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Genshin Impact - Arataki Itto - Details and Release Date

Arataki Itto is an upcoming 5-Star Geo Claymore user in Genshin Impact Version 2.3. Learn about Itto's information, release date, talents and skills, EN and JP Voice Actor, Itto and Kujou Sara's rivalry, character thoughts on him, and other confirmed information!

Story Quest
Itto's Character Guides
Genshin - Itto Builds and RatingBuild Guide
Taurus Iracundus Chapter
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Arataki Itto's Rating and Information

Arataki Itto's Character Information

Arataki Itto
Arataki Itto Icon
Rating: Unkown.png

Rarity: ★★★★★
Element: Geo ImageGeo

Weapon: Claymore ImageClaymore

EN Voice Actor: Max Mittelman
JP Voice Actor: Nishikawa Takanori

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Arataki Itto's Constellation Name

Itto's Character Constellation
Taurus Iracundus

Itto's Story Quest

Genshin - Itto Story Quest

The very eccentric Arataki Itto will have his own Story Quest in Version 2.3. Dive deep into Itto's backstory and learn how the Oni live in the modern era of Inazuma.

Arataki Itto Story Quest

How to Get Arataki Itto

Pull on Itto's Banner in 2.3

Genshin Impact Version 2.3
Version Release November 24, 2021
Banner Release December 14, 2021
Banner End January 4, 2022

Expected Release Date in 2.3

Arataki Itto is expected to release on December 14, 2021, in the second half of Version 2.3. He is also featured with Gorou for Phase 2!

Arataki Itto Banner & Gacha Rates

Announced in Version 2.3 Livestream

Genshin - Arataki Itto
Arataki Itto and Gorou's banner was announced to be coming on Phase 2 of Genshin Impact Version Update 2.3!

Latest Livestream Summary

How to Use Arataki itto

Gain Superlative Superstrength Stacks

Genshin - Arataki Itto - Superlative Superstrength

When using Arataki Itto, your main priority is collecting Superlative Superstrength stacks, which can be used to strengthen his Charged Attacks and remove the stamina consumption for it.

How to Gain Superlative Superstrength

1 2nd and 4th Normal Attacks
Whenever Itto's 2nd or 4th hit Normal Attacks hit opponents, you can gain a stack per each hit.
2 Deal DMG with Elemental Skill
When Ushi manages to deal DMG to opponents, you will gain one stack of Superlative Superstrength.
3 Elemental Burst 1st and 3rd Normal Attacks
When Itto activates his Elemental Burst form, his 1st and 3rd hit Normal Attacks can now give stacks of Superlative Strength.

Use Superstrength Stacks on Charged Attacks

Genshin - Arataki Itto - Charged Attack
After gaining Superlative Superstrength stacks, you can use Charged Attacks so Itto can perform Arataki Kesagiri slashes which deal increased DMG and will not consume stamina. Itto will also receive increased RES to interruption when Superstrength stacks are present.

When using the final Superlative Superstrength stack, Itto will finish it up with a very powerful finisher that can deal a huge chunk of DMG.

Taunt Enemies Using Elemental Skill

Genshin - Arataki Itto - Elemental Skill
Itto's Elemental Skill can summon Ushi: an Akashi Bull that deals Geo DMG to opponents. Ushi can be used to taunt, which can draw enemies towards itself for distraction. Ushi is considered to be a Geo construct and has its own HP meter.

Unleash the Beast with Elemental Burst

Genshin - Arataki Itto - Elemental Burst
Itto's Elemental Burst, Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!, will infuse his Normal, Charged, and Plunge Attacks with the Geo Element.

Itto will have decreased Physical and Elemental RES during the Burst Duration, but will gain increased ATK and ATK SPD, making him a force to be reckoned with!

Arataki Itto Materials

New Golden Wolflord Materials

Genshin - Golden Wolflord

Arataki Itto's Materials are currently unknown until his release in the 2nd Phase of Version 2.3. His Character Ascension Materials will possibly be from the upcoming World Boss: the Golden Wolflord.

