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This is a guide about Starglitter, a rare and tradable currency in Genshin Impact. If you want to learn the best method to use Starglitter and which characters, equipment, and items to purchase, read on.

If you're looking for the best usage for stardusts instead, refer to our article below.

Stardust and What to Trade it For

Best Use For Starglitters

Priority List Starglitter Price
S Character 34
A Intertwined Fate
Acquaint Fate
B Equipment/Exp Materials Equipment:24

Exchanging For Characters is Top Priority

character stardust.png

Characters can normally be obtained from wishes. Purchasing them from the starglitter shop is a great way to get a specific character you want!

Ningguang's Features and Rating

Name Abilities and Rating
NingguangNingguang Rating:★★★★★
・Rock Element - Long Range character
・Her skill is a barrier that prevents enemy projectiles from damaging you. Increases damage dealth if her attack breaks the enemy defense.
・She also has an elemental attack that homes against enemies and it crystallizes enemies hit.

▼Xingqiu's Features and Rating

Name Abilities and Rating
XingqiuXingqiu Rating:★★★★★
・Water element - One-handed sword user
・Skill protects himself with a water barrier that also damages enemies that comes in contact with her.
・Elemental Burst damages enemies with a phantom sword which also gives her a sword with damage reduction.

Exchange For Wishes if Budget Allows it


If you have extra star glitters, exchange them for Intertwined Fate and Ascent Fate. If you were already able to purchase a character by exchanging Starglitter or there is a limited time reward, exhanging star glitter for wishes is a great choice.

Save trading for Equipment and Materials Later

weapons stardust.png

Equipments and materials can be obtained in other ways like mission rewards and drops from enemies so if it is possible, try not to spend starglitters on these items.

How to Get Masterless Starglitter

Obtainable Via Wishes


Masterless Starglitter can be obtained by wishing for a character that you already own. The amount depends on the character's rarity and the amount of times it has been duplicated.

Starglitter Rates

2~7Duplicate Count 8 + Duplicate Count
☆5 Characters 10 25
☆4Characters 2 5

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