Genshin Impact

Natlan Release Date and Location Guide

Genshin Impact - Natlan Release Date and Map Guide

Natlan is the Nation of Dragons and the fifth map region in Teyvat governed by the Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact. See Natlan's potential release date, where it will be located, its initial teaser, regional features, lore, and characters!

Natlan Release Date

Expected to Release in Version 5.0

Release Date August 28, 2024
(after Version 4.8)

Natlan is likely to release on Version 5.0, which is expected on August 28, 2024, following Version 4.8 in accordance with the regular six-week patch schedule!

This is the same way Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fontaine were released, which came out after a Summer Event with a temporary map.

Version 5.0 Release Date and Details

Natlan Teasers and Previews

Characters and Story Teased in the Ignition Teaser

Genshin - Capitano Teaser Trailer

The Ignition Teaser: A Name Forged in Flames showed various characters from Natlan, as well as one of the Fatui Harbingers, known as Il Capitano.

These characters are likely to appear in the main storyline or as playable characters sometime after Natlan's release in Version 5.0!

Ignition Teaser: A Name Forced in Flames

Characters Teased in 4.8 Livestream

Genshin - Natlan Sneak Peek

A character teaser for Natlan was shown during the Version 4.8 Livestream, which features several upcoming characters from the region! In the teaser, we see three unnamed characters; two girls and one boy!

Natlan Preview Teaser - Need A Hand?

Teased in Version 4.7 Livestream

Genshin - Surian

At the very end of the 4.7 Livestream, multiple scenes of various local wildlife or Saurians in Natlan were shown climbing and swimming through difficult terrain.

Featured in the Saurian Wanderings Teaser

Natlan, various Saurians, and its geography was teased in the Saurian Wanderings teaser, which was also shown at the end of the 4.7 Livestream!

New Exploration Mechanics

The teaser seems to be hinting new exploration mechanics, using these creatures. This may hint that the Traveler may be able to control them to better navigate through terrain of Natlan.

Natlan Location

Located West of the Sumeru Desert

Natlan is located in the far west of the Sumeru Desert, particularly where the Girdle of the Sands map is visible. Based on the most recent teaser, we can discern a cliff resembling the Hills of Barsom in the distance of the still seen above.

Teased Location In-Game

In the Recollections of a Fontainian World Quest, Agustus Lovelace mentions that Natlan is located on the other side of Sumeru's Desert.

The Battle Pass weapon Talking Stick describes Natlan as ''rugged wilds where dragons roamed, that wilderness of hot springs and lava''. This means it's a place filled with, most likely, active volcanoes.

Natlan Characters

Natlan Characters in the Ignition Teaser

Natlan Characters
Genshin - KinichKinich Genshin - MualaniMualani Genshin - KachinaKachina
Genshin - CitlaliCitlali Genshin - ChascaChasca Genshin - OroronOroron
Genshin - MavuikaMavuika Genshin - IansanIansan Genshin - XilonenXilonen

Several Natlan characters were teased in the Ignition Teaser: A Name Forged in Flames. These characters will likely show up in the Archon Quests for the region.

Iansan in the Travail Trailer

Genshin - Iansan in the Travail Trailer

Iansan was the character from Natlan that was teased in the Travail trailer. We will likely meet them when we reach Natlan!

Iansan Details and Voice Actor

Capitano, First of the Fatui Harbingers

Genshin - The Captain of the Harbingers

In the last part of the Masquerade of the Guilty Archon Quest, Neuvillette tells the Traveler that The Captain has thrown his hat into the endless ring of war in Natlan, likely in an attempt to get the Pyro Gnosis.

He was also shown in the latest Natlan Teaser, A Name Forged in Flames, confirming his role as the Fatui presence in the region.

Capitano Character Profile and Voice Actor

Natlan Lore

Natlan is the Nation of Dragons and War

Genshin - Nation of Dragons and War
Natlan is one of the seven regions of Teyvat, overseen by the Pyro Archon. According to Neuvillette, Natlan is known as a land of dragons that have evolved to cohabit with people, as well as a nation of war.

Natlan will encompass the Chapter 5 Archon Quests as well as the patch updates that may start with Version 5.0!

Governed by the Pyro Archon Murata

Pyro Archon and the God of War
Genshin - Pyro Element Murata, the God of War

The Pyro Archon is called the God of War. Little is known about the Pyro Archon except that she is female. There is also no other information about her name other than she is likely to be called ''Murata''. 

She is not one of the original seven archons that Venti and Rex Lapis know, which means her predecessor likely disappeared or perished allowing her ascension to godhood.

In the Travail Trailer, she tells the Traveler that ''The rules of war are woven in the womb: the victors shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash.'' at some point when they reach Natlan.

Natlan People are Grouped in Tribes

Genshin - People are Grouped in Tribes
Lectoure, an NPC in the Romaritime Harbor, says that the people of Natlan are grouped in tribes. Which was further confirmed by the Talking Stick weapon. Before the creation of the Mare Jivari, there were six major tribes in Natlan.

People of the Springs

In Mualani's official announcement post, it was revealed she's a member of a group known as People of the Springs. It seems they act as guides in more recent times.

It's said that in the past, their forerunners once measured the world with their feet, transforming the winding, perilous paths they walked into networks of orderly lines on their maps.

Children of Echoes

Children of Echoes are people who live amongst the Tepetlisauri, as revealed in Kachina's official social media announcement post. They live in the mountains and place great importance in the role of ''Uthabiti'' bestowed on a member of their tribe.

Natlan is Home to Volcanic Hot Springs

Genshin - Home to Volcanic Hot Springs
Since Natlan is home to volcanoes and dragons, it has many natural volcanic hot springs. The hot springs were so great that when Aikawa Susumu, an NPC in Inazuma, experienced them, he founded his bathhouse.

Natlan Animals and Creatures

Home to Saurians

Genshin - Saurians

Natlan, as seen in the previous teaser, is home to Saurians, and it appears that there will be new exploring mechanisms centered on these new creatures.

Co-exists with Natlan's People

Genshin - Ranjit about Saurians
In the Specially-Shaped Saurian Search event, the NPC Ranjit also mention that the people of Natlan, especially their warriors, would dress in imitation of their Saurians.

It's implied that the Saurians are companions to the people in Natlan, and are likely the name for the dragons that had evolved to live with humans.

What are the Saurians?

Cute and Round Tepetlisauri

Genshin - Ranjit about the Tepetlisauri
In the same event, Ranjit likens the Primo Geovishap to the ''awfully cute'' Tepetlisauri, creatures with big round eyes and roly-poly bellies.

Ranjit says that these creatures live in the eastern mines of Natlan, which share a border with Sumeru. These mines are also home to the Nanatzcayan people who are known miners and jewel appraisers in Natlan.

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