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This is our guide for Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Not sure what Spiral Abyss is or the benefits of doing it? Keep reading for everything you need to know!

Spiral Abyss Guide

Floor 1 Walkthrough

Recommended Characters
Xiangling ImageXiangling Amber ImageAmber Diluc ImageDiluc
Enemy Level Lv25
Rewards Upon Chamber Clear
・Domain Reliquary - Tier III
Star's Bounty
Mora.pngMora x60000
Primogem.pngPrimogems ×300

Spiral Abyss Floor 1 Walkthrough

Floor 2 Walkthrough

Recommended Characters
Qiqi ImageQiqi Chongyun ImageChongyun Kaeya ImageKaeya
Enemy Level Lv40
Rewards Upon Chamber Clear
・Domain Reliquary - Tier III
Star's Bounty
Mora.pngMora x60000
Primogem.pngPrimogems ×300

Spiral Abyss Floor 2 Walkthrough

Floor 3 Walkthrough

Recommended Characters
Venti ImageVenti Traveler (Anemo) ImageTraveler (Anemo) Jean ImageJean
Enemy Level Lv45
Rewards Upon Chamber 3 Clear
・Northlander Polearm Prototype
Star's Bounty
Mora.pngMora x60000
Primogem.pngPrimogems ×300

Spiral Abyss Floor 3 Walkthrough

Receive Xiangling for Clearing 3-3!

Genshin Impact_20201009105021.jpg
For the permanent event, People's Choice, you will receive Xiangling upon clearing Floor 3 Chamber. She's an easy to pick up Pyro elemental character so everyone should check this out! If you've already received her from a wish you can receive one of her Stella Fortuna to upgrade her Constellation instead so it's a win-win.

Xiangling Stats and Rating

Benefits of Doing Spiral Abyss

  • Level and Ascend Characters
  • Level and Ascend Weapons
  • Level Artifacts

▼Level Characters and Weapons

As most rewards are for leveling and ascension, you will want to attempt Spiral Abyss' challenges.

▼Understand Elemental Reactions

As long as your understanding of how Elemental Reactions work is up to snuff getting through each Floor should be no problem at all. Be aware of each party member's elements and their skill cooldown times to keep up the hurt.

List of Elemental Reactions | All Elemental Combos

▼Level Up Artifacts

You'll want to level up your artifacts to increase your stats as well. Sets like Berserker, Martial Artist, and The Exile are good for increasing your damage output.

List of Artifacts and Set Bonuses

How to Unlock and Get to Spiral Abyss

Reach Adventure Rank 20

Before you can enter Spiral Abyss you will need to be AR 20 so it's best to aim for that first. That said, the steps to unlocking the island can be done at any time.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

How to Get to Spiral Abyss (First Time)

Order Explanation
Unlock Spiral Abyss 1.png
Mondstadt: Go to the Cape Oath Teleport Waypoint
Unlock Spiral Abyss 2.png
Defeat the nearby enemies
Unlock Spiral Abyss 3.png
Find the 3 Seelies
Seelie #1 Unlock Spiral Abyss 4.png
To the west near an Apple tree
Seelie #2 Unlock Spiral Abyss 5.png
To the west at the top of a cliff
Seelie #3 Unlock Spiral Abyss 6.png
At the north edge of the cape
Unlock Spiral Abyss 7.png
Ride the wind up and enter the portal
Unlock Spiral Abyss 8.png
Arrive at Musk Reef where the entrance lies

To get to Spiral Abyss you will first have to go through the portal in the sky above Cape Oath. Every subsequent time you can teleport directly there.

What is Spiral Abyss?

Set of Challenges to Clear

Genshin Impact_20201009110414.jpg
Spiral Abyss is similar to a Domain but instead you must clear 3 challenges per Floor. There are 8 floors in total and you can earn various rewards for completing the clear requirements.

Build Your Party Based on Ley Line Disorders

Genshin Impact_20201009110122.jpg
Each floor has a 75% damage buff or debuff Ley Line Disorder so you should prepare your party accordingly.

Character Tier List | Best Characters October 2020

Choose Your Benediction of the Abyss

Genshin Impact_20201009110148.jpg
At the beginning of each Chamber you will be able to choose one of 3 buffs. This will persist through the rest of the Chamber so choose wisely.

Restrictions You Should Know About

Things You Can't Do
  • No Co-Op
  • Cannot use items
  • Cannot change party members mid floor
  • Cannot change weapons or artifacts
  • No character growth related actions allowed

As you can't use items or change up your party mid floor, make sure your party is fully healed and prepared before challenging Spiral Abyss. Also, if you leave the designated area it is an automatic failure so be warned.

▼No Co-Op

In Spiral Abyss you are unable to challenge Chambers in Co-Op with friends. If you happen to be in Co-Op mode, however, you can still challenge it alone.

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