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Imaginarium Theater Guide

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater Guide and Release Date
Imaginarium Theater is the new endgame mode in Genshin Impact 4.7, released on July 1, 2024. See the Season 1 details, how to play Imaginarium Theater, release date, unlock requirements, and rewards in this guide!

Imaginarium Theater Quick Guides
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Imaginarium Theater Season 1 Guide

Imaginarium Theater Schedule

Season 1
Ends in:

Season 1 of Imaginarium Theater lasts for a month from July 1, 2024 to July 31, 2024.

Season 1 Guide for Imaginarium Theater

4.7 Season 1 Details for July 2024

Imaginarium Theater Element Requirements

Elemental Requirement
Anemo Image Anemo Pyro Image Pyro Electro Image Electro

The Elements for Season 1 of Imaginarium Theater are Anemo, Pyro, and Electro. Aside from Special Guests, only characters with these elements can be used to challenge the Theater during this season!

Opening Characters and Special Guests

Opening Characters
Wanderer ImageWanderer Thoma ImageThoma Shinobu ImageShinobu
Arlecchino ImageArlecchino Faruzan ImageFaruzan Clorinde ImageClorinde
Special Guests
Baizhu ImageBaizhu Alhaitham ImageAlhaitham Wriothesley ImageWriothesley
Sigewinne ImageSigewinne

Opening Characters are required to be used, while Special Guests are additional options for the Supporting Cast. If you don't own the Opening Character, or it doesn't meet the requirements, a Trial version is provided!

If you don't own the Special Guest character, or cannot borrow from a friend, you cannot use them.

Fantastical Blessing

Fantastical Blessing
After characters join your party, Max HP, Attack, and Def are increased by 20%.

Fantastical Blessings are applied to Opening Characters in Imaginarium Theater as well as throughout the rest of the game!

All Challenge Difficulties and Boss Enemies

Boss Enemies
Easy Mode Act 3:
Normal Mode Act 3:

Act 6:
Hard Mode Act 3:

Act 6:

Act 8
Genshin - Icewind Suite Image Icewind Suite Nemesis of Coppelius (lvl. 95)

Specific Acts have fixed Boss Enemies that serve as Villains in the story. These Boss stages have different levels and objectives depending on the difficulty.

How to Play Imaginarium Theater

Select Challenges in Performance Prep

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater Difficulty Level
Challenges are displayed in the Performance Prep menu, where there are three difficulty levels; Easy Mode, Normal Mode, and Hard Mode. There are 3/6/8 combat performances or Acts for each corresponding difficulty level and their own specific requirements.

Different Requirements Every Season

Similar to the Abyssal Moons of the Spiral Abyss, these requirements and restrictions change every time the event enters a new season.

Borrow or Lend Supporting Cast Characters

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Supporting Cast
Travelers can designate up to seven of their own characters as Supporting Cast, meaning their friends can borrow these characters and use them when challenging the Imaginarium Theater.

These characters need to meet the existing challenge requirements and can be used up to 15 times each season! However, for each challenge, only one Supporting Character can be chosen at a time.

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board Genshin - Supporting castBoardSupporting Cast Board

Designated Opening Characters for the Principal Cast

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Opening Characters for the Principal Cast
When challenging Imaginarium Theater, players are only allowed to use specific Opening Characters for the Principal Cast. They can choose to use either their own characters or Trial characters provided in the challenge.

Opening Characters Gain Fantastical Blessings Buff

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater Fantastical Blessing
The six designated characters for the Principal Cast will gain Fantastical Blessings, or specific buffs. These buffs will be in effect both inside and outside Imaginarium Theater and will last until the end of that challenge period!

If you own the characters featured in the Principal Cast, the buff will be applied to them at all times during the season that they are featured.

Select Eight Alternate Cast Characters

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater Party Setup
Travelers can also select eight characters that act as Alternate Cast members, which can include up to one Supporting Cast.

Once you start the challenge, you get a chance to add characters to your Principal Cast after each battle, or through Companion Events.

Select Special Guest Characters

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Special Guest Characters
Amongst the choices for an Alternate Cast, there will be special guest characters that do not need to meet the challenge requirements. You must own these special guest characters to be able to use them.

Characters Lose Vigor Throughout the Challenge

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Vigor for Characters
Another quirk of the Imaginarium Theater is its own Vigor System, which provides two stacks of Vigor for each character. Vigor Stacks deplete every battle, and a character can no longer fight once it is fully depleted.

This means you have to carefully think of your rotation in relation to how much Vigor stacks you have left, as opposed to Abyss where your rotation is tied to your team's overall combo, and elemental reaction!

Use Fantasia Flowers to Trigger Special Events

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Special Events
For every act, you can choose between different events. Fantasia Flowers can be used to either select Companion Events, Wondrous Boons, or Mystery Cache. After completing one of these events, you will be brought back to the event selection screen.

Chance for External Audience Support

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - External Audience Support
There is also a chance of randomly getting External Audience Support, which can range from getting Fantasia Flowers or upgrading a Wondrous Boon that you have.

Complete a Battle Event to Finish the Act

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Battle Event
Players can only complete an act after completing a Battle Event. You can see previews of the enemies and objectives before choosing a Battle Event! Only Battle Events can reward Fantasia Flowers.

