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Genshin Impact - The Millennial Mountains World Quest Guide

The Millennial Mountains is a Chasm quest in Genshin Impact 2.6. Here's the guide on how to unlock the quest, all Millennial Mountains offering locations, a full walkthrough, and the rewards!

Offerings to the Millennial Mountains Quest
Genshin - Cup of CommonsCup of Commons Genshin - SkyfeatherSkyfeather Genshin - Sundial of AgesSundial of Ages
Genshin - Helm of WardingHelm of Warding Genshin - Flower of FarsightFlower of Farsight Genshin - WarriorWarrior's Spear

How to Unlock The Millennial Mountains

Talk to Wang near The Chasm's Maw

To unlock this quest, go to Wang's location in The Chasm's Maw and talk to him. A few places in The Chasm will flash during the cutscene as hints for the locations of all quest items.
The Chasm Map Guide

The Millennial Mountains Walkthrough

How to Complete the Millennial Mountains

How to Finish The Millenial Mountains Quest
1 Talk to Wang in The Chasm's Maw.
2 Collect all six offerings around The Chasm's Surface.
3 Place all quest items near the altar near Wang. This will reveal a hole in the ground with a Luxurious Chest inside!
4 Talk to Wang again to complete the quest.

Millennial Mountains Locations

Memorial Offerings
1. Sundial of Ages 2. Helm of Warding
3. Flower of Farsight 4. Skyfeather
5. Warrior's Spear 6. Cup of Commons

All Millennial Mountains quest items except the Cup of Commons can be found on the Chasm's surface pretty easily. The Cup of Commons can only be unlocked through the Undetected Infiltration quest.

Full Guide on All Quest Item Locations

The Millennial Mountains Quest Rewards

Complete Quest Rewards

Genshin Impact - Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×350 Genshin Impact - Primogem Image Primogem ×40 Genshin Impact - Mora Image Mora ×30000
Genshin Impact - Hero Hero's Wit ×3 Genshin Impact - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

Additional Millennial Mountains Quest Information

World Quest in The Chasm Surface

Genshin Impact - The Chasm Surface Map Guide
The Millennial Mountains quest can be found in The Chasm's Surface, which was unlocked when The Chasm was released in Version 2.6!
The Chasm: Surface Map Guide

About the Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact

Genshin - The Chasm - Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact Lore

Tenacity of the MIllelith Artifact Rewards

This quest is about the Millelith who fought during the events described in the Tenacity of the Millelith's artifact lore!

After completing the Millennial Mountains quest, the offerings you collected will turn into a 4-star set of the Tenacity of the Millelith artifacts.

Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact Set

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