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This is the Game8 Co-Op Message Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board to gather parties to take on event challenges, domains and bosses together!

Genshin Impact Co-Op Board

Co-Op Board Rules

  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander or harassment.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

Co-Op Servers

First Digit Server
6 America
7 Europe
8 Asia

You can tell the server of your fellow players by checking the first digit of their UID. You can only invite them if you're in the same region!

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Submissions: 463
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463 Anonymousabout 4 hoursReport


462 Anonymousabout 20 hoursReport

EU SERVER - AR 59 Willing to help anyone, just reply with UID

461 Anonymousabout 20 hoursReport

What server are you? do you still need help?

460 Anonymous1 dayReport

need people for pyro hypostasis

459 Anonymous3 daysReport

Need help defeating Maguu Kenki UID: 741114053 WL 4

458 Anonymous3 daysReport

Hoping to have someone gift me the Travelling Triped, thank you! UID: 807212999 (Asia server) AR: 57 (very close to AR58)

457 Anonymous4 daysReport

Need Help defeating Golden Wolflord to up my Itto UID : 652298114 EU server World level 4

456 Anonymous4 daysReport

Need Help defeating Golden Wolflord to up my Itto : ) UID : 652298114

455 Anonymous4 daysReport

Need Help defeating Golden Wolflord to up my Itto : )

454 Anonymous4 daysReport

Need help farming Maguu Kenki UID: 741114053 [EU] World Level 4.

453 Mew | UID (EU) 7320367845 daysReport

I need help with Hyperion's Dirge quest and probably other Bridle quest things if there's more after this. The time limit on these fights is absurd and frustrating. My characters are only level 60. :( UID (EU) - 732036784

452 Anonymous5 daysReport

Looking to have someone gift me the Traveling Triped or the Traveling Horned Owl. UID:600260498

451 Anonymous5 daysReport

Need help farming bosses particularly golden wolf lord and hydro hypo. Lvl 55 UID: 830413698

450 Anonymous7 daysReport

need help grinding golden wolflord world level 4 uid: 649163833

449 Anonymous7 daysReport

need help farming artifacts in the lost valley >.< UID: 854738822

448 Anonymous8 daysReport

Need help with perpetual mechanical array!!! UID: 638210957

447 Stuue16 daysReport

Need help in defeating thunder manifestation Uid :856791718

446 Nonnie<316 daysReport

Need help with getting one of the Statue of The Seven:( UID: 652193182

445 Spooky 20 daysReport

Need help with ruin serpent UID:701189642

444 Roni344120 daysReport

Looking for Radiant Spincrystal 67. If your traveling merchant in Serenity Pot has it and you don't want it, then let me know! UID: 646062180

443 Anonymous23 daysReport

Golden Wolf Lord Need help with the Golden Wolf Lord Ar: 48 Wl: 🌎 5 UID: 648562031

442 Asta26 daysReport

Need help with thunder manifestation and artifacts uid:648712628

441 Anonymous28 daysReport

can u help me farm artifacts? UID:644804671

440 Nana30 daysReport

Hi! I need help with the ruin serpent. I'm AR 55, WL 8, but I'm too weak to finish the quest. UID: 709602450

439 Megabout 1 monthReport

im bored, looking for baby players to help them with bosses, domains and exploration. im ar 58 and have 100% exploration everywhere. my uid is 715336830

438 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

hii do u still need help?

437 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Hey are u up for perpetual and bathysmal

436 DegenerateWeebabout 2 monthsReport

Bored. If you need any help or are willing to help, i'm ready. Ar 40 world level 5 uid: 648407933

435 Notagamergirlabout 2 monthsReport

Hi! I just wanna have some fun!😀 I’m on America server

434 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hiii. I need help to unlock Vindagnyr. My id is 627036639 :(

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