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This is the Game8 Co-Op Message Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board to gather parties to take on event challenges, domains and bosses together!

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  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander or harassment.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • Refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

Co-Op Servers

First Digit Server
6 America
7 Europe
8 Asia

You can tell the server of your fellow players by checking the first digit of their UID. You can only invite them if you're in the same region!

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1168 Anonymous1 dayReport

Would like some help farming artifacts for my furina :) 651231702 American server

1167 Seicho2 daysReport

Help with getting primogems 653931213 North America Server

1166 Anonymous3 daysReport

Ununusal hillichurl farming

1165 Anonymous4 daysReport

Would like some help with Denouncement of Sin farming for Marechausse artifacts.

1164 Anonymous4 daysReport

Need an invite for the traveling salesman achievement please 647151932

1163 Anonymous5 daysReport

hi if u guys have radiant spincrystal 67 in teapot salesman can i pls join ur world?? jus add me :D Asia: 867795552

1162 Anonymous6 daysReport

I need 2 blue Can give 2 brown 2 yellow and 3 purple UID: 847864553

1161 Anonymous6 daysReport

Need 2 Blue Can trade 1 Brown 1 Red 2 Purple NA 604398492

1160 Anonymous6 daysReport

Need 2 blue I have 1 yellow 1 red EU 764100719

1159 Anonymous R6 daysReport

EU 754519115 I have some blue, red and purples left

1158 Anonymous6 daysReport

I have some extra samples of each color for anyone who wants em, also I need to visit someone's teapot for traveling salesman lol NA 630197773

1157 Anonymous6 daysReport

Need 2 blue Have 1 extra brown EU 725419674

1156 Anonymous7 daysReport

Need 2 Blue; Can trade 1 Brown 1 Red 2 Purple NA 604398492

1155 Anonymous7 daysReport

Need 1 blue Have extra yellow, red, purple NA 644925620

1154 Anonymous7 daysReport

Need 3 Blue 1 Brown! Have 2 Yellow 7 Red for trade. NA 665467946

1153 JanDi7 daysReport

sent friend request and gifted blue yellow and brown please send one purple :)

1152 Anonymous7 daysReport

need 1 blue, 2 brown, 1 purple can trade 4 yellow, 3 red uid 608226455

1151 Anonymous7 daysReport

Sending Friend Request

1150 JanDi7 daysReport

Need 1 purple Can trade 1 of every other color UID: 652718856

1149 Anonymous7 daysReport

Need 2 Blue 2 Yellow; Can trade 1 Brown 2 Purple NA 604398492

1148 Anonymous7 daysReport

Friend request sent Server: America UID: 629106813 Need: 1 blue 5 yellow 4 red Trade: 3 purple

1147 Anonymous7 daysReport

Server: America UID: 629106813 Need: 1 blue 5 yellow 4 red Trade: 3 purple

1146 Mixori8 daysReport

EUW 733645201 Need 1 yellow Can give away most other colors

1145 Anonymous8 daysReport

Need blue and brown, have extra purple. UID: 745507332

1144 Anonymous NA8 daysReport

Just need ONE yellow, can offer one of any other color. UID: 626614410

1143 Anonymous8 daysReport

Need 2 brown 2 yellow 6 red 1 purple Can give 1 blue 606023699

1142 Anonymous8 daysReport

Requesting 2 Yellow and 1 Blue. I have 3 Red and 5 Purple to Offer. UID: 649805735

1141 Anonymous8 daysReport

Need 4 Blue 5 Brown 3 Yellow | Can Trade 1 Red 6 Purple NA 604398492

1140 Anonymous8 daysReport

I just need one Yellow can give some brown, red, and purple. 629929430

1139 Anonymous8 daysReport

Need 1 blue NA 644925620

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