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Genshin Impact - Artifact Tier List

This is an Artifact Tier List for Genshin Impact. Keep reading to learn about the best Artifact Sets, Artifact stats, and the best choices for Artifact farming.

Artifact Set Tier List

Genshin - SS Rank Icon
Noblesse Oblige Image Gladiator
S Rank Icon
Echoes of an Offering Image Viridescent Venerer Image Crimson Witch of Flames Image Heart of Depth Image Thundering Fury Image Wanderer Blizzard Strayer Image Archaic Petra Image Tenacity of the Millelith Image Bloodstained Chivalry Image Emblem of Severed Fate Image Husk of Opulent Dreams Image
A Rank Icon
Vermillion Hereafter Image Retracing Bolide Image Lavawalker Image Thundersoother Image Maiden Beloved Image Shimenawa Ocean-Hued Clam Image Gambler Image Berserker Image Martial Artist Image Instructor Image
B Rank Icon
Brave Heart Image Resolution of Sojourner Image Scholar Image The Exile Image Defender
C Rank Icon
Tiny Miracle Image Prayers for Destiny Image Prayers for Illumination Image Prayers for Wisdom Image Adventurer Image Lucky Dog Image Traveling Doctor Image

Best Artifact Sets

Artifact Tiers
Genshin - SS Rank Icon S Rank Icon A Rank Icon B Rank Icon C Rank Icon

SS Tier Artifacts

Set Set Bonus
Noblesse Oblige Set IconNoblesse Oblige 2-Piece: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
4-Piece: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members' ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.
GladiatorGladiator's Finale 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.

Gladiator's Finale and Noblesse Oblige are currently the most flexible sets available as they can easily fit into any DPS, Sub-DPS or Support build for an overall damage boost. While Noblesse Oblige is farmable via Domains, Gladiator's Finale is only dropped by Field and Weekly Bosses. With a cost of 40 to 60 Resin per run, Gladiator's Finale is rather difficult to farm despite its powerful bonuses.

S Tier Artifacts

Set Set Bonus
Archaic Petra Set IconArchaic Petra 2-Piece: Gain a 15% Geo DMG Bonus.
4-Piece: Upon obtaining an Elemental Shard Created through a Crystallize Reaction, all party members gain a 35% DMG Bonus for that particular element for 10s. Only one form of Elemental DMG Bonus can be gained in this manner at any one time.
Blizzard Strayer Set IconBlizzard Strayer 2-Piece: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece: When a character attacks an enemy affected by Cryo, their CRIT Rate is increased by 20%. If the enemy is Frozen, CRIT Rate is increased by an additional 20%.
Bloodstained Chivalry Set IconBloodstained Chivalry 2-Piece: Physical DMG +25%
4-Piece: After defeating an opponent, increases Charged Attack DMG by 50% and reduces its Stamina cost to 0 for 10s.
Crimson Witch of Flames Set IconCrimson Witch of Flames 2-Piece: Pyro DMG Bonus +15%.
4-Piece: Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.
Echoes of an Offering Set IconEchoes of an Offering 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance that it will trigger Valley Rite, which will increase Normal Attack DMG by 70% of ATK. This effect will be dispelled 0.05s after a Normal Attack deals DMG. If a Normal Attack fails to trigger Valley Rite, the odds of it triggering the next time will increase by 20%. This trigger can occur once every 0.2s.
Emblem of Severed Fate Set IconEmblem of Severed Fate 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%.
4-Piece: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
Heart of Depth Set IconHeart of Depth 2-Piece: Hydro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece: After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s.
Husk of Opulent Dreams Set IconHusk of Opulent Dreams 2-Piece: DEF +30%
4-Piece: A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.
Tenacity of the Millelith Set IconTenacity of the Millelith 2-Piece: HP +20%
4-Piece: When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the ATK of all nearby party members is increased by 20% and their Shield Strength is increased by 30% for 3s. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5s. This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.
Thundering Fury Set IconThundering Fury 2-Piece: Electro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s.
Viridescent Venerer Set IconViridescent Venerer 2-Piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.
WandererWanderer's Troupe 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
4-Piece: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow.

The Damage Bonus sets bring elemental build flexibilty with their 2 Piece bonuses and typically have a unique build around effect with their 4 Piece bonuses. Many of these sets are currently considered the best for certain characters, like Crimson Witch of Flames for Diluc, or Heart of Depth for Tartaglia. These sets are all farmable via Domains with the exception of Wanderer's Troupe which is the same as Gladiator's Finale and locked behind Field and Weekly bosses.

