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Chapter 1 Act 1 Story Walkthrough.jpg
This is a story walkthrough guide for Chapter 1: Act 1 in Genshin Impact. Here you can learn what you need to do to progress and what you should be doing during Act 1.

Chapter 1 Act 1

The Assassination

The Assasination.jpg

1 Travel to Liyue Harbor.
2 Speak to 3 of the locals. You will need to talk to Guanhai, Bolai, and Linlang.
3 Head to Yujing Terrace and place incence in the 2 censer.
4 Join the crowd to watch Ningguang.
5 Escape the Millelith. Get to the objective marker without being caught by avoiding their line of sight.
6 Meet with with Childe in front of Northland Bank and speak to him.
7 Travel to Jueyun Karst and meet the adepti there.
8 Defeat 20 of the Milelith that arrive.
9 You willl be given 3 objectives that can be done in any order you will have to complete. Head to Wangshu Inn, find the Mountain Shaper, and find the Cloud Retainer.

Meet the Three Adepti

After escaping the Millelith, you will need to locate and speak to the three adepti. You can find them in any order.

The 3 Adepti
Xiao Mountain Shaper Cloud Retainer

Adepti in Wangshu Inn

Speaking to XIao.jpg

1 Travel to Wangshu Inn and head to the balcony at the top.
2 Speak to the boss of Wangshu Inn, Verr Goldet.
3 Speak to the Chef of the inn.
4 Head into the kitchen of the inn then go back to the chef to tell him what happened.
5 Speak to Verr Goldet again.
6 Take a look at the painting of the Witness Sigil that hanged on the wall.
7 Head down below the inn to find the spot where three rocks depicts the Witness Sigil when aligned.
8 Chase the ghost of the little girl
9 Defeat the Ruin Hunter boss.
10 Head back to Wangshu Inn and speak to Smiley the Chef again.
11 Speak to Xiao at the balcony.

Location of the Witness Sigil

WItness Sigil Location.jpgEnlarge

You can find the Witness Sigil right at the base of the inn. There are 3 rocks with markings on them that will form the Sigil when standing in the right spot. This will be made easy as the spot will be glowing, telling you where you need to stand exactly.

The Mountain Shaper

Mountain Shaper.jpg

1 Head to Mt. Hulao to find the Mountain Shaper.
2 Speak to Li Ding at the top of the mountain.
3 Break the amber found along the road on the mountain until you find Li Dang inside.
4 Return to Li Ding and speak to him.
5 Speak to Mountain Shaper in front of the barrier.

Di Lang Amber Location

Di Lang Location.jpg
The amber that that Li Dang will be inside is random. You will have to keep breaking the amber on the mountain. He can even appear in amber that is outside the marked quest area, so try to break them all if you can't find him.

The Cloud Retainer

Speaking to Cloud Retainer.jpg

1 Travel to Mt. Aozang to find the Cloud Retainer.
2 Table in the middle of the pond.
3 Check the 3 marked areas for cooking pots and inspect them any traces of food offerings.
4 Go back to the table and offer 3 different dishes, Jewelry Soup, Mora Meat, and Matsuke Meat Roll.
5 Head into the cave and into the ruin where the Cloud Retainer's Abode is.

How to Make the Dishes

How to Make the Dishes for Offering.jpg
If you do not have the dishes needed you will need to make them. You should have received the recipes when interacting with the cooking pots, the needed ingredients will also be nearby the pots. You can then cook the needed dishes.

Return to Liyue Harbor

1 After finding all 3 adepti above, head back to Liyue Harbor and speak to Childe.

What You Should Do in Act 1

Get to Adventure Rank 29

Just like for this act, you will need to be a certain Adventure Rank to be able to continue to Act 2. This can be done before or after you complete Act 2 in a variety of ways.

Ways to Increase your Rank

Ways to Increase Rank
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Unlocking Warp Points
  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Quest Achievement Rewards (Story Quests and Dailies)
  • Reward for Unexplored Discoveries
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Gaining Adventure Rank rewards

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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1 MORA!!!about 1 month

this guide is good but i got a problem about this quest when i start to blend in with the crowd to watch ningguang i get a message says RECONNECTING TO SERVER instead the cutscene that's why i can't finish this and my account became unplayable... any ideas what should i do?? BTW 3 of my accounts already met the same fate. is this some kind of bug??

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    • >>[2]
      Could be a bug. Try seeing if you have any other incomplete one-time domains in Liyue and Monsdadt. Also check for incomplete archon quests.

    • Hey looking to hang and grind stuff tgt.Currently AR 49 UID : 806283000 ASIA server.My team consists of Tartaglia,Bennet,Xinyan and Sucrose.Hope to meet new friends !!

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