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Which Fate Item Should You Trade Primogems For?


This is a guide about fate items and which one to convert to primogems in Genshin Impact. We explain what fate items are best converted to primogems so if you're confused about primogems and fate items, you're in the right place!

Which Fate Item Should I Convert?

Exchanging Intertwined Fate is Recommended


If you wish to purchase items by exchanging items for primogems, we recommend Intertwined Fate. Intertwined fate has a high probabilty of getting certain characters via the wish system.

Pickup Wish is Better than Normal Wish

Normal Wish Pickup Wish
Genshin_Impact_Normal_Wish.jpg Genshin_Impact_Pickup_Wish.jpg
・Indefinite Holding Time
・4 Stars are confirmed after 10 pulls
・5 Stars COnfirmed after 90 pulls 
・Holding Period is Limited
・4 stats are confirmed after 10 pulls
・5 stars confirmed after 90 pulls
・50% chance of getting the event's 5 star character highlight (guaranteed on your 2nd 5 star roll)

The pickup wish is much more profittable since the rates of 5 stars are much higher than the normal wish system.

Best Wish to Pull | Best Gacha Banner

Items Purchasable by Primogems

Primogems Amount Usage
Intertwined FateIntertwined Fate 160 Used for Pickup Wishes
Acquaint FateAcquaint Fate 160 Used for Wishes

How to Farm Primogems

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