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Weekly Bounty Guide

Genshin Impact - Weekly Bounty Guide

This is a guide on Weekly Bounties and Special Traits in the game Genshin Impact. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Weekly Bounties and Special Traits.

What Are Weekly Bounties?

Genshin - Weekly Bounties

Weekly Bounties are special challenges where you are given a list of enemies that you can hunt down.

Each of the targets on the list will have a Special Traits which will make them unique to the other enemies that you have encountered before. Defeat these targets to receive Reputation Points and Mora as a bounty reward!

How to Unlock Bounties

Genshin - How to Unlock Bounty
You can unlock bounties on each region by raising your Reputation Level to Lv. 2.

City Reputation Guide

Weekly Bounty Reset Time

Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Reset
Similar to the Weekly Bosses, the Weekly Bounty will reset every Monday at 4:00 AM server time.

Note: These enemies can only be challenged up to 3 times every week in each city. Be sure to try and defeat all 3 enemies on the list before it resets to maximize the Reputation Points you gain every week!

Can you still do Bounties when your Reputation EXP is full?

Yes, you can still do your Weekly Bounties even if your Reputation EXP is full. You can do your Bounties mainly to get Battle Pass EXP as well as Mora.

Battle Pass Guide

How to Do Weekly Bounties

You can only do up to 3 Weekly Bounties in total across all regions, and you can start these bounties by talking to the Reputation NPC in each region. Check the table below for more information!

Note: The Reputation Points that you will receive upon completion will depend on which region you took the bounty from, so make sure you choose the right one!

Mondstadt Bounty Location

Map Location
Mondstadt Genshin - Weekly Bounty - HerthaHertha

Liyue Bounty Location

Map Location
Liyue Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Ms. YuMs. Yu

Inazuma Bounty Location

Map Location
Inazuma Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Madarame HyakubeiMadarame Hyakubei

What Are Special Traits?

Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Special Traits
Special Traits are bonus effects on enemies that will give them certain damage immunities and weaknesses. The number of Special Traits will vary depending the difficulty of the Bounty that you are hunting. Always check your bounty's Special Trait before fighting them to make the proper Element and Team composition.

Rank # of Special Traits Rep. EXP
★★★ 1 60
★★★★ 2 80
★★★★★ 2-4 100

List of Special Traits

Immunity to Elemental DMG of one type.
(Cryo, Electro, Pyro, etc.)
Immunity to all Elemental DMG.
Immunity to Physical DMG.
Especially Fierce.
Takes increased Elemental DMG of one type.
(Cryo, Electro, Pyro, etc.)
Takes greatly increased Elemental DMG of one type.
(Cryo, Electro, etc.)
Takes increased DMG from one type of weapon.
(Claymore, Sword, Catalyst, etc.)
Increased chances of taking CRIT DMG.

Head to the Hunting Area

Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Tracking Map
Once you accept a Bounty you will need to head to the designated area on the Map and begin tracking the target. You'll have 10 minutes to track and hunt your target once you enter the hunting area.

Track Your Bounty

Genshin - Weekly Bounty - Tracking
Tracks sparkle in Elemental Sight

You'll need to use Elemental Sight to locate 3 tracks before being able to find and fight your Bounty. Once all 3 tracks have been found you'll be able to locate and battle your Bounty.

Take care as you'll need to defeat the Bounty within the remaining time in order to complete the quest, so be sure to track your Bounty as fast as possible.

List of Bounty Monsters

We are still gathering info and will update this list as soon as possible, but here are the Bounty monsters we have seen so far. If you came across a different monster, let us know in the comments!

Known Bounty Bosses

Pyro Abyss Mage ImagePyro Abyss Mage Cryo Abyss Mage ImageCryo Abyss Mage Ruin Guard ImageRuin Guard Blazing Axe Mitachurl ImageBlazing Axe Mitachurl
Ruin Hunter ImageRuin Hunter Eye of the Storm ImageEye of the Storm Electro Samachurl ImageElectro Samachurl Kairagi: Dancing Thunder ImageKairagi: Dancing Thunder
Kairagi: Fiery Might ImageKairagi: Fiery Might Crackling Axe Mitachurl ImageCrackling Axe Mitachurl Ruin Defender ImageRuin Defender

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