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Genshin Impact - Masterless Starglitter Exchange Guide

This is a guide about Masterless Starglitter, a rare and tradable currency in Genshin Impact. If you want to learn the best method to use Starglitter and which characters, equipment, and items to purchase, read on.

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Best Use for Masterless Starglitter

Best Items to Exchange for Masterless Starglitter

Priority Items
Genshin - Bennett Image
Genshin Impact - Intertwined Fate Image
Genshin - Lisa Image Genshin - Blackcliff Longsword Image Genshin - Blackcliff Slasher Image
Genshin - Blackcliff Pole Image Genshin - Blackcliff Agate Image Genshin - Blackcliff Warbow Image
Genshin Impact - Acquaint Fate Image
Ascension Items

Exchanging For Characters is a Recommended Priority

Genshin Impact - Masterless Starglitter

Characters can normally be obtained from wishes. Purchasing them from the Starglitter shop is a great way to get a specific character you want!

▼ Bennett's Features and Rating

Name Abilities and Rating
Bennett Image Bennett Rating: ★★★★★
・Pyro Element - Sword User
・Elemental Burst provides healing and ATK boost to parties.
・One of the Best 4★ characters to use. A great Support for any party.

▼Lisa's Features and Rating

Name Abilities and Rating
Lisa Image Lisa Rating: ★★★
・Electro Element - Catalyst User
・Elemental Skill deals Electro DMG across multiple enemies.
・More Constellations strengthen Lisa's abilities.

Exchange For Wishes if Budget Allows it

Stardust Exchange Items Price

Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 5

If you have extra Masterless Starglitter, exchange them for Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. If you were already able to purchase a character by exchanging Masterless Starglitter or there is a limited time reward, exchanging Masterless Starglitter for wishes is a great choice.

Exchange for Weapons if you can Afford Refinement

Stardust Exchange Items Price

Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 24

Weapons from the Starglitter Exchange can be effective if you can manage to get a couple of refinements. Exchange Masterless Starglitter for Weapons if you can afford to buy more than one copy of the Weapon.

Least Priority: Ascension Materials

Stardust Exchange Items Price
Ascension Materials
Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 2

Only exchange Starglitter with Ascension Materials when you have a lot of Masterless Starglitter to spare, as Ascension Materials can be farmed easily in game.

How to Get Masterless Starglitter

Obtainable Via Wishes

Genshin Impact - How to Get Masterless Starglitter

Masterless Starglitter can be obtained by wishing for a 4★ and above Weapon or a Character that you already own. The amount depends on the Character's rarity and whether you have full Constellations of a Character or not.

Starglitter Rates

2~7 Duplicate Count Complete Constellations
☆5 Characters Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 10 Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 25
☆4 Characters Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 2 Genshin - Masterless Starglitter x 5

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