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Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Guide for Version 4.6

Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Guide for Version 4.5

Spiral Abyss Floor 12 is the final floor of the Spiral Abyss domain in Genshin Impact. Check out Spiral Abyss Floor 12 in Version 4.6, the best teams and characters, chamber enemies and guides, and the rewards here!

Floor 12 Basic Information

Floor 12 Information and Rewards

Ley Line Disorder ・For this floor only, the ley line flow will be normal.
Enemy Level Lv. 95 - Lv. 100
Star Bounty
(All 9★)
Mora Mora x60,000

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Tactical Moon

Blessing Effect
Genshin - Spiral Abyss Blessing Version 4.6 Phase 2
When a character's HP value increases or decreases, that character gains a 16% increased All Elemental and Physical DMG Bonus for 8s. This effect can stack up to 3 times, and the duration of each stack is counted independently.
Blessing Reset 2024/06/16 04:00 (Server Time)

Floor 12 Recommended Teams and Characters

Best Team Comps For Floor 12

First Half

Pyro Image Pyro Hydro Image Hydro Any Any
Overload Team
Pyro Image Pyro Pyro Image Pyro Electro Image Electro Electro Image Electro
Mono Pyro
Pyro Image Pyro Anemo Image Anemo Pyro Image Pyro Any
Double Hydro
Hydro Image Hydro Hydro Image Hydro Any Any

In accordance with the abyss blessing, as well as the nature of the opponents, the first half of Floor 12 is heavily favored towards Pyro-centric teams that feature a consistent Pyro DPS.

An exception to this is the ever-effective Double Hydro core comp that features Neuvillette and Furina, as their Pneuma and Ousia attacks can allow the team to breeze through certain mechanics in this floor.

Second Half

Pyro Image Pyro Anemo Image Anemo Hydro Image Hydro Any
Dendro Image Dendro Hydro Image Hydro Electro Image Electro Any

Based on how the floor has been built, the best choice here is a Vaporize team that features either two pyro units or two hydro units, as the plethora of elemental reactions can decimate enemy opposition with ease.

Alternatively, you can opt to run Hyperbloom with similar effect, as their elemental variety should be enough to also burn through most of the content here.

Best Characters to Use

First Half

Sample Teams
Genshin - Arlecchino Icon Arlecchino Genshin - Chevreuse Icon Chevreuse Genshin - Fischl Icon Fischl Genshin - Beidou Icon Beidou
Genshin - Hu Tao Icon Hu Tao Genshin - Yelan Icon Yelan Genshin - Xingqiu Icon Xingqiu Genshin - Zhongli Icon Zhongli
Genshin - Neuvillette Icon Neuvillette Genshin - Furina Icon Furina Genshin - Charlotte Icon Charlotte Genshin - Zhongli Icon Zhongli
Other Recommendations
Main DPS
Lyney Image Hu Tao Image Diluc Image Yoimiya Image Ayato Image Tartaglia Image Gaming Image
Mona Image Chiori Image Yae Miko Image Raiden Image Venti Image
Kokomi Image Jean Image Xianyun Image Thoma Image Bennett Image Yun Jin Image Diona Image
Lynette Image Collei Image Lisa Image Traveler (Geo) Image Noelle Image Traveler (Hydro) Image Xiangling Image

Second Half

Sample Teams
Genshin - Tartaglia Icon Tartaglia Genshin - Kazuha Icon Kazuha Genshin - Bennett Icon Bennett Genshin - Xiangling Icon Xiangling
Genshin - Alhaitham Icon Alhaitham Genshin - Nahida Icon Nahida Genshin - Xingqiu Icon Xingqiu Genshin - Shinobu Icon Shinobu
Other Recommendations
Main DPS
Lyney Image Hu Tao Image Arlecchino Image Ayato Image Neuvillette Image Raiden Image Cyno Image Wanderer Image Xiao Image
Mona Image Yelan Image Furina Image Chiori Image Yae Miko Image Venti Image Fischl Image Beidou Image
Kokomi Image Baizhu Image Jean Image Xianyun Image Thoma Image Chevreuse Image Yun Jin Image Kirara Image Mika Image Charlotte Image Diona Image Faruzan Image
Traveler (Dendro) Image Barbara Image Lisa Image Collei Image Lynette Image

Floor 12 - Chamber 1 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 3 Opponents
Defeat 7 Opponents
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 420 sec.

Floor 12 - Chamber 1 First Half

Floor 12-1-1 Enemies

Wave 1 Genshin - Maguu Kenki ImageMaguu Kenki x1 Genshin - Maguu Kenki - Lone Gale ImageMaguu Kenki - Lone Gale x1
Genshin - Maguu Kenki - Galloping Frost ImageMaguu Kenki - Galloping Frost x1

Floor 12-1-1 Strategy

As with any previous abyss that featured the Maguu Kenki trio, the best way to deal with them is to bring AoE damage dealers to make sure you can hit as many of them as possible, especially Maguu Kenki - Galloping Frost.

