Genshin Impact

Chronicled Wish Banner Guide

Genshin Impact - Chronicled Wish Banner Guide

Chronicled Wish is a new banner system in Genshin Impact 4.5. See an explanation of the new wish system, how to roll using Intertwined Fates, and which characters and weapons are available in the 4.5 Ode to the Dawn Breeze banner!

Chronicled Wish Banner Date

Available in Phase 1 of Version 4.5

Genshin - Ode to the Dawn Breeze Banner

Banner Date March 13, 2024 ~ April 2, 2024

The Chronicled Wish banner, Ode to the Dawn Breeze, is available in phase 1 of Version 4.5 from March 13 to April 2, 2024!

Ode to the Dawn Breeze Banner Guide

What is the Chronicled Wish Banner?

New Banner System with Multiple 5-Star Characters and Weapons

Genshin Impact Version 4.5 Chronicled Wish
Chronicled Wish is a new banner system in Genshin Impact where you can pick a character or weapon you wish to obtain from a selection of specific 5-stars. The chance to win your chosen unit when you pull a 5-star is 50%, and will become guaranteed on the next 5-star pull if you failed.

The Ode to the Dawn Breeze banner notably includes standard characters and weapons, as well as limited units, like Albedo and Hunter's Path.

Which 5-Star Units Can be in Chronicled Wish?

Genshin Impact - Ode to the Dawn Breeze

Characters Must Have Been Rerun 3 or More Times

Limited characters must have been featured at least 3 or more times in their exclusive event-wish banners, and have not been featured recently in Character Event Wish and Character Event-Wish 2 banners, to be included in the new banner system.

There are no specific requirements for 5-Star Weapons, but Dehya and Tighnari's weapons, which were previously unobtainable, are also included for Version 4.5's pool.

List of Featured Characters and Weapons Change Every Period

There is a duration period for the banner, and it may run different units each time it is run. This list may change and not even run on select patch updates, so stay tuned on any announcements regarding it!

Pick Your Desired Unit with Chronicled Path

This banner features the Chronicled Path, which is similar to the Epitomized Path system of the weapon banner. Both types of Paths essentially let you choose which 5-star unit you wish to get as the Designated Item.

Unlike in the weapon banner, you will only need 1 Fate Point to be guaranteed in the Chronicled Wish banner. It gives you a 50% chance to win your chosen unit when you pull a 5-star. If you lose, the next 5-star pull is guaranteed to be the desired item.

How does the Chronicled Wish Banner Work?

Choose Your Designated Unit

Genshin Impact - Chronicled Wish Banner Setup
Similar to the Epitomized Path system of the Epitome Invocation banner, players must choose which character or weapon you wish to get as the Designated Item.

50/50 Chance to Get the Designated Item

Pulling a 5-star unit has a 50% chance to be the Designated Item. Failing the 50/50 will give you 1 Fate Point, which essentially means that the next 5-star unit you pull is now guaranteed to be the Designated Item.

After obtaining or changing your chosen Designated Item, or when the version's Chronicled Wish banner ends, the Fate Points will reset.

Unit received can either be a Character or Weapon but not both

Genshin - Chronicled Wish - Only 5-Star Characters if Character is Chosen

If you chose a 5-star character as your Designated Item, then that means that you cannot get any 5-star weapons. Conversely, if you chose a weapon as your Designated Item, you cannot lose your 5-star pull to a character.

Pity System for Chronicled Wish Similar to Character Banner

Fundamentally speaking, the pity to get a 5-star or 4-star unit is generally the same as the Character Event-Wish banners. The difference here is that the "featured" unit is the chosen Designated Item and all of the 4-Star units have an equal chance of appearing..

Genshin - Primogem bullet point Guaranteed pity is 90 wishes to get a 5-star unit.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point 50% chance to get the Designated Item when you pull a 5-star unit.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point If you fail the 50% chance, the next unit is guaranteed to be the Designated Item.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point For every 10 pulls, you are guaranteed to win a 4-star or higher unit.

