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Wondering how much the Gacha in Genshin Impact will set you back? Check the information below to find out everything you need to know about monetization in the game from Gacha currencies, pull costs, and pull rates!

Genshin Impact In-App Purchase Information

Purchasing Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals.pngEnlarge

When making purchases within Genshin Impact, you will need to first buy Genesis Crystals. Prices are universal across all platforms! At the time of writing this, players will receive bonus crystals upon their first purchase as well.

Convert Gensis Crystals into Primogems

Converting to Primogems.png

Once purchased, Gensis Crystals can be used to buy certain in-game items outright or converted into Primogems for drawing from Wishes.

How to Farm Primogems

Purchasing a Battle Pass

Battle Pass Tiers and Prices.jpg

When you reach Adventure Rank 20 Battle Passes will become available to purchase.

These are split into Gnostic Hymn and Gnostic Chorus Battle Passes which represent regular and premium tiers.

Regular and Premium Battle Pass Information

Price Rewards
Gnostic Hymn $9.99 ・Select a 4-star weapon for the current period
・A generous reward of Primogems
・A large amount of Talent level-Up materials
・A large amount of character EXP
Gnostic Chorus $21.98
・All Gnostic Hymn rewards
・A namecard based on the current theme
・Fragile Resin ×5

What Are the Genshin Impact Gacha Pull Rates?

※Subject to change after release

5 Stars Have a 0.6% Pull Rate

Rarity Pull Rate
★★★★★ 0.6%
★★★★ 5.1%
★★★ 94.3%

For the highest rarity of 5 stars, the pull rate sits at 0.6%. This encompasses both weapons and characters, however, so the actual rate for specific pulls is much lower.

There is also a Pity System

Rarity Pulls
★★★★★ 90-per banner
★★★★ 10-per banner

If you go a certain amount of pulls without receiving a specific rarity, your next pull will guarantee said rarity. This comes out to 90 pulls without a 5 star or 10 pulls without a 4 star in order for it to come into effect.

Gacha Pull Rates by Wish Banner

Beginner's Wish

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.6%
★4 Character: 5.1%
(Noelle guaranteed)
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Ballad in Goblets

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.6%
Guaranteed after 90 consecutive pulls
★4 Character: Roughly 3.3%
Weapon: 1.77%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Epitome Invocation

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Weapon: 0.7%
★4 Character: 2.1%
Weapon: 3.9%
★3 Weapon: 93.0%

Wanderlust Invocation

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.2%
Weapon: 0.4%
★4 Character: Roughly 2.2%
Weapon: 2.9%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

1 Pulls Costs 160 Primogems


In order to pull from Genshin Impact's Gacha banners you will need to use Acquaint Fates. 1 Acquaint Fate is equal to 160 Primogems so each pull will require you to have 160 on hand.

Possible to obtain 160 Primogems per day

To get the 160 Primogems required for a Gacha pull, there are a few things you can do every day. First you will obtain 100 just by claiming your login bonus followed by another 60 by completing 4 of your dailies.

You can also obtain 4 star characters and weapons from playing the game normally so you should very rarely run into a point where you can't progress without using the Gacha.

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