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Cyno Best Builds and Artifacts

Cyno Best Builds and Artifacts

Cyno is a 5-star Electro Polearm user in Genshin Impact that best functions in Hyperbloom and Aggravate! See his best weapons and artifacts, kit, materials, and our rating of this character in this guide!

Story Quest
Cyno's Character Guides
Genshin - Cyno Builds and RatingBuild Guide Duel Soul ImageSpecialty Dish
Lupus Aureus Chapter
Genshin - Act 1Sands of Solitude Genshin - Act 2Oathkeeper Genshin - Act 3Act 3

Cyno Rating and Info

Character Information

B Rank Icon
Voice Actors EN Voice Actor: Alejandro Saab
JP Voice Actor: Irino Miyu

Tier List Rankings

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Exploration
B - - C

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Cyno's Stats

Lvl. 20 Base Stats
Lvl. 90 Max Stats
Stat Base Value
Stat Max Value

Base Stat Calculations

Genshin - Albedo Thinking Emoji Stats indicated above are obtained from Cyno's base values. These numbers also exclude the character's equipped weapon, artifacts, talents, or other passive effects that are not innate to the character.
Genshin - Faruzan Thinking Emoji All characters start with 5% CRIT Rate, 50% CRIT DMG, 100% Energy Recharge, 0 Elemental Mastery, 0% Healing Bonus, and 0% Elemental DMG bonus before any additional stats are applied. The table above includes such values.
Genshin - Xianyun Thinking Emoji The Level 20 stats indicated for this character are calculated before their first ascension.

Character Stat Rankings

Cyno's Strengths and Weaknesses

Cyno's Strengths
• Near permanent Elemental Burst uptime.
• Decent Electro hypercarry for Hyperbloom and Aggravate teams.
Cyno's Weaknesses
• Recommended to have at least a shielder in any team comp due to his poor interruption resistance.
• Bulk of his DPS is locked behind his expensive Elemental Burst.
• Requires teammates that have off-field abilities with long durations to match Cyno's on-field duration.

Cyno Best Builds

Cyno DPS Build 1

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: Elemental Mastery
Genshin - GobletGoblet: Electro Damage Bonus
Genshin - CircletCirclet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Substats Energy Recharge%, CRIT Rate/DMG, Elemental Mastery, ATK%
Recommended Energy Recharge ±140% Total Energy Recharge

Cyno DPS Build 2

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: Elemental Mastery
Genshin - GobletGoblet: Electro Damage Bonus
Genshin - CircletCirclet: CRIT Rate/DMG
Substats Energy Recharge%, CRIT Rate/DMG, Elemental Mastery, ATK%
Recommended Energy Recharge ±140% Total Energy Recharge

Cyno Talent Priority

1st 2nd 3rd
Elemental Burst Elemental Skill Normal Attack

Cyno's Normal Attack during his Elemental Burst form does not scale with his Normal Attack talent. Since you will ideally be doing damage only during Cyno's Elemental Burst, his Normal Attack talent should be left untoched or for last.

Cyno Best Artifacts

Cyno Artifact Rankings

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
1st Genshin - Gilded Dreams Image Gilded Dreams 2-PC: Elemental Mastery +80
4-PC: Within 8s of triggering an Elemental Reaction, the character equipping this will obtain buffs based on the Elemental Type of the other party members. ATK is increased by 14% for each member whose Elemental Type is the same as the equipping character, and EM is increased by 50 for every member with a different Elemental Type. Each of the buffs will count up to 3 characters. This effect can be triggered once every 8s and even when not on the field.
2nd Genshin - Thundering Fury Image Thundering Fury 2-PC: Electro DMG Bonus +15%
4-PC: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, and Hyperbloom by 40%, and the DMG Bonus conferred by Aggravate is increased by 20%. When Quicked or the aforementioned Elemental Reactions are triggered, Elemental Skill CD is decreased by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s
3rd Genshin - Gladiator Gladiator's Finale 2-PC: ATK +18%.
4-PC: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.

Cyno's best artifacts will depend on what weapon he uses. With the Staff of Scarlet Sands, Cyno's best artifact will be the Guilded Dreams. Without the Staff of Scarlet Sands, you're better off using Thundering Fury or Gladiator's Finale (if you have very good Sub-stats).

