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How to Level Up And It

This is a guide to leveling in Genshin Impact for the PC, PS4, Mobile, and Switch. If you want to know how to level up your characters or the effects of leveling up, read on.

How to Level Up Characters

Level Them Using Character Exp Materials

How to Level Up.jpgEnlarge

Experience Earned Mora (Money) Required
Traveler's Experience 1000 150
Adventurer's Experience 5000 750
Hero's Experience 20000 3000

A character's level can be increased using Character's EXP materials. When leveling a character, choose the Attribute option from the character screen then use the exp items to level up your characters.

Materials Can Be Obtained From Missions and Chests

Best Method To Get ・Clear Dungeons
・Treasure Chest
・Mission Rewards

These materials can be obtained from chests, inside dungeons, in the fields, and as mission rewards.

When Level Cap is Reached, Use Ascension


Level Limit Required Rank
First Ascension 20 → 40 15
Second Ascension 40 → 50 25
Third Ascension Currently Under Construction. Currently Under Construction.
Fourth Ascension Currently Under Construction Currently Under Construction
Fifth Ascension Currently Under Construction Currently Under Construction
Sixth Ascension Currently Under Construction Currently Under Construction

Each character has a level limit they can obtain. To increase their level limit, you will need to use Ascension. To use Ascension, you will need to have an adventurer rank higher than the required rank and the necessary materials needed for the Ascension.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Best Characters to Level Up Early

Pre- Adventure Rank 20

Priority Character
S Genshin Impact - Noelle ImageNoelle
A Genshin Impact - Lisa ImageLisa Genshin Impact - Traveler (Anemo) ImageTraveler (Anemo)
B Genshin Impact - Amber ImageAmber Genshin Impact - Kaeya ImageKaeya

Post-Adventure Rank 20

Priority Character
S Genshin Impact - Xiangling ImageXiangling Genshin Impact - Barbara ImageBarbara

Level these characters up if obtained immediately!

Best Characters to Level Up Early | Best Free Characters

Benefits of Leveling Up

Character's Stats Increases


Leveling up increases a character's HP, Attack, Defense will increase.

By increasing your attack power, you'll be able to deal more damage and kill enemies faster while raising your defense and HP will allow you to withstand more enemy attacks. Don't neglect your character's levels!

Leveling Guide

Do Not Waste EXP materials

Level Up.jpg

It might be tempting to increase everyone's power but spending resources on characters that you won't even be using is going to be a huge waste. Save your materials for the characters that will be relavant all throughout the game.

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Always go on Domains

Domains offers generous rewards. Common rewards include Hero's Wit and other EXP materials. Tackle domain challenges whenever you can!

List of Domains

Destroy Hilichurl Camps

Most Hilichurls keep a chest in their area. These chests will be locked most of the time until all enemies are slain so try to keep on hunting enemies to get chests which has a high chance of containing exp materials.

When reaching the later stages of the game, treasure chests will be scarce but destroying Hilichurl Camps will still reward you with materials that can be used for weapon and character ascension.

Be on the Lookout for Puzzles

puzzle 1.jpg

Puzzles will, most of the time, rewards you with chests. And as we know, chests rewards exp materials which can be you used for exp materials. Don't skip those puzzles!

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