Talk to Companions Between Acts

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Talk to Companions
When you complete an Act, you can walk around the theater lobby before continuing the performance. The lobby will have the characters you most recently used, and you can have a chat with them!

Restart or Rewind A Performance

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Rewind or Restart Performance
Players are given the option to Restart or Rewind their Performance should they fail to complete the objectives. Restart lets you attempt the same Battle event in the current Act, while Rewind will bring you to the Act after the last Boss fight you have completed!

Rewind Goes Back to the Last Checkpoint

If you decided to Rewind at Act 5, for example, you will be brought to the start of Act 4, just after completing Act 3. Your characters, Vigor, and Fantasia Flowers will also be reset to how they were at the end of Act 3.

Collect Rewards After the Performance

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Claim Rewards
You can collect Performance Tour Rewards after completing all the Acts in an Imaginarium Theater Performance. You can also forcibly End the Performance by going to the Performance Details section in an ongoing Challenge.

All Imaginarium Theater Event Types

Battle Event

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Choose A Battle Event
Battle Events come in several types, but all of them require defeating enemies in a fearsome battle. Completing a Battle Event will end the current Act and allow you to proceed to the next one.

Companion Event

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Companion Event
Companion Events let you add a character to your current Cast of Characters, which means you can use them on your team for Battle events! You can only choose companions from the Alternate Cast Characters you had set at the start of the challenge.

Mystery Cache

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Mystery Cache
Mystery Cache allows you to choose between two event cards that can have special effects on the other Events you may encounter, in exchange for a certain amount of Fantasia Flowers.

Wondrous Boon

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Wondrous Boon
The Wondrous Boon Event let you choose between a number of randomized Wondrous Boon cards that can give buffs within the Challenge. These buffs often come with certain conditions required to activate them.

What is Imaginarium Theater?

New Permanent Combat Event

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater
Imaginarium Theater is a permanent event where Travelers get to challenge different combat stages with characters that meet specific requirements, such as Elemental Types and character levels!

Spiral Abyss-like Endgame Content

Imaginarium Theater Structure Spiral Abyss Structure
Season -
3 Difficulties reset after a month
Phase/Spire -
Floors 9 - 12 reset after a month
Challenge Difficulty -
consists of 3/6/8 Acts
Floor -
consists of 3 Chambers
Act -
combat stage to complete
Chamber -
combat stage to complete

Imaginarium Theater is the newest Spiral Abyss-like endgame content with its own combat style and requirements. Similar to Spiral Abyss, features various stages known as Acts, that refresh after a set period of time.

Spiral Abyss Guide

Alternating Schedule with Spiral Abyss

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Season 1 and 2 Schedule
After Version 4.7, Imaginarium Theater will have an alternating schedule with Spiral Abyss. Both gameplay modes will be available for one month each time.

When Did Imaginarium Theater Release?

Release Date July 1, 2024

Release Date is July 1, 2024

Imaginarium Theater officially released on July 1, 2024 during the second half of Version 4.7. Its first iteration will replace the Spiral Abyss reset for the first half of the month.

Version 4.7 Release Date & Patch Notes

How to Unlock Imaginarium Theater

Unlock the Secret Library in Mondstadt at Adventure Rank 35

Genshin Impact Unbegun, Unending Story Quest Walkthrough - Enter the room at the Library
Players can unlock the Imaginarium Theater after reaching Adventure Rank 35 and completing Unbegun, Unending Story. This theater is located in a secret library in Mondstadt. A mysterious mage left the Concierge, Wolfy, as its caretaker.

Unbegun, Unending Story Quest Guide

Interact with the Fantasia Tome

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Strange Book
After unlocking the secret library, players just need to interact with the Fantasia Tome book found in the library to start the challenge.

Imaginarium Theater Rewards

All Performance Tour Rewards

Level Per Season
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000
Mora Mora x50,000

Rewards Refresh Every Season

After completing challenges and finalizing Performance Results, players can collect Performance Tour Rewards for every level they clear!

To collect all of the Performance Tour rewards, you have to complete all acts in Hard Mode. These rewards reset every Season.

Debut Performance Gifts for First Clears

Level Per Season
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000
Genshin - Midlander Billet Trove Midlander Billet Trove x1
Mora Mora x80,000
Mora Mora x80,000

Debut Performance Gifts are given to players the first time they complete an Act. These rewards will not refresh and can only be claimed once.

Performance Medal Rewards for Each Level

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Performance Medals
Players can obtain Performance Medals from completing Star Challenges, depending on the difficulty level of the overall challenge. These medals can be displayed on their in-game profile.

Earn Toy Medals to Exchange for Thespian Tricks

Genshin - Imaginarium Theater - Exchange Toy Medals with Wolfy
Travelers can also earn Toy Medals from challenging the Imaginarium Theater, which they can then use to get unique character poses from the Concierge, Wolfy!

Thespian Tricks Guide

Use the Unique Character Poses in Picture-Taking

Genshin Impact - Imaginarium Theater New Poses
These poses can be used when taking in-game photos! More character poses will be added to Wolfy's shop whenever Imaginarium Theater is updated.

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crazy how ppl r saying this was "too hard" or a "money grab". these rewards are goated asl and it was such an easy clear. if u cant clear at least act 6 its genuinely a skill issue. abyss is 100x as hard as this, and is the only thing I thin k does have a mon ey-grab aspect.

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i am 80% sure it is nearly physically impossible to full star this thing

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