List of Artifacts and Set Bonuses

Cyno Best Weapons

Cyno Weapon Rankings

Weapon Weapon Information
1st Genshin Impact - Staff of the Scarlet Sands Image Staff of the Scarlet Sands Base ATK: 542
Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate 44.1%
Skill Effect: The equipping character gains 52% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. When an Elemental Skill hits opponents, the Dream of the Scarlet Sands effect will be gained for 10s: The equipping character will gain 28% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. Max 3 stacks.
2nd Genshin Impact - Primordial Jade Winged-Spear Image Primordial Jade Winged-Spear Base ATK: 674
Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate 22.1%
Skill Effect: On hit, increases ATK by 3.2% for 6s. Max 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s. While in possession of the maximum possible stacks, DMG dealt is increased by 12%.
3rd Genshin Impact - Staff of Homa Image Staff of Homa Base ATK: 608
Bonus Stat: CRIT DMG 66.2%
Skill Effect: HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder’s Max HP. When the wielder's HP is less than 50%, this ATK Bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP.

Cyno has a flexible set of 5-star weapons with CRIT as a substat being their common ground. Without these 5-stars, good 4-star weapons that increase CRIT like the Deathmatch are very good alternatives.

Best Free-to-Play Weapon for Cyno

Weapon Weapon Information
Genshin Impact - White Tassel Image White Tassel Base ATK: 401
Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate 23.4%
Skill Effect: Increases Normal Attack DMG by 24%.

The White Tassel is an amazing weapon for Cyno. At high refinement, it can beat almost all 4-star alternatives except the Deathmatch.

All Recommended Weapons for Cyno

Recommended Weapons How to Get
Battle Pass
Battle Pass
Starglitter Exchange
Starglitter Exchange

List of Polearms

Cyno Best Teams

Cyno Hyperbloom Team

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Yelan Yelan Genshin - Baizhu Baizhu
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Kokomi Kokomi
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Collei Collei Genshin - Xingqiu Xingqiu Genshin - Yaoyao Yaoyao

This Cyno Hyperbloom team focuses on creating Dendro Cores from off-field Dendro and Hydro damage, then hitting those Dendro Cores with Electro attacks. This team comp also enables Aggravate and Spread reactions.

Cyno Aggravate Team Comp

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Support
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha Genshin - Collei Collei Genshin - Shinobu Shinobu

Cyno is a perfect fit for any kind of Aggravate team since it enhances his Normal Attack damage during his Elemental Burst! Nahida works particularly well with Cyno since Nahida's off-field Dendro damage can match Cyno's long on-field duration.

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Support
Genshin - Cyno Cyno Genshin - Beidou Beidou Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli

Cyno and Beidou can work if Cyno uses the Thundering Fury set or if Beidou has a high ER stat. You may also need to supplement your ER requirements with Favonius weapons on your supports.

Cyno Best Constellations

Recommended Constellations

Rating Constellation Effect / Merits
C1 ★★☆ • Increases Normal Attack speed during Elemental Burst.
C2 ★★★ • Increases Electro DMG Bonus when doing Normal Attacks.

C0 is Good Enough

Though Cyno's second constellation provides a whopping 50% Electro DMG bonus, none of his constellations drastically changes his playstyle. Getting a single copy of Cyno already ensures you are getting everything he has to offer!

Constellation and Effects

Lupus Aureus
Cyno's Constellations
C1 Ordinance: Unceasing Vigil
After using Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness, Cyno's Normal Attack SPD will be increased by 20% for 10s. If the Judication effect of his Passive Talent Featherfall Judgment is triggered during Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer, the duration of this increase will be refreshed. You need to unlock the Passive Talent "Featherfall Judgment".
C2 Ceremony: Homecoming of Spirits
When Cyno's Normal Attacks hit opponents, his Electro DMG Bonus will increase by 10% for 4s. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s. Max 5 stacks.
C3 Percept: Lawful Enforcer
Increases the Level of Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Austerity: Forbidding Guard
When Cyno is in the Pactsworn Pathclearer state triggered by Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness, after he triggers Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl reaction, he will restore 3 Elemental Energy for all nearby party members (except himself). This effect can occur 5 times within one use of Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness.
C5 Funerary Rite: The Passing of Starlight
Increases the Level of Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Raiment: Just Scales
After using Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness or triggering "Featherfall Judgment," Cyno will gain 4 stacks of the "Day of the Jackal" effect. When he hits opponents with Normal Attacks, he will consume 1 stack of "Day of the Jackal" to fire off one DustsStalker Bolt. 'Day of the Jackal" lasts for 8s. Max 8 stacks. It will be canceled once Pactsworn Pathclearer ends. A maximum of 1 Duststalker Bolt can be unleashed this way every. You must first unlock the Passive Talent "Featherfall Judgment."

How to Get Cyno

Pull from Version 4.2 Phase 2 Banners

Genshin Impact - Twilight Arbiter Gacha and Wish Guide
Banner Status Inactive

Cyno was available in his banner rerun on Phase 2 of Version 4.2, which ran from November 28, 2023 until December 19, 2023! His banner was alongside Ayato's rerun banner.

