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How to Level Up Characters | Leveling Guide

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Leveling Up your Characters in Genshin Impact will let you increase their overall basic stats. Read on to know the fastest way to level up your characters and learn some neat tips and tricks while leveling them up.

Leveling Up Characters Guide

Using Character EXP Materials

The fastest way to levelling up any character would be by using the Character EXP Materials. It is the quickest way to max out a character's level.

How to Use EXP Materials
To level up a character using character EXP materials, go to the Main Menu and open the Character Screen Menu.
In the Attributes, you can select or press the Level Up button.
A window should pop out and you can now put the amount of EXP Material you can use on your character.

Character EXP Material

Each Character EXP Material gives different amount of EXP depending on its rarity. You can use any type to level up your character in exchange for the mora required.

Character EXP Material Experience Earned
Genshin - Mora Image Mora Required
Genshin Impact - WandererWanderer's Advice 1000
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x200
Genshin Impact - AdventurerAdventurer's Experience 5000
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x1000
Genshin Impact - HeroHero's Wit 20000
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x4000

Where to Get EXP Materials

Where to Get Character EXP Materials
Genshin impact - Quest Icon
・Doing quests in your quest list is one good way.
・Completing all the tasks listed in the Adventurer Handbook.
Adventurer Rank rewards will sometimes give you some.
Genshin impact - Common Chest Icon
Every chest that you can find will give a Character EXP Material.
・Chests are usually found near enemy camps, by solving puzzles, finding seelies, doing world challenges, or they can be just lying around the map.
Genshin Impact - Blossom of Revelation Icon
Ley Line
Ley Line: Blossom of Revelation will give you a good amount of materials in exchange for 20 Resin.
・Ley Lines can be found on specific areas around the map.
Genshin Impact - Event Icon
Certain Events will sometimes give some Character EXP Materials.
・Events are only available for a limited time.
Genshin Impact - Shop Icon
Paimon's Bargain
・You can also buy from the shop on the main menu after achieving Adventure Rank 10.
・You can exchange for 8x Masterless Stardust with a monthly limit of 100.
Genshin Impact - Serenitea Pot Icon
Serenitea Pot
・You can buy from the Realm Depot through Tubby.
・You can exchange 120 Realm Currency for 20x Character EXP Materials.

Defeating Enemies

Genshin Impact - Defeating Enemies.png

You can get EXP from defeating any enemy anywhere on the map, although this is not recommended. It will only give you a tiny amount of EXP compared to using Charcater EXP Materials.

List of All Enemies

Normal and Elite Enemies

Genshin Impact - Normal Enemies Sample

Any enemy you can find on the map will give you EXP. Some enemies though are quite unique. If you see one that looks different than the others be careful, they are very dangerous.

What are Elite Enemies?

World Bosses and Weekly Bosses

Genshin Impact - Bosses Sample

Weekly and Field Bosses will also give EXP and other rewards. Field Bosses can be found on certain areas of the map. Weekly Bosses can be found in Domains.

List of All Bosses

Character Leveling Up Tips and Tricks

Stats Increase

Genshin Impact - Stats Increase 1.png Genshin Impact - Stats Increase 2.png

By increasing your character's level, you also increase all of their basic stats. You'll be able to deal more damage and defeat enemies faster while allowing you to tank more hits from enemies.

Always remember to level your characters up! It will make your game experience more enjoyable and easier.

List of All Characters

Ascend Your Characters

Genshin Impact - Ascend Your Characters.png

Once your character reaches max level, you can increase their level capacity by doing ascension. You must have the adventure rank required and all the necessary materials to ascend a character.

Ascension Phase Level Limit Required Rank Ascension Rewards
1 20 15
Genshin Impact - Acquaint Fate Image x1
2 40 25 None
3 50 30
Genshin Impact - Acquaint Fate Image x1
4 60 35 None
5 70 40
Genshin Impact - Acquaint Fate Image x1
6 80 50 None

How to Ascend

Do Not Waste EXP Materials

Genshin Impact - Do Not Waste EXP.png

While it might be tempting to increase everyone's level, spending your resources on characters that you won't even be using is going to be a waste.

Instead, save your materials for the characters that will be relevant throughout the game.

Character Tier List

Character Level-up Changelog

4.3 Developers' Discussion

According to the 4.3 Developers' Discussion, the Character Level-Up screen will have a visual effects enhancement! The level-up screen will also have a single-click button to easily load-up materials, and ascend the character!

Dev Discussion (12/07)

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