Genshin Impact

Geo Element and Reactions Guide

Genshin - Geo Element Guide

Geo is the Rock Element in Genshin Impact and is one out of 7 Elements in the game. See it's Elemental Reaction, what the Geo element does, strengths, weaknesses, and Geo Characters here!

Geo Elemental Reaction

Crystallize Reaction

Geo's only Elemental Reaction is the Crystallize effect, which can interact with all elements except Anemo, Dendro, and itself. Crystal shards created with Crystallize can provide shields when you pick them up!

How Crystallize Reaction Works

Element 1 Element 2 Reaction Effect
Geo Element Geo Crystallize: Drops a shard that creates a shield with bonus resistance to the initial element when picked up.

Crystallize Reaction Guide

What is the Geo Element?

Genshin's Rock Element

Genshin - Geo Element - the Geo Nation of Liyue
Geo is the Rock Element in Genshin Impact, with Liyue being the designated Geo Region and Morax, or Rex Lapis, as the Geo Archon.

Applies Geo Status Effect

Genshin - Geo Element - Geo Status Effect

Geo Status Applied Alone are Brief

Geo will immediately disappear if applied to both characters and enemies. The exceptions to this are enemies like the Geo Slime whose element are always applied to itself, and Zhongli's Elemental Burst effect on enemies which petrifies them for a short time.

When a different element is already applied to the character or enemy, applying Geo will cause the Crystallize Reaction.

Geo Resonance

Enduring Rock

Genshin - Geo Element - Enduring Rock
Having two Geo characters in the party will activate the Geo Buff called Enduring Rock, which increases shield strength by 15%.

Additionally, characters protected by a shield will have their DMG dealt increased by 15% and dealing DMG to enemies will decrease their Geo RES by 20% for 15s.

Geo Strengths and Weaknesses

Destroys Elemental Armor and Rock Constructs

Genshin - Geo Element - Great against Geo Shields
Geo is best for dealing with Geo Elemental Armor from enemies like Geochanter Bracers or Stonehide Lawachurls. They can also destroy rock piles, and Mitachurl's rock shields.

Little Damage Against Other Elemental Shields and Armor

Genshin - Geo Element - Great against Geo Armor
Geo has low damage against non-Geo Elemental Armor and Elemental Shields, so it will be better to use other elements against those.

Elemental Shields need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy, while Elemental Armor does not need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy.

Shields used by Mitachurls don't have to be destroyed either as long as you hit the opponent's body.

List of Geo Characters

Playable Geo Characters

Character Rarity Weapon

List of All Geo Characters

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