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Genshin - How to Cook and Effects
This is a guide to cooking in Genshin Impact. learn how to cook, how to hunt for ingredients and the effects of eating cooked food.

What is Cooking?

Combines Ingredients to Create a Dish

Cooking Mini Game.jpg
Combines Multiple ingredients to create a dish. Upon starting the cooking process, you'll be required to time your input when the slider reaches the marked area. Failing to do so will cause the dish to burn and be an inedible mess.

Version 1.4 Cooking Update

As of Update 1.4, Travelers now have the option to cook recipes automatically or manually. This allows you to cook regular dishes, or even Suspicious Dishes!

How to Cook

Cook From Stoves and Campfires

The option to cook will appear when approacing a campfire on the fields or at stoves in cities. For campfires, the option to cook will not be available if there is no fire. Simply use a fire ability to start a fire and get to cooking!

Cooking Bonuses

Cooking Bonuses.jpg
Certain dishes will have additional effects depending on the character that does the cooking. We don't have a full list yet but we will update you once we have a dish list and all the chef's bonus effects so stay tuned.

How to Get More Dishes

Talk to NPCs

Talk to NPCs.jpg

Some NPCs will reward you with Recipes like the storm caller on the edge of Stormbearer's point. Be sure to talk to everyone to get those juicy items from them.

Complete Missions

Some Missions also reward recipes so be on the lookout for those. A prime example is the story mission for Xiaoling's Mondstadt Gastronomy questline.

Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip Story Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Obtain From Chests

Adeptus tempation.jpg

Some chests contain recipes too! These chests are located at areas that requires special mechanisms to reach though like the peak of Qingyun Peak!

Dish Effects

Dish Result
Dishes have a variety of effects. Most of them, however, focuses on healing capability. Always cook food to have a health supply of items for your character's recovery!

How To Get Ingredients

Process Them

Ingredients can be processed via the cooking menu too. The method is slightly different and more time consuming compared to regular cooking.

How to Process Ingredients

Gather in the Field

Fallen Fruits.jpg

There are numerous resources available by exploring the field. You can obtain fruits from trees and vegetables from plants and barrels. You can even hunt animals for meat!

Purchase Them At Towns


Ingredients and materials can also be purchased in towns. Or if you're not up to cooking, you can also purchase food directly using Mora! Just beware though, these items has a daily purchase limit so you might want to buy some things daily from shops.

Daily Task List

Cooking Achievements

"If you put your heart into it..." Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed Achievement"If you put your heart into it..." 5 Primogems
Objective : Cook 1 "special"-tasting dish.

Failing the cooking mini-game and producing a Suspicious dish will give you the "If you put your heart into it..." Achievement, which will give you 5 Primogems!

"...Anyone can be a gourmet." Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed Achievement"...Anyone can be a gourmet." 5 Primogems
Objective : Cook 10 suspicious-tasting dishes.

Failing the cooking mini-game 10 times will give you the "...Anyone can be a gourmet." Achievement, which gives 5 Primogems!

Achievement List and Rewards

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