will now take place in the all new Invitation Duel Room for Genius Invokation TCG.

How to Unlock Genius Invokation TCG

Reach AR 32 and Complete Prologue

Unlock Requirements Reach Adventure Rank 32+
Complete Prologue: Act 3
Complete the Beginner Tutorial Quest

Genius Invokation TCG will only be unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 32, completing the Archon Quest for Prologue: Act 3, and finishing the full TCG tutorial quest.

How to Play Genius Invokation TCG

Beginner Genshin TCG Guide

Win Conditions of Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin - Genius Invokation TCG Gameplay
Your main objective in Genshin is defeating all of your opponent's Character Cards. You win when the HP of all of your opponent's Character Cards is down to zero.

We'll go over the basics of Genius Invokation TCG in this guide, but we'll have more in-depth guides up soon!

The Basics of Genius Invokation TCG

Guide Tutorial Summary
Genshin - Level Up with PrinceHow to Level Up Level up by collecting Player EXP through card battles. Some of the higher levels are time-locked behind Guest Challenges. You can check out your level by talking to Prince in the Cat's Tail Tavern.
Genshin - ChallengesHow to Get Challenges You get card battles through the open world, the bulletin board, and Cat's Tail guests. Some challenges are locked behind higher levels.
Genshin - CardsHow to Get Cards Cards are obtained through the tutorial, Prince's shop, and successful duels with specific characters.
Genshin - Player ManualThe Player Manual The Player Manual can only be opened while in the Cat's Tail Tavern. It's an extra way to get rewards from Genshin's TCG. You can also challenge guests through this.
Genshin - DecksHow to Build a Deck Decks consist of 3 Character Cards and 30 Action Cards. Use your Casket of Tomes to make and update saved decks. You can check out our Deck Tier List for a convenient list of the best decks in the game!

Genshin TCG Battle Flow

Phase What to Do
1 Preparation Before the game begins, you and your opponent will draw 5 random cards from your Draw Pile. You can swap out any of the cards one time before your starting Hand is finalized. Use this feature to replace unwanted cards.
2 Roll Phase This is the first phase of a round. Roll 8 Elemental Dice to get the "energy"you need to play your cards. You can choose whichever dice you want to reroll, but you can only do this once every roll phase. Use this feature to try and get rid of the dice you don't need.
3 Action Phase This is when the game actually starts! Use the Elemental Dice you rolled that round to play your cards right. There are a handful of possible moves to make during this phase, and we've listed them down for you in a section below.
4 End Phase This is the phase before a new round starts. In this phase, passive card effects are triggered and each player will get two new random cards from their Draw Pile. After this phase, we return to the Roll Phase and start a new round!

Possible Moves During the Action Phase

Possible Move What to Do
Character Skill Use your Character Cards' skills by spending the correct number and type of Elemental Dice you possess that round. Remember that only the active character can use Character Skills. These types of moves usually deal the most damage to the enemy's cards.
Switch Characters Spend one Dice of any element to replace your active character. This usually ends your turn unless you played and Action Card that lets you continue the turn even after switching characters.
Use Other Cards Other than Character Cards, you can use any of the Action Cards in your hand as long as you have the right Elemental Dice. There are a lot of Action Cards and endless combos that can give you the upper hand in battle.
Elemental Tuning Sacrifice a card from your Hand to change the element of one dice. Use this with cards you don't really need, so you can use more Character Skills during the round.
End the Round If you're out of Elemental Dice or moves, end the round to go back to the Roll Phase!

Genius Invokation TCG Playing Field

Genshin TCG Board Areas

Genshin TCG Board Areas Explained

# Area & Elements
1 Character Zone: where you can find your Character Cards. You have to set one Character Card active while the others remain on stand-by. Only the active Character Card can use skills to damage opponent cards.
2 Elemental Dice: where you can see how many Elemental Dice you have left. This panel expands when you play a card that needs Elemental Dice, so you can choose which dice to use up.
3 Character Skills: where you can choose which of your Active Character's skills to use. This displays how much Elemental Dice you need.
4 Summon Zone: where you can see active Summons and Usages left. Summons are created by some Character Skills and help you during battle passively. You can have a maximum of 4 Summons active here at the same time.
5 Support Zone: where you can see active Support Cards. These also help you get the upper hand in battle. Like Summons, the maximum number of Support Cards you can have active at a time is 4.
6 Draw Pile: where you can draw from your selected Action Cards. You can edit the Action Cards in your deck and pile with the Casket of Tomes. All cards drawn here go straight to your Hand. If you deplete your Draw Pile, then you can't add any more cards to your Hand.
7 Hand: where drawn but unused cards are stored. You can only have 10 cards in your Hand at a time. The Elemental Dice cost for each card is conveniently displayed on the upper left corner of each card.

