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Elemental Burst Guide | How to Charge Elemental Bursts Fast

Genshin - Elemental Burst Guide

Elemental Burst is a Special Skill in Genshin Impact. Read on to know more about Elemental Burst effects, cooldowns, and how to maximize their damage and effects in battle!

What is an Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst is a Special Skill

Genshin - Kaeya Elemental Burst - Glacial Waltz
Kaeya's Elemental Burst - Glacial Waltz

Elemental Burst is a powerful talent that Genshin Impact characters can use in combat. This is considered as the characters strongest ability, providing huge benefit to their party.

Elemental Bursts Need to be Charged

Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst skills need Energy to be used. Energy is gathered by attacking and gathering Elemental Particles from either defeated enemies, or after using Elemental Skills in order to fill the gauge.

Having high Energy Recharge on your character helps charge up your Elemental Bursts much faster. There are also weapons and Talents that also help you generate more Elemental Particles, so use them to your advantage!

Check the Character's Energy Cost

Genshin - Elemental Burst Energy Cost
Each character has an Energy Cost listed on the skill attributes of their talents. The energy cost can range from 40, 60, 80 to 90 depending on the character! The higher the energy cost, the harder it is to bring their Elemental Burst back up.

Elemental Bursts have a Skill Cooldown

Elemental Burst Cooldown

After use, there is a skill cooldown that triggers before the Elemental Burst can be used again.

While the Cooldown cannot be removed, even if you switch characters, there are ways to lower the Cooldown of a character's Elemental Burst, such as having two or more Anemo Characters in your party and activating Anemo Resonance.

What is Elemental Resonance?

Check the Character's Talent CD

Genshin - Elemental Burst CD
You can check the amount of time the Skill needs to Cooldown through a character's talent. It is listed as CD which stands for Cooldown. The shorter it is, the faster you can use it again once the energy full!

How to Use Elemental Burst

How to Activate Your Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst Icon

Elemental burst can be used by pressing the icon once the skill is fully charged. Smartphone users can simply tap the icon on their screen, while PC users can press the Q key and PS4 players can press the △ button.

Unique Elemental Burst for each Character

Genshin - Barbara Elemental Burst - Shining Miracle
Barbara's Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, heals all party members

Depending on the character you're using, the effect of their Elemental Burst can vary. They can deal high damage against single or multiple enemies, provide healing, or apply different effects. The effect can also change depending on the character's number of constellations.

How to Make Elemental Bursts Stronger

Improve Elemental Mastery

Genshin - Elemental Mastery Guide

Elemental Mastery is a unique stat in Genshin Impact that increases the damage dealt by Elemental Bursts and Elemental Skills. To learn how to increase your character's elemental mastery, refer to our guide below.

How to Raise Elemental Mastery

Increase Energy Recharge

If your character has high Energy Recharge, they will be able to use their Elemental Bursts more readily. You can increase the Energy Recharge stat through Artifact stats, Artifacts Set Bonuses, Weapon Substats and Characters who has an Energy Recharge increase through their ascension and leveling up.

Artifact Sets That Increases Energy Recharge

There are artifacts that have Energy Recharge bonuses, giving you faster recharge times and the ability to generate more particles.

Artifact Sets with Energy Recharge Bonuses
Emblem of Severed Fate ImageEmblem of Severed Fate The Exile ImageThe Exile Scholar ImageScholar

List of All Artifacts

Characters with Energy Recharge Unique Stat

When you level up and ascend a character, they will get a bonus Unique Stat which goes up relative to their level!

Characters with Energy Recharge Unique Stat
Kaeya Kaeya Venti Venti Bennett Bennett Mona Mona
Raiden Raiden Yun Jin Yun Jin

List of Characters

Weapons with Energy Recharge Substat

Some weapons also have Energy Recharge as their substat.

List of Weapons
Engulfing Lightning Image Engulfing Lightning Skyward Blade Image Skyward Blade Skyward Pride Image Skyward Pride
Skyward Spine Image Skyward Spine Elegy for the End Image Elegy for the End Fleuve Cendre Ferryman Image Fleuve Cendre Ferryman
Hakushin Ring Image Hakushin Ring Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Image Katsuragikiri Nagamasa The Catch Image The Catch
Favonius Sword Image Favonius Sword Sacrificial Sword Image Sacrificial Sword Favonius Greatsword Image Favonius Greatsword
Sacrificial Greatsword Image Sacrificial Greatsword Favonius Lance Image Favonius Lance Favonius Codex Image Favonius Codex
Favonius Warbow Image Favonius Warbow Sacrificial Bow Image Sacrificial Bow Wine and Song Image Wine and Song
Ballad of the Boundless Blue Image Ballad of the Boundless Blue Fading Twilight Image Fading Twilight Fruit of Fulfillment Image Fruit of Fulfillment
Forest Regalia Image Forest Regalia Sapwood Blade Image Sapwood Blade End of the Line Image End of the Line
Festering Desire Image Festering Desire Prototype Starglitter Image Prototype Starglitter Skyrider Sword Image Skyrider Sword
Otherworldly Story Image Otherworldly Story

List of All Weapons

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