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How to Change Main Character's Name

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This is a guide to changing a Character's Name in Genshin Impact. To learn how to change the twin main character's name, read on.

How to Change Main Character's Name

Change on the Summon Paimon Menu


The main character's name takes the same name as your account's nickname. This means that changing your nickname will also change your character's name! Changing you nickname can be done by selecting the icon beside your account name.

Avatar Can Also Be Changed


Your account's avatar can also be changed on this menu. Simply choose the Change Avatar option from the choices and select the avatar you wish to use. Avatar's are automatically unlocked after getting that character.

Edit Your Namecard

Changing your namecard can be a nice touch when your profile is being viewed by other people. You can obtain namecards by completing achievement categories and reaching high friendship levels with your characters.

Achievements List and Their Rewards

Edit Your Signature


You can also set a signature. This will appear below your account's nickname. A friendly greeting would be nice to put if other players wish to check your profile.

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