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Genshin Impact - Dehya Character, Weapon, Release Date Guide
Genshin Impact released a teaser for the upcoming Pyro Claymore-user, Dehya! See everything we know about the Sumeru character Dehya, release date, possible materials, and latest news about her here!

Latest News About Dehya

Teased in Genshin Impact Social Media

Genshin - Dehya Twitter Post
Dehya was teased in Genshin Impact's official Twitter account and other social media on January 16, 2023, implying that she will be released in Version 3.5 along with the Mondstadt Cryo character, Mika!

Version 3.5 Release Date and Patch Notes

Dehya Teaser on Twitter

Dehya Character Information

Basic Information About Dehya

Genshin - Dehya Icon Nation: Sumeru
Faction: The Eremites
Titles: Flame-Mane, Unfettered Desert Mercenary
Element: Pyro
Race: Human
Gender: Female

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Dehya's Weapon

Genshin - Dehya is a Claymore user
In the Archon Quest, The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings, Dehya talks about using, and can be seen holding a Claymore.

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Dehya's Element

Genshin - Dehya

Judging from the Vision hanging off of Dehya's belt, she's weilding a Pyro vision.

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Dehya Materials

Possible Local Specialties

List of Items
Genshin - Henna Berry ImageHenna Berry Genshin - Scarab ImageScarab Genshin - Sand Grease Pupa ImageSand Grease Pupa

While Dehya's materials are currently unknown, her status as an Eremite may suggest that she'll be using Local Specialties exclusively found in the Deserts of Sumeru.

Possible Enemy Drops

Enemy and Item Drop
Genshin - EremiteEremites Genshin - Faded Red Satin Icon Faded Red Satin

As an Eremite herself, Dehya may need to beat up her fellow mercenaries to teach them a lesson and get those Faded Red Satins. This is similar to how Tartaglia, a member of the Fatui Harbingers, requires materials from his Fatui henchmen to level up!

Possible Boss Material

Field Boss and Item Drop
Genshin - Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network ImageAlgorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network Genshin - Light Guiding Tetrahedron Icon Light Guiding Tetrahedron

Dehya's boss material is currently unknown. We suspect that it will come from the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network, as it also provides Agnidus Agate materials in which Pyro characters like Dehya can use.

Dehya's Release Date

Possible Release in Version 3.5

Genshin Impact Version 3.5
Genshin Impact - Version 3.5
Release Date March 1, 2023

Dehya was teased in Genshin Impact's official social media, along with the Cryo character Mika, days before the Version 3.4 update. This means she will likely release next patch, Version 3.5, on March 1, 2023!

First Appeared in Version 3.0

Genshin Impact Version 3.0
Genshin Impact - Version 3.0 The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings
Release Date August 24, 2022

Dehya first appeared in the Version 3.0 Archon Quest, Chapter 3: Act 1, Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark which went live on August 24, 2022.
Version 3.0 Release Date and Patch Notes

Who is Dehya in Genshin Impact?

Flame-Mane Dehya

Genshin Impact Dehya Release Date and Details - Who is Dehya - Flame-mane

Dehya's official title, the Flame-Mane, is known almost as a legend amongst Eremites. She's also an infamous mercenary, whose name sets other mercenaries off their feet.

The Flame-Mane seems to have a long history with Rahman, a fellow Eremite and a devout follower of the Scarlet King.

Dunyarzad's Bodyguard

Genshin Impact Dehya Release Date and Details - Who is Dehya - Dunyarzad

Dehya was first seen during the Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act Act 1, Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark being guarded against the Traveler and Paimon, because of Dunyarzad.

It so happened that Dehya was hired by the Homayani's to accompany Dunyarzad who had ran away from home, back then. Since then, the two developed a friendship that goes beyond their initial relationship.

Friends with Candace

Genshin - Dehya
During the Archon Quest Chapter 3 Acts 3 and 4, Dehya was involved in the plot to free the Dendro Archon from the Akademiya's confines. She was revealed to be Candace's trusted friend and a reliable leader.

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In-game Appearances and Mentions

Character Appearances in Genshin
Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 1Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 1 Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 2Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 2
Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 3Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 3 Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 4Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 4
Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 5Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 5

Character Thoughts About Dehya

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Alhaitham ImageAlhaitham It's a waste for such a capable person to remain among the Eremites. If only she'd consider my suggestion to join the Akademiya... Our work would become a lot easier with someone like her around, but a predictable life isn't exactly her cup of tea - I can understand that. sigh What a pity.
Genshin Impact - Candace ImageCandace Whenever Dehya brings any of her Eremites to stay at Aaru Village, she always keeps them on their very best behavior. I have to say, it makes my life a lot easier. Ah, Dehya... She might look like trouble at first, but the truth is that she's really quite adorable.
Genshin Impact - Dori ImageDori I hire her to help escort my caravans from time to time. After all, she's got the muscle, and her price is reasonable. When it comes to cost-performance ratio, she's always the best pick.
Genshin Impact - Nilou ImageNilou It's hard to believe that so many things have happened recently... I wanted to pick out a good present for Dehya and Dunyarzad, but I just can't make up my mind. Everyone at the Grand Bazaar has given me many suggestions, but if I took them all, it'd be too much... What should I do...

Dehya Character Introduction

Dehya Character Information
"The Eremites," a loosely-organized mercenary organization, is Sumeru's most powerful armed force. They consist of many mercenaries and bands of warriors-for-hire who carry out assignments independently.

One such brigade is the "Blazing Beasts," whose most renowned member is Dehya, also known as the "Flame-Mane."

A highly regarded warrior among the mercenary circles, Dehya is brave without being impulsive, and strong without being arrogant. Life in the harsh desert environment has allowed Dehya to accumulate much combat wisdom through various battles, and she is by no means your typical insolent and ignorant martial artist.

As long as the pay is good and the commission reasonable, Dehya is more than willing to take up her sword to defend those who hire her.

However, there is one thing these employers should be aware of. That is, the agreement they establish with Dehya is only temporary and purely transactional. The reins to tame this lioness is never, and will never be in their hands.

Although mercenaries sell their strength to make a living, their dignity and lives belong only to themselves.

The desert lioness is no one's slave, and her sword only follows her heart.
Source: Genshin Impact Facebook Account

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