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Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering Quest Guide

Sacrificial Offering is the second of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quests in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock Sacrificial Offering, all quest locations and puzzles solutions, a full quest walkthrough, quest rewards, and other information in this guide!

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Sacrificial Offering Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type World Quest
Location Narukami Island, Inazuma
Required AR 30

How to Unlock

Genshin Impact - A Strange Story in Konda Quest Guide
Sacrificial Offering is part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest series. Completing the first part of the chain quest, A Strange Story in Konda, will automatically unlock this quest!
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Sacrificial Offering Walkthrough and Rewards

Sacrificial Offering

According to Kazari, these barriers must be broken to cleanse the Thunder Sakura's roots. The next barrier seems to be located in the abandoned shrine to the northeast of Konda Village. Although this place sounds quite unsettling indeed, this is Kazari's request, so it is best that you see it done.

Sacrificial Offering Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to the abandoned shrine Northeast of Konda Village
  • Continue the investigation at the abandoned shrine
  • Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine to investigate
  • Return to the abandoned shrine to use the Memento Lens to investigate
  • Recite the sacred words in front of the Sky Kitsune Statue
  • Obtain the ward
  • Find the barrier
  • Destroy the barrier

Sacrificial Offering Walkthrough

Head to the abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village. It is the blue area between Chinju Forest and Mt. Yougou.
2 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Mysterious Shadow
Once you arrive at the base of the area, you will find a Mysterious Shadow. Once you interact with it, it will disappear and another will appear further inside the area.

Interacting with enough Mysterious Shadows will start to show a pattern of where they appear.
3 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Sky Kitsune
Go to the Sky Kitsune Statue near Chinju Forest and interact with the shrine. To obtain the ward in this statue, you must solve the riddle carved into the stone.
4 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Fox Statue
According to the riddle, the Mysterious Shadows are called Shikigami and they must be gathered around the three fox statues near the Sky Kitsune Statue.
5 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Shikigami
The three Mysterious Shadows are near the base of the area, in front of the Sky Kitsune Statue, and on the rooftop of the nearby building. Interact with the Mysterious Shadows until all three are standing around the fox statues.
6 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Tattered Scrol
Once all three Mysterious Shadows are gathered, a tattered scroll will appear, titled Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary. Don't forget to collect the 3 Exquisite Chests and 1 Sakura Bloom that will also appear!
7 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Narukami Shrine
The pages of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual are incomplete, so you will have to go to the Grand Narukami Shrine to continue your investigation.
8 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Inagi Hotomi
Talk to Inagi Hotomi to find out how to get the ward from the Sky Kitsune Statue and obtain the Memento Lens.
9 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Memento Lens
Go back to the abandoned shrine and use the Memento Lens on the small Earth Kitsune statues to continue your investigation. Using the Memento Lens will show scenes from the past that will tell you what Sacred Words are needed to obtain the ward from the Sky Kitsune Statue
10 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Ward
Once you have gotten all three lines used as Sacred Words, go to the Sky Kitsune Statue in the abandoned shrine and say the words in the right order. This will allow you to acquire the ward.
11 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Barrier Location
Go south until you find a cliff with a body of water nearby. There will be an entrance to a cave that will be surrounded by Cryo Slimes and a Cryo Abyss Mage. Defeat the enemies and enter the cave to arrive at the barrier.
12 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Puzzle
Use the ward to purify the notch and activate the puzzle. Arrange the surrounding notches to match the pattern as shown in the middle.

This can be achieved by ordering the notch in the middle to display two and the remaining notches to display three. Pray to the initial notch to solve the puzzle.
13 Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Mysterious Samurai
Solving the puzzle will summon a Mysterious Samurai, the Phantom Warrior of the Abandoned Shrine. Once you defeat the Mysterious Samurai, Kazari will appear and talk to you.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×350 Primogem Image Primogem ×40 Hero Hero's Wit ×3
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6 Mora Image Mora ×30000

Sacrificial Offering Tips & Strategies

Earth Kitsune Locations

Genshin - Sacrificial Offering - Earth Kitsune 7
Use the Memento Lens Gadget and look at these Earth Kitsune Statues to finish the puzzle

It doesn't matter on what order you trigger the cutscenes, as long as you get every one of them!

All Earth Kitsune Map Locations

All Earth Kitsune Locations

Go to the Abandoned Shrine Northeast of Konda Village

Abandoned Shrine Location

The Abandoned Shrine is in the middle of Konda Village and Chinju Forest. It's located in the large blue area in Narukami Island, Inazuma!
Inazuma Map Guide

Mysterious Shadow Puzzle

To solve the Mysterious Shadow Puzzle, you have to make all Mysterious Shadows appear behind the fox statues in the shrine. Interact with all Mysterious Shadows that are not in the right place yet, until all of them are gathered!

Mysterious Shadow Order and Locations

You can finish this puzzle by interacting with them in this order:

Mysterious Shadows Order and Locations
Mysterious Shadows Locations
1 In front of the Sky Kitsune Statue.
2 Near the entrance, in front of the small shrine.
3 On top of the Abandoned Shrine
4 Behind the small tree

Recite the Sacred Words

Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Offering - Ward
After interacting with the Earth Kitsunes, you will have to recite the sacred words in order.

Sacred Words Order

Sacred Words Recital Order
1 In the name of Narukami's Envoy
2 And of the Hakushin bloodline
3 Bring forth the fried tofu!

Abandoned Shrine Puzzle

Abandoned Shrine Puzzle Guide

Abandoned Shrine Walkthrough

Genshin - Notch Symbol 2 Go to the middle notch near the main notch!
Genshin - Notch Symbol 3 Go to the eastern notch to adjust it!
Run towards the northern one behind the guide symbol.
Finally, go the western notch to adjust it.
Genshin - Notch Symbol 1 Head back to main notch and press ''Pray''!

The main notch will always have the symbol when you activate it through the "Pray" button!

Recommended Party for Sacrificial Offering

Use Pyro Characters!

All Characters
Hu Tao ImageHu Tao Diluc ImageDiluc Klee ImageKlee
Yoimiya ImageYoimiya Yanfei ImageYanfei Thoma ImageThoma
Amber ImageAmber Bennett ImageBennett Xiangling ImageXiangling
Xinyan ImageXinyan

The area all around the abandoned shrine has several enemies wandering close, including an Electro Cicin Mage, a Mirror Maiden, a few Cryo Cicin Mages, a Cryo Abyss Mage and Cryo Slimes. Having a Pyro DPS character in your party with good support characters is highly recommended!

The Mysterious Samurai that you have to fight near the end of the quest, however, is not immune to any element and can be defeated with a well-rounded party.
Best Team Comp | Party Building Guide

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