His rerun banner also featured 4-star characters Xiangling, Shinobu, and Kirara, all available at an increased rate!

Version 4.2 Release Date & Patch Notes

Related Wish Banner Guides

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Cyno,Cyno Banner Genshin - Wishing Sim IconWish Sim Genshin - Best Wish to Pull Icon 2All Wishes

Cyno Ascension and Talent Materials

Cyno Ascension Materials

Mora ImageMora ×20,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×3
Mora ImageMora ×40,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×10
Mora ImageMora ×60,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×20
Mora ImageMora ×80,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×30
Mora ImageMora ×100,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×45
Mora ImageMora ×120,000
Scarab ImageScarab ×60

Scarab Farming Locations

All Scarab Locations
Click here to open in new tab!

Cyno Talent Level-Up Materials

Daily Domain Drops Enemy Drops Weekly Boss Drops
Genshin Impact - Teachings of Admonition Image Teachings of Admonition
Genshin Impact - Divining Scroll Image Divining Scroll
Raiden Shogun Challenge Reward
Genshin Impact - Mudra of the Malefic General Image Mudra of the Malefic General
Genshin Impact - Guide to Admonition Image Guide to Admonition Genshin Impact - Sealed Scroll Image Sealed Scroll
Genshin Impact - Philosophies of Admonition Image Philosophies of Admonition Genshin Impact - Forbidden Curse Scroll Image Forbidden Curse Scroll

Talent Materials per Level

How to Use Cyno

Cyno Playstyle

Cyno Role and Party Rotation

Cyno is a Main DPS who will need to be on the field nearly all of the time. This is because swapping to another character during Cyno's Elemental Burst form will immediately end it.

Because of this, you will need to use the Elemental Skills and Bursts of your Sub-DPS and Supports before using Cyno's Elemental Burst!

Timing Cyno's Elemental Skill Properly

During Cyno's Elemental Burst, an Endseer State prompt will appear. You will want to use your Elemental Skill every time you see this prompt to deal more damage. There will be a total of 4 Endseer prompts during Cyno's Elemental Burst, so make sure not to miss them!

Luckily, this can be quite easy to accomplish (barring any interruptions). Endseer prompts are spaced out to match the cooldown of your Elemental Skill, so it's as simple as just using your Elemental Skill off cooldown.

Cyno Rotation

Cyno's Attack Rotation during his Elemental Burst largely depends on if he's using the Thundering Fury artifact set or not.

Attack Rotation Without Thundering Fury

Attack Rotation E,Q, NA3E, NA5E, NA5, NA2E, NA5, NA2E, NA5, N2E

e = Elemental Skill
Q = Elemental Burst
NA = Normal Attack
NA# = Amount of Normal Attacks (ex. NA2 = Two Normal Attacks)

You can fit 5 Elemental Skills during Cyno's Elemental Burst window, 4 of which should be used for the Endseer prompt.

You can use 1 Elemental Skill immediately after Cyno's Elemental Burst without interfering with the flow of Cyno's Ideal attack rotation.

Attack Rotation With Thundering Fury

Attack Rotation E,Q, NA2E NA4E NA4E NA5E NA4E NA4E NA5E

e = Elemental Skill
Q = Elemental Burst
NA = Normal Attack
NA# = Amount of Normal Attacks (ex. NA2 = Two Normal Attacks)

Cyno's attack rotation with the Thundering Fury is somewhat complex. Ideally, you will want to fit at least 7 Elemental Skills during his Elemental Burst, but a big part of that involves constantly triggering Elemental Reactions.

There is also the issue of knowing when to use his Elemental Skill outside of the Endseer Prompt. Even dashing can cause you to lose the flow of combat, which will lead to a lower DPS overall.

If you can't do a total of 6-7 Elemental Skills, as well as not miss an Endseer prompt, then we can't recommend using the Thundering Fury set.

Use Cyno for Sumeru Expeditions

Genshin Impact - Use Cyno for Sumeru Expeditions
Cyno's Exploration Talent, ''The Gift of Silence'', gives 25% more rewards when dispatched on a Sumeru Expedition for 20 hours. Go ahead and use him for more Mora or Sumeru-exclusive items!