A Tier Artifacts

Set Set Bonus
Berserker Set IconBerserker 2-Piece: CRIT Rate +12%
4-Piece: When HP is below 70%, CRIT Rate increases by an additional 24%.
Gambler Set IconGambler 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 20%.
4-Piece: Defeating an enemy has a 100% chance to remove Elemental Skill CD. Can only occur once every 15s.
Instructor Set IconInstructor 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
4-Piece: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members' Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.
Lavawalker Set IconLavawalker 2-Piece: Pyro RES increased by 40%.
4-Piece: Increased DMG against enemies affected by Pyro by 35%.
Maiden Beloved Set IconMaiden Beloved 2-Piece: Character Healing Effectiveness +15%.
4-Piece: Using an Elemental Skill or Burst increases healing received by all party members by 20% for 10s.
Martial Artist Set IconMartial Artist 2-Piece: Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%.
4-Piece: After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 25% for 8s.
Ocean-Hued Clam Set IconOcean-Hued Clam 2-Piece: Healing Bonus +15%
4-Piece: When the character with this artifact set heals a party member, 1 Foam will appear. It accumulates healed HP for 3 seconds, then explodes and deals 90% of the HP healed as DMG to nearby enemies. Max accumulated healing is 30,000 HP, including over-heal. There can only be 1 Foam active, but it stays even if you swap out. Foam CD is 3.5s.
Pale Flame Set IconPale Flame 2-Piece: Physical DMG +25%
4-Piece: When an Elemental skill hits an opponent, ATK is increased by 9% for 7s. This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3s. Once 2 stacks are reached, 2-set effect is doubled.
Retracing Bolide Set IconRetracing Bolide 2-Piece: Increases Shield Strength by 35%
4-Piece: While protected by a shield, gain an additional 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG.
ShimenawaShimenawa's Reminiscence 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charge/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.
Thundersoother Set IconThundersoother 2-Piece: Electro RES increased by 40%.
4-Piece: Increases DMG against enemies affected by Electro by 35%.
Vermillion Hereafter Set IconVermillion Hereafter 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: After using an Elemental Burst, this character will gain the Nascent Light effect, increasing their ATK by 8% for 16s. When the character's HP decreases, their ATK will further increase by 10%. This further increase can occur this way a maximum of 4 times. This effect can be triggered once every 0.8s. Nascent Light will be dispelled when the character leaves the field. If an Elemental Burst is used again during the duration of Nascent Light, the original Nascent Light will be dispelled.

The 5 star sets in A Tier are typically sought after for their 4 Piece Set bonus rather than their 2 Piece bonuses, or are particularly narrow in build flexibility. The 4 star sets are overall great sets but are held back by their status as max 4 Star Artifacts as their upgrade level caps at +16. However, these Artifacts are still able to find their ways into many builds and are great place holders until more power 5 Star Artifacts are found.

B Tier Artifacts

Set Set Bonus
Brave Heart Set IconBrave Heart 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: Increases DMG by 30% against enemies with more than 50% HP.
DefenderDefender's Will 2-Piece: DEF +30%
4-Piece: Increases Elemental RES by 30% for each element present among your characters in the party.
Resolution of Sojourner Set IconResolution of Sojourner 2-Piece: ATK +18%.
4-Piece: Increases Charged Attack CRIT Rate by 30%.
Scholar Set IconScholar 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece: Gaining Energy gives 3 Energy to all party members who have a bow or a catalyst equipped. Can only occur once every 3s.
The Exile Set IconThe Exile 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.

These Artifacts can provide a great boost to both damage and utility especially in the lower Adventure Ranks. Brave Heart and Resolution of Sojourner are particularly nice as they are the only Max 4 Star Artifacts that boost ATK as a 2 Piece bonus. Unfortunately, most of these Artifacts are quickly replaced as builds become more tailored in higher Adventure Ranks.

C Tier Artifacts

Set Set Bonus
Adventurer Set IconAdventurer 2-Piece: Max HP increases by 1000.
4-Piece: Opening a chest regenerates 30% Max HP over 5s.
Lucky Dog Set IconLucky Dog 2-Piece: DEF increased by 100.
4-Piece: Picking up Mora restores 300 HP.
Prayers for Destiny Set IconPrayers for Destiny 1-Piece: Affected by Hydro for 40% less time.
Prayers for Illumination Set IconPrayers for Illumination 1-Piece: Affected by Pyro for 40% less time.
Prayers for Wisdom Set IconPrayers for Wisdom 1-Piece: Affected by Electro for 40% less time.
Prayers to Springtime Set IconPrayers to Springtime 1-Piece: Affected by Cryo for 40% less time.
Tiny Miracle Set IconTiny Miracle 2-Piece: Elemental RES increased by 20%.
4-Piece: Incoming elemental DMG increases corresponding Elemental RES by 30% for 10s. Can only occur once every 10s.
Traveling Doctor Set IconTraveling Doctor 2-Piece: Increases incoming healing by 20%.
4-Piece: Using Elemental Burst restores 20% HP.

Artifacts in C Tier are generally outshone by most other Artifacts. The Prayers Set, while having great flexibility with 1 Piece bonuses, are difficult to farm due to being locked behind Field Bosses and only offer defensive bonuses. The 3 Star artifacts are usually found in treasure chests throughout Teyvat and are typically used as upgrade fodder for other Artifacts.

Artifact Rating Explanations

Artifact screen

Build Flexibility is Highly Valued

Powerful Artifacts that can fit into many builds and roles are highly valued due to 2 Piece and 4 Piece bonuses.

Purely Defensive Artifacts are Less Valuable

While there are some characters that can take advantage of the defensive sets, currently there is no content that demands use of such Artifacts.

Situational Artifacts Aren't Placed Too Highly

Heavily conditional or situational Artifacts are not as sought after, however these lower value Artifacts can be used to strengthen your more powerful ones.

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