Golden Wolflord Boss Guide

Arataki Itto Talents (Skills)

Normal Attack: Itto

Talent Description
Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes.
Whenever Itto's 2nd and 4th Normal Attack hit opponents, he will gain 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength. Itto's Normal Attack combo will not reset after sprinting or using his Elemental Skill.
Charge Attack
When doing a Charged Attack, You can use Superlative Superstrength stacks to perform Arataki Kesagiri which removes Charged Attack Stamina Consumption. Each Arataki Kesagiri attack will consume 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength. Itto will unleash a stronger attack when the final Superlative Superstrength stack is used. When no stacks of Superlative Superstrength are available, Itto's Charged Attacks will consume stamina.

Itto's Elemental Skill

Talent Description
Itto hurls a young Akashi Bull named Ushi at opponents, dealing Geo DMG.
• Whenever Ushi deals DMG to opponents or takes DMG, it will grant Itto 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength.
• While on the field, Ushi will taunt opponents.
• Ushi will flee when its HP hits 0 or when the Skill's duration ends.

Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!

Talent Description
Itto unleashes his Raging Oni King State in battle, infusing his Normal, Charged, and Plunge Attacks with Geo DMG that cannot be overwritten.
Raging Oni King State
• The 1st and 3rd combos of his Normal Attack will grant Itto Superlative Superstrength stacks when it hits opponents.
• Itto's Physical and Elemental RES will be decreased, but his ATK increase based on his DEF while also gaining more ATK SPD.

Arataki Ichiban

Talent Description
When Itto uses consecutive Arataki Kesagiri slashes, his Interruption RES will get increased. Each slash will cause the subsequent slash to have increased Attack SPD.

Bloodline of the Crimson Oni

Talent Description
Arataki Kesagiri's DMG is increased based on Itto's DEF.

Woodchuck Chucked

Talent Description
When Arataki Itto is in your party, there will be a chance to gain additional Wood from attacking Trees.

Arataki Itto's Story Summary

Summary of Itto's In-Game Info

Genshin - CheckmarkHe uses a Geo Vision that Kujou Sara confiscated.
Genshin - CheckmarkHe likely wields a Claymore.
Genshin - CheckmarkHe's an Oni from Inazuma who is allergic to beans.
Genshin - CheckmarkHe's head of a gang aptly named ''Arataki's Gang.''
Genshin - CheckmarkHis sidekick is the Kuki Ninja.
Genshin - CheckmarkHe hangs out with Yoimiya and a lot of children.

Arataki Itto isn't a Human

Itto is actually an Oni!

According to NPCs and Sayu, Arattaki Itto is a tall man with long horns. Yoimiya also mentions that he looks scary, but is actually very popular with children!

Itto is allergic to beans

Yukio tells the story of an ''Oni gentleman'' and a ''lady with kitsune ears'' making a bet on who could eat the most kitsune ramen. The Oni is likely Arataki Itto, while the lady with kitsune ears is likely Yae Miko.

Yukio also mentions that Oni are allergic to beans so even though Arataki Itto won the bet, he almost lost his life!

Kujou Sara took Itto's Vision

Itto & Sara's Bulletin Board Exchanges

Inazuma City Board

Ritou Board

Ritou Docks Board

Itto and Sara are now rivals

Arataki Itto is a victim of the Vision Hunt Decree. Because Kujou Sara personally confiscated his Vision, the two are now considered rivals!

The two have also been posting their exchanges on Inazuma Bulletin Boards, going on about their rematch.

Did Arataki Itto get his Vision back?

It's currently unknown if Arataki Itto got his Vision back after the Vision Hunt Decree was abolished. We're sure he's alive and well though, as Kujou Sara tells us to ask him about their rematch.

The other victims of the Vision Hunt Decree that you helped during the Act 1 of the Archon Quest have gotten their visions back, so it's possible that Itto got his Vision back as well.

