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Superconduct is an elemental reaction in Genshin Impact that occurs when Cryo meets Electro, or vice versa. Learn how to use Superconduct, the best characters, and the best teams for it in this guide!

What is the Superconduct Reaction?

Genshin - Superconduct

Superconduct is the reaction that occurs when Cryo and Electro come into contact. When this happens, everyone affected by Superconduct will have 40% of their Physical RES lowered for 12 seconds.

This makes the reaction shine in teams that focus on a Physical DPS, as most of their damage output comes from their raw Normal Attacks and Physical abilities.

How to Trigger Superconduct

Apply Cryo, or Electro

Genshin - Apply Element

To trigger Superconduct, players first have to apply Cryo or Electro. Unlike other Elemental Reactions, Superconduct does not require a specific order for triggering it.

Apply the Other Element

Genshin - Proc Superconduct

Afterwards, simply apply the second element. Upon application, the enemy will let out a cloud of steam, dealing Cryo DMG and signifying that their Physical RES has been lowered by 40%.

It is worth noting that Superconduct can be triggered twice on one opponent, but it will only refresh the Superconduct timer and not stack the Physical RES debuff.

Best Characters for Superconduct


The best characters for Superconduct are those who have abilities that deal Physical damage, with good Cryo and Electro applicators to support them.


The premier Physical DPS since her release and until now, Eula remains the top pick for physical damage-centered teams, with a respectable damage floor and a high-potential ceiling.

With her damage-stacking Elemental Burst and a Physical RES shredding Elemental Skill, her presence on the field can result in some of the highest cleaves of damage possible.

Eula Rating and Best Builds


Released in Version 4.0, Freminet joins the list of Cryo users who are able to take advantage of Superconduct. While his Physical capabilities are not as potent as Eula's, his damage is still nothing to be scoffed at.

Freminet's kit allows him to whittle down his opponents with a steady stream of Cryo and Physical DMG, solidifying him as a good Cryo applicator and a noteworthy damage dealer for Superconduct.

Freminet Rating and Best Builds


While not a DPS, Mika is a much-needed addition to Superconduct teams, and serves as its premier support.

Coming in with the abilities of being able to heal his team, increase their Physical DMG and ATK speed, and fill a spot for cryo resonance, he stands out as a solid option for Superconduct teams due to his compatibility with most of its DPS units.

Mika Rating and Best Builds


Fischl is one of the few Electro units that can fully support the Superconduct playsyle, and is a staple for most of its teams due to her constant off-field Electro application and raw damage.

Coupled with her A2 passive that reliably triggers due to Superconduct being an Electro Reaction, she can adequately fulfill her role as a Sub-DPS in a Physical-centric team.

Fischl Rating and Best Builds

Raiden Shogun

The Electro Archon herself comes with one of the best Electro applications in the game, and her reliable damage and energy funding allows her to shine as both a Superconduct trigger and a second DPS.

However, she is only second to Fischl due to Raiden's potential being stunted when being used as a Physical enabler as opposed to putting her in teams that are built around her.

Raiden Shogun Rating and Best Builds

Best Teams for Superconduct

Eula Teams

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Eula Image Eula Fischl Image Fischl Rosaria Image Rosaria Mika Image Mika
Eula Image Eula Raiden Image Raiden Furina Image Furina Mika Image Mika

Eula teams are the epitome of Physical damage and Superconduct reactions due to its potency and amazing damage scaling.

This team shines in a plethora of scenarios due to how well-rounded it is and how every unit can enable Eula to shred opponents down in long-term combat, and burst them otherwise.

Freminet Teams

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Freminet Image Freminet Xingqiu Image Xingqiu Fischl Image Fischl Mika Image Mika
Freminet Image Freminet Kokomi Image Kokomi Raiden Image Raiden Layla Image Layla

Freminet teams function similarly to Eula teams, with the exception of a good Hydro applicator being added into the mix.

Unlike Eula, Freminet can take advantage of Shatter and Superconduct due to the nature of his abilities, so being able to utilize both parts of his kit allows him to dish out noteworthy damage.

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