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Chapter 1 Act 1 Archon Quest - Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

Genshin Impact - Chapter 1  Act 1 Story Walkthrough - Of the Land Amidsth Monoliths Guide

Of the Land Amidst Monoliths is Chapter 1: Act 1 of the Archon Quest in Genshin Impact. See how to unlock this quest, its walkthrough, and all information about this quest here in this guide!

Chapter 1:Act 1 Quest Guide
Rite of Descension An Impromptu Change of Plan Wangshu
Moulder of Mountains Custodian of Clouds Dust to Dust

How to Unlock Chapter 1: Act 1

Complete the Prologue: Act 3

How to Unlock Chapter 1: Act 1
To unlock the Of the Land Amidst Monoliths quest, you will need to reach Adventure Rank 23 or above and complete the previous quest, Song of the Dragon and Freedom!
Farewell, the Archaic Lord Quest Guide

Chapter 1: Act 1 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Act 1 Summary

A New Star Approaches Quests
1 Rite of Descension
• Travel to Liyue Harbor.
• Speak to 3 of the locals.
• Head to Yujing Terrace and place incence in the 2 censer.
• Join the crowd to watch Ningguang.
• Escape the Millelith.
• Meet with with Childe in front of Northland Bank and speak to him.
2 An Impromptu Change of Plan
• Travel to Jueyun Karst and meet the Adepti.
• Defeat 20 of the Milelith that arrive.
3 Wangshu
• Travel to Wangshu Inn and head to the balcony at the top.
• Speak to the boss of Wangshu Inn, Verr Goldet.
• Speak to the Chef of the inn.
• Speak to Verr Goldet again.
• Take a look at the painting of the Witness Sigil that hanged on the wall.
• Head down below the inn to find the spot where three rocks depicts the Witness Sigil when aligned.
• Chase the ghost of the little girl.
• Defeat the Ruin Hunter boss.
• Head back to Wangshu Inn and speak to Smiley the Chef again.
• Speak to Xiao at the balcony.
4 Moulder of Mountains
• Head to Mt. Hulao to find the Mountain Shaper.
• Speak to Li Ding at the top of the mountain.
• Find Li Dang by breaking the amber.
• Return to Li Ding and speak to him.
• Speak to Mountain Shaper in front of the barrier.
5 Custodian of Clouds
• Travel to Mt. Aocang to find the Cloud Retainer.
• Table in the middle of the pond.
• Check the 3 marked areas for cooking pots and inspect them any traces of food offerings.
• Go back to the table and offer 3 different dishes, Jewelry Soup, Mora Meat, and Matsuke Meat Roll.
• Head into the cave and into the ruin where the Cloud Retainer's Abode is.
6 Dust to Dust
• Head back to Liyue Harbor.
• Find and speak with Childe.

Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act 1 Information

Act 1 of the Liyue Archon Quest

Genshin Impact - Chapter 1 Act 1 Information

Of the Land Amidst Monoliths is Chapter 1: Act 1 of Liyue Archon Quest.

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1 Rite of Descension
2 An Impromptu Change of Plan
3 Wangshu
4 Moulder of Mountains
5 Custodian of Clouds
6 Dust to Dust

Complete Story Walkthrough

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1 The Outlander Who Caught the Wind 2 For a Tomorrow Without Tears
3 The Song of the Dragon and Freedom
Chapter 1
1 Of The Land Amidsth Monoliths 2 Farewell, the Archaic Lord
3 A New Star Approaches - Prelude: Bough Keeper: Dainsleif
4 We Will Be Reunited
Chapter 2
0 Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves 1 The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia
2 Stillness, Sublimination of Shadow 3 Omnipresence Over Mortals
4 Requiem of the Echoing Depths
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3 Inversion of Genesis
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3 Dreams, Emptiness, and Deception 4 King Deshret and the Three Magi
5 Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises 6 Caribert
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this guide is good but i got a problem about this quest when i start to blend in with the crowd to watch ningguang i get a message says RECONNECTING TO SERVER instead the cutscene that's why i can't finish this and my account became unplayable... any ideas what should i do?? BTW 3 of my accounts already met the same fate. is this some kind of bug??

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