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Genshin - Best TCG Decks and Tier List for Genius Invokation
Here's a TCG tier list of all the Best Decks in Genius Invokation. See the meta builds for Genshin Impact's card game!

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Genius Invokation Best Decks

Deck Tier List

Tier Decks
Genshin - SS Rank TCG DecksSS Tier
Genshin - Liyue Freeze Deck Genshin - Ayamiya Melt Deck
Genshin - S Rank TCG DecksS Tier
Genshin - Token Overloaded Deck Genshin - International Freeze Deck Genshin - Mona in Liyue Deck Genshin - Summon Quicken Deck Genshin - Superconduct Quickswap Deck Genshin - Summon and Swirl Deck Genshin - Noelle Hypercarry Deck Genshin - Beidou Stall Deck Genshin - Klee and Mona Vaporize Deck
Genshin - A Rank TCG DecksA Tier
Genshin - Starter Deck Genshin - Crystallized Hydro Deck Genshin - Trailblazer Deck

Rating Explanation

Genshin - SS Rank Decks in this tier are currently the Meta defining decks in the game. These decks are consistent and can help you win easy games against NPCs and other players (as long as lady luck isn't on their side).
S Rank Decks in this category can perform well or even go toe-to-toe against the higher-tiered decks on the list. However, these decks may lack certain cards that would make it breakthrough to the SS tier or have win conditions that might be hard to accomplish.
A Rank These decks are considered underrated. Here is where you can also find fun-type decks. These decks can still be viable against NPCs and other players (especially in the hands of an expert) but require a bit more work to get wins.

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Genius Invokation How to Build Decks

Genshin players new to card games might find building decks quite the challenge. If you want to learn how to build a deck of your own, you can check out our guide for an in-depth how-to!

Deck Building Guide

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Genius Invokation Deck Building Guide

List of Decks

List of the Best Decks

List of Decks
Starter Deck Token Overloaded Deck International Freeze Deck
Mona in Liyue Deck Crystallized Hydro Deck Trailblazer Deck
Summon Quicken Deck Superconduct Quickswap Deck Summon and Swirl Deck
Liyue Freeze Deck Ayamiya Melt Deck Noelle Hypercarry Deck
Beidou Stall Deck Klee and Mona Vaporize Deck

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