Watch out for any of their heavy-hitting attacks, such as Maguu Kenki - Lone Gale's Windblades and Maguu Kenki - Galloping Frost's ground slam and evade as needed.

Floor 12 - Chamber 1 Second Half

Floor 12-1-2 Enemies

Wave 1 Genshin - Kairagi: Dancing Thunder ImageKairagi: Dancing Thunder x1 Genshin - Kairagi: Fiery Might ImageKairagi: Fiery Might x1
Wave 2 Genshin - Mirror Maiden ImageMirror Maiden x1 Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Pyro-Slinger Bracer) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Pyro-Slinger Bracer) x2
Wave 3 Genshin - Wind Operative ImageWind Operative x1 Genshin - Frost Operative ImageFrost Operative x1

Floor 12-1-2 Strategy

For the first wave, focus on taking out both Kairagis at once to prevent the other from regenerating their HP, then deal with the second wave as needed.

For the last wave with the two Operatives, try your best to juggle them up into the air while dealing damage as the fall damage can contribute a significant amount of progress.

Floor 12 - Chamber 2 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 1 Opponent
Defeat 7 Opponents
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 420 sec.

Floor 12 - Chamber 2 First Half

Floor 12-2-1 Enemies

Genshin - Icewind Suite ImageIcewind Suite x1

Floor 12-2-1 Strategy

This version of Icewind Suite features the Nemesis of Coppelius, who performs a solo that generates a Cryo shield. Unlike the Dirge of Coppelia, Coppelius' damage is not as punishing, so you are free to enter with a strong Pyro team and thin the shield down.

Alternatively, if you are running a character that is Ousia-aligned, they can immediately shred Coppelius' shield during his solo phase by performing an Ousia attack.

Floor 12 - Chamber 2 Second Half

Floor 12-2-2 Enemies

Wave 1 Genshin - Fatui Pyro Agent ImageFatui Pyro Agent x3
Wave 2 Genshin - Eremite - Stone Enchanter ImageEremite - Stone Enchanter x1 Genshin - Eremite - Galehunter ImageEremite - Galehunter x1
Wave 3 Genshin - Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning ImageAbyss Lector: Violet Lightning x2

Floor 12-2-2 Strategy

The first wave can be quickly cleared as the Pyro Agents will lock onto and follow the player, lowering the player's need to group them up. For the second wave, players should focus down the Galehunter Eremite as the other one is melee.

For the last wave with the two Lectors, players should step away from them onto a corner closest to one of them, as it will force the Lectors to float closer to each other to get within range, allowing the player to deal damage to both of them simultaneously.

Floor 12 - Chamber 3 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 10 Opponents
Defeat 1 Opponent
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 420 sec.

Floor 12 - Chamber 3 First Half

Floor 12-3-1 Enemies

Wave 1 Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Cryo-Gunner Legionnaire) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Cryo-Gunner Legionnaire) x2
Wave 2 Genshin - Nobushi: Jintouban ImageNobushi: Jintouban x2 Genshin - Eremite - Daythunder ImageEremite - Daythunder x1
Wave 3 Genshin - Assault Specialist Mek ImageAssault Specialist Mek x2
Wave 4 Genshin - Recon Log Mek ImageRecon Log Mek x2 Genshin - Construction Specialist Mek ImageConstruction Specialist Mek x1

Floor 12-3-1 Strategy

This part of the half is filled with standard mobs in an effort to stall and take up the player's time. Focus down the Cryogunners before they can get their shields up, and group up the enemies in the subsequent waves to shred through this half.

It should be worth noting that some of the enemies have dash moves that displace them even further from the group if the player steps away from them, so watch out and adapt accordingly.

Floor 12 - Chamber 3 Second Half

Floor 12-3-2 Enemies

Genshin - Iniquitous Baptist ImageIniquitous Baptist x1

Floor 12-3-2 Strategy

The Iniquitous Baptist features a Pyro, Cryo, and Electro shield in that order. For this, a Vaporize team can and will do wonders for shredding down its shield and rendering it vulnerable as it generates a new shield, or into a weak state after depleting its shield thrice.

To beat this floor with decent time, make sure to cut through its shields with basic skills and save your most damaging moves for when he is in his weak state, as this allows you to decimate his HP.

Floor 12 Clear Rewards

Chamber's Bounty

Chamber 1
Mora Mora x25,000
Chamber 2
Mora Mora x25,000
Chamber 3
Mora Mora x25,000

The Chamber's Bounty is the set of rewards you receive simply for clearing a Chamber for the first time. This can only be received once.

Star's Bounty

Mora Mora x15,000
Mora Mora x20,000
Mora Mora x25,000

The Star's Bounty can only be received if you clear the star requirements displayed during the challenge. Each Chamber has 3 stars each with 1 prize for every 3 earned. These can also only be received once.

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