Pity Count is Carried Over to Next Banner

If the patch's Chronicled Wish ends, the pity count will carry over to the next Chronicled Wish banner. However, as mentioned above, Fate Points still reset.

Pity Count is Not Shared with Other Banners

Unlike Character Event Wish-2, the Chronicled Wish banner does not share its pity count with any other banners.

Pity System in Banners Explained

Uses Intertwined Fates

Intertwined Fate Image Intertwined Fate

The purple Intertwined Fates are the required currency to pull for the Chronicled Wish banner like in the limited Character Event-Wish banners and Epitome Invocation.

Should You Pull on the Chronicled Wish Banner?

Pull for Your Chosen 5-Star Unit

Genshin Impact - Kokomi Thinking
It's recommended to pull on this banner only if there is a 5-Star character or weapon you really want, as the 5-Star units are the only ones with a guarantee.

The Chronicled Wish banner has a smaller pool of 4-Star characters and more limited 4-Star weapons, but there are no featured 4-Stars, meaning there's an equal chance of getting any of them.

Better Wish System for 5-Star Weapons

Compared to the current Epitomized Path system in the Epitome Invocation banner, it is relatively easier to get your designated 5-Star weapon in this banner. Your chances of losing the 50/50 only occurs once before you are guaranteed on your next 5-Star pull.

Chronicled Wish Banner Characters and Weapons for 4.5

Featured Characters in 4.5 Ode to the Dawn Breeze

The following 5-star characters are the featured units to appear in Version 4.5's wish banner: Ode to the Dawn Breeze.

All 5-Star Character Drops

Featured Weapons in 4.5 Ode to the Dawn Breeze

The following 5-star weapons are the featured units to appear in Version 4.5's wish banner.

All ★5 Weapon Drops
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds ImageLost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
HunterHunter's Path
Aquila Favonia ImageAquila Favonia
Skyward Harp ImageSkyward Harp
Skyward Atlas ImageSkyward Atlas
Skyward Spine ImageSkyward Spine
Skyward Pride ImageSkyward Pride
Skyward Blade ImageSkyward Blade
Beacon of the Reed Sea ImageBeacon of the Reed Sea
Song of Broken Pines ImageSong of Broken Pines
WolfWolf's Gravestone

Featured 4-Star Characters and Weapons

The following 4-star Characters and Weapons are the featured units to appear in Version 4.5's wish banner. There is an equal chance to get one of them for every 10 pulls.

4-Star Characters

4-Star Character Drops

4-Star Weapons

4-Star Weapon Drops
Alley Hunter ImageAlley Hunter
DragonDragon's Bane
Eye of Perception ImageEye of Perception
Favonius Codex ImageFavonius Codex
Favonius Greatsword ImageFavonius Greatsword
Favonius Lance ImageFavonius Lance
Favonius Sword ImageFavonius Sword
Favonius Warbow ImageFavonius Warbow
LionLion's Roar
Mitternachts Waltz ImageMitternachts Waltz
Rainslasher ImageRainslasher
Rust ImageRust
Sacrificial Bow ImageSacrificial Bow
Sacrificial Fragments ImageSacrificial Fragments
Sacrificial Greatsword ImageSacrificial Greatsword
Sacrificial Sword ImageSacrificial Sword
The Alley Flash ImageThe Alley Flash
The Bell ImageThe Bell
The Flute ImageThe Flute
The Stringless ImageThe Stringless
The Widsith ImageThe Widsith
Wine and Song ImageWine and Song

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9 Anonymous13 days

Tried it out when it was up, and out of 20 rolls, all I got was a Kaeya and a Lisa, and the rest was useless 3* weps. I was not impressed. I quit before wasting any more primos on it

8 Anonymous2 months

Yeah that's, fair but they aren't standered. They've had at least 3 banners, so to make it easier than having 3 phases to each version they've grouped limited characters together in the chronicled wish.

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