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Artifacts Guide - How Do Artifacts Work?

Genshin Impact - Artifacts Guide - How Do Artifacts Work

This is a guide to how Artifacts work in Genshin Impact. Keep reading for a comprehensive Artifacts guide to, Artifact stats, Artifact rarity and Artifact Upgrades and Enhancements.

Artifacts Guide

Artifacts can make or break a character's performance in Genshin Impact, so it's important to understand just how they work. Here is a throrough breakdown on Artifacts their functions.

Artifact Menu
Artifact Breakdown
Artifact Type Main Stats
Flower of Life HP (Always Flat)
Plume of Death Attack (Always Flat)
Sands of Eon Attack (%), Defense (%), HP (%), Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge
Goblet of Eonothem Attack (%), Defense (%), HP (%), Bonus Damage
Circlet of Logos Attack (%), Defense (%), HP (%), Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Healing Bonus

Main Stats

Flowers and Plumes always have a flat HP and Attack main stat. Other Artifact main stats will vary randomly depending on the Artifact Type.


Substats add another layer of RNG to your Artifacts. The number of substats as well as the stat boost range depends on the rarity of the Artifact.

Artifact Set Bonus

Each Artifact will grant a unique bonus if you have a certain number of the same set equipped.


Just like weapons, each Artifact has a unique piece of lore written to tie them to the world of Teyvat.

Artifact Rarity

Rarity affects the overall quality of an Artifact including the base stats, the maximum number of substats and maximum number of possible upgrades.

Not All Artifacts Are Made Equal

While Artifacts currently range from 1-star to 5-star rarity, there is a base and maximum raritiy for certain Artifact Sets. As your world level increases so does the base and maximum rarity of Artifact drops and rewards. Beginner sets like Adventuer and Traveling Doctor cap at 3-star rarity, while sets like Gladiator's Finale start at 4-star and cap at 5-star.

Artifact Set Bonuses

Set Bonus

Aside from the attributes granted by Artifact main stats, your character's builds will be based around the many Artifact Set Bonuses. These bonuses provide additional stat boosts and effects based on their equip criteria.

Artifact Set Pieces

Each Artifact is currently a part of a set that will grant unique bonuses if your character has either 1-piece, 2-pieces or 4-pieces of the same set equpied. Because most sets contain both a 2-piece and 4-piece bonus, you can mix and match sets on your character as you craft the perfect build.
List of Artifact Set Bonuses

Upgrading Artifacts


Unlike Weapons, Artifacts can only be upgraded using other artifacts as enhancement material. This gives even your lowest rarity Artifacts some value as they can be used to upgrade your more rare and powerful Artifacts.

Upgrade Level and Substats

The maximum upgrade level as well as the number of possible substats depends on the rarity of the Artifact. The higher the rarity, the higher the max upgrade level and number of base substats.

Rarity Base # of substats Max upgrade level
0 +4
★★ 0-1 +4
★★★ 1-2 +12
★★★★ 2-3 +16
★★★★★ 3-4 +20


Substats cannot be the same as the main stat. Every 4 upgrade levels an Artifact will receive a random substat if there are less than 4, or improve a substat if there are already 4.

Upgrade EXP and Gold Cost Is Based on Rarity

The amount of upgrade experience gained as well as the gold cost is also tied to rarity of the artifacts being fusing away. The amount of gold required to upgrade is equal to the amount of experience gained through upgrade.

Rarity EXP Gain/Gold Cost
★★ 840
★★★ 1260
★★★★ 2520
★★★★★ 3780
This rule only applies to fusing away un-upgraded (+0) artifacts.

Double or Five Times EXP


When upgrading artifacts there is a random chance you will recive 2x experience, or if you're really lucky you'll get 5x experience.

Selling Artifacts

If you are running low on Mora you can destroy/sell your artifacts for a quick boost. The amount of gold gained is also equal to the cost of fusing them away which again is determined by rarity. Currently 4 and 5-star Artifacts cannot be scrapped for Mora, and as Artifacts are precious it's recommended that you consider selling 1-star and 2-star Artifacts only.

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