Chapter 2 Act 1 Quest Guide

Raiden Shogun has no idea who he is

Although Kujou Sara is well-acquainted with Arataki Itto, it seems like the Raiden Shogun has no idea who he is. When asked about Itto, the Raiden Shogun simply replies to the player with: ''Who?''

Itto is Friends with Yoimiya and Children

Yoimiya mentions that she and Arattaki Itto often have eating and drinking competitions. The children around them would always cheer them on, which brings out Yoimiya's competitive side!

Itto keeps taking Shouta's snacks

In addition to the children Itto and Yoimiya entertain, Shouta also has frequent interactions with Arataki Itto. Shouta mentions that a ''big guy with horns'' plays cards with him, wins, and takes all his snacks...

Sayu knows him too!

Although Sayu doesn't talk about how she knows Arataki Itto, she says that Itto always makes a racket. She's also pretty jealous of how tall Itto is!

Head of the Arataki Gang of Hanamizaka

The First and Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang

Yoimiya mentions that Arataki leads ''Arataki's Gang.'' Itto is the current head and founder of Arataki's Gang of Hanamizaka. There isn't any information on what the gang does or their motives at the moment.

Kuki Ninja is Itto's Sidekick

Sayu talks about a ''Kuki Ninja'' who is Arataki's sidekick and a gang member. Kuki Ninja's real name could also be a Kuki Shinobu, who is a member and the deputy of Arataki's Gang.

Hello, I'm Kuki Shinobu, deputy of the Arataki Gang. I handle the affairs of the gang. If you come across any inappropriate behavior on the part of our boss, Arataki Itto, please contact me immediately. Here is my business card.
Source: Arataki Itto's HoYoLab Post

Kuki Shinobu - What We Know

Character Thoughts on Arataki Itto

All Available Lines on Itto

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Raiden ImageRaiden Who?
Genshin Impact - Sara ImageSara Tsk... I can't help but get a little irate when his name comes up. He kicked up a big fuss when I confiscated his Vision, by far the noisiest person... no, the noisiest oni I've ever encountered. He showed me was enough of a man to admit defeat, but the rematch he insisted upon... Tsk... To this day, I still don't want to talk about it. If you really must know, you can go and ask him yourself.
Genshin Impact - Sayu ImageSayu Why does he have to make such a racket? And how did he get so tall!?
Genshin Impact - Thoma ImageThoma Hmm... Word on the street is that he's quite a character — apparently, he even has youkai heritage. Have you met him? If you two are close, maybe you could introduce me sometime. It's good to make friends from all walks of life... youkai included!
Genshin Impact - Yoimiya ImageYoimiya Duels: Oh, he may look scary, but he is very popular with the children. However, he can be very competitive. Every time we play with the children, it always turns into a showdown between him and me. For example, we'd drink a bowl of ramen soup in one go, or try to eat sour plums without making any faces. The children will cheer us both on and try to guess the winner. And when that happens... well, then I can't let him beat me, right?
Arataki's Gang: Arataki's gang? Huh!? So he isn't just someone with too much free time on his hands?

More Information on Arataki Itto

Genshin - Arataki Itto

Arataki Itto's Titles

List of All of Itto's Titles
The First and Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang
Arataki ''The Strongest'' Itto
Arataki ''The Supreme'' Itto

Arataki Itto Lore

Fast as the wind and mighty as thunder, he is an intrepid man with Oni blood running through his veins.

His key traits would be his striking horns and piercing voice that never goes unnoticed.

He is an untamed soul who is wild and free, that even a person with the boldest imagination can be surprised by him.

His heroic spirit and ardent heart guide him wherever he goes.

His happiness is exuberant in each and every passing moment!

Have you heard of the Arataki Gang before?

No? No problem, from today on, we are now acquainted. We are the Arataki Gang of Hanamizaka. Of course, you must be introduced to our most prominent leader: Arataki Itto!
Source: Arataki Itto's HoYoLab Post

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