Genius Invokation TCG Rewards

Generous Amount of Primogems

The only main resource you can get in this game mode that's used outside of Genius Invokation are Primogems. You can only get Primogem rewards by leveling up your Player Level rank!

Collect Lucky Coins to Buy Cards

Genshin - Card Shop
Achieving victory on TCG duels rewards you Lucky Coins! You can exchange coins with Prince in the Cat's Tail tavern shop to get new cards, Invitation Letters, Dynamic Skins, and Card Back designs!

Get Player Badges

Genshin - Player Badges.png

As you level up, you will undertake Ascension Challenges that ranks up your TCG Player Level and gives you a badge. Completing these challenges unlocks new NPCs to battle, Tavern Challenges, Invitation Letters, and Card Back and Table designs!

Are there rewards in PvP?

Genshin Impact - Kokomi Thinking
Outside of the Heated Battle Mode and the Arena of Champions, you get no rewards from Co-Op mode. The only prize you can get is that sweet glee once you defeat your friends from an intense TCG battle!

Genius Invokation TCG Previous Notes and Updates

Version 3.5 Patch Updates

TCG Patch Notes for Version 3.5

Patch Notes
Adjusts the interface performance for the dice rolling phase of Genius Invokation TCG.
Optimizes the refresh logic for the number of times the Summons and Team Combat Statuses can be used in Genius Invokation TCG. The number of Usages will take the highest value.

Version 3.5 Release Date and Patch Notes

Version 3.4 Patch Updates

TCG Developer's Discussion

Genshin - TCG Developers Discussion Special Message
Genshin has released a developer's discussion answering questions from players about 3.4 TCG content! The details are as follows:

  1. New TCG Cards each version update!
  2. Added a Battle Log System in 3.4.
  3. A new casual mode for PvP battles in 3.4!
  4. All new NPC challenges in 3.4.
  5. Optimized game interface for console players in 3.4.
  6. Recording function coming soon in a future update!

See Full Special Message Here

Version 3.4 Card and Gameplay Adjustments

Subject Adjustments
Genshin Impact - Yoimiya ImageYoimiya Elemental Burst Energy Charge required raised from 2 to 3.
Elemental Burst dice required raised from 3 Pyro Dice to 4.
Pyro DMG dealt increased From 3 to 4.
Genshin Impact - Maguu Kenki ImageMaguu Kenki Elemental Skills Blustering Blade and Frosty Assault will no longer deal any DMG, and will only summon ''Shadowsword: Lone Gale'' and ''Shadowsword: Galloping Frost,'' respectively.
Genshin Impact - Minty Meat Rolls ImageMinty Meat Rolls Card effect can be triggered up to 3 times.
Genshin Impact - Floral Sidewinder ImageFloral Sidewinder Elemental Dice required is raised from 3 Dendro Dice to 4.
Catalyzing Field Team Combat Status Number of usage lowered from 3 to 2.
General Card Adjustments Optimizes the appearance of some Character Card faces in Genius Invokation TCG.
Optimizes the special effects of the shielding effects for cards when playing Genius Invokation TCG on mobile.
Optimizes the animation effect when a new Character Card is played in Genius Invokation TCG.
Controller Functions:
End Turn, L1 and R1 Button Prompts
While using a controller, when the cursor is hovering, hold the X button on the PC and PS4™ or the Circle button on the PS5™ to end the turn.
Adds L1 and R1 button prompts when using a controller to play Genius Invokation TCG (using the Dualsense™ or DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers as examples).

Version 3.4 Release Date and Patch Notes

Genius Invokation TCG Trailer

Check out the official trailer of Genius Invokation TCG for the preview of Genshin's exciting new game mode and its basic mechanics.

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