Cyno Talents (Skills)

Normal Attack: Invoker's Spear

Talent Description
Performs up to four consecutive spear strikes.
Charge Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to enemies along the way.
Plunge Attack:
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
1-Hit DMG 49.30%
2-Hit DMG 47.90%
3-Hit DMG 29.3%+29.3%
4-Hit DMG 75.90%
Charged Attack DMG 122.4%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 25
Plunge Attack DMG 63.9%
Low/High Plunge DMG 128%/160%

Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer

Talent Description
Performs a swift thrust, dealing Electro DMG to opponents along the path.
When Cyno is under the Pactsworn Pathclearer state triggered by Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness, he will instead unleash a Mortuary Rite that deals thunderous AOE Electro DMG and extends the duration of Pactsworn Pathclearer.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill DMG 130.4%
Mortuary Rite DMG 156.8%
Pactsworn Pathclearer Duration Bonus 4s
CD 7.5s
Mortuary Rite CD 3s

Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness

Talent Description
Calls upon a divine spirit to indwell him, morphing into the Pactsworn Pathclearer.
Pactsworn Pathclearer
Cyno's Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks will be converted to Electro DMG that cannot be overridden. Cyno's Elemental Mastery and resistance to interruption will increase, and he gains immunity to Electro-Charged DMG. This effect will be canceled when Cyno leaves the field and lasts a maximum of 18s.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
1-Hit DMG 78.30%
2-Hit DMG 82.50%
3-Hit DMG 104.60%
4-Hit DMG 51.7%+51.7%
5-hit DMG 130.8%
Charged Attack DMG 101.10%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 25
Plunge Attack DMG 63.9%
Low/High Plunge DMG 128%/160%
Elemental Mastery Bonus 100
Basic Duration 10s
CD 20s
Energy Cost 80

Featherfall Judgment

Talent Description
When Cyno is in the Pactsworn Pathclearer state activated by Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness, Cyno will enter the Endseer stance at intervals. If he activates Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer while affected by this stance, he will activate the Judication effect, increasing the DMG of this Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer by 35%, and firing off 3 Duststalker Bolts that deal 100% of Cyno's ATK as Electro DMG. Duststalker Bolt DMG is considered Elemental Skill DMG.

Authority Over the Nine Bows

Talent Description
Cyno's DMG values will be increased based on his Elemental Mastery as follows:
• Pactsworn Pathclearer's Normal Attack DMG is increased by 150% of his Elemental Mastery.
• Duststalker Bolt DMG from his Passive Talent Featherfall Judgment is increased by 250% of his Elemental Mastery.

The Gift of Silence

Talent Description
Gains 25% more rewards when dispatched on a Sumeru Expedition for 20 hours.

Cyno's In-Game Information

Cyno Voicelines

Thoughts About Cyno

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Candace ImageCandace In the past, it was rare to see the Akademiya's General Mahamatra on this side of the Wall of Samiel, but recently he has been showing up here all the time. I believe that the Eremites have some truly terrifying stories to tell about him...
Genshin Impact - Collei ImageCollei Um... I'd rather not talk about him, if that's okay? Oh, no — the General Mahamatra isn't a bad guy or anything. Matter of fact, I have him to thank for bringing me back from Mondstadt to Sumeru and finding me a safe place to stay. It's just that... whenever I'm reminded of the sealing process just before leaving Mondstadt... ooh... the back of my neck starts hurting again...
Genshin Impact - Dehya ImageDehya The General Mahamatra? Doesn't suffer fools gladly, and certainly doesn't beat around the bush. Having seen the way he works, he gets a thumbs up from me.
Genshin Impact - Dori ImageDori You could say I know him. After all, I was the only merchant in all Sumeru who could acquire the full range of Genius Invokation TCG merch for him! Not bad, huh? I've gotta admit, it's pretty rare to see anyone from the. Akademiya like him... independent and with a good head on his shoulders. Plus, he's never been one to haggle over prices.
Genshin Impact - Faruzan ImageFaruzan Cyno's jokes are composed using modern words and language patterns, but I still struggle to decipher any hidden meaning from his grammar and prose... Huh? It's all just literal meanings and homophones? Really...? Then, those jokes don't have any substance at all...
Genshin Impact - Kaveh ImageKaveh Cyno can come across as cold and ruthless, but he's actually a very big-hearted guy. I still remember how shocked I was when Tighnari said he was gonna introduce me to his best friend, and then a couple of seconds later, an incredibly intimidating matra comes walking through the door... I honestly never expected to meet a matra who's so comfortable hanging out with scholars. Gotta say though, I can't stand his sense of humor. It really makes my skin crawl. If he ever invites you to a meal at Tighnari's place, make sure someone's bringing beer, because no one should have to endure Cyno's humor while sober.
Genshin Impact - Layla ImageLayla The General Mahamatra is really good at Genius Invokation TCG? Ooh, I wonder if... I mean, if I ever got the chance, maybe I could play a game with him. Card games like Genius Invokation TCG are always easier when you're good at mental math, so actually, I... I dunno, but... I might not necessarily lose to him.
Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida Duty: Not every General Mahamatra would take such a clear-cut and decisive stance when faced with a conflict between order and justice. He must know only too well that compromise is a path that leads to a dead end, so it's extremely fortunate for all of Sumeru that he's now been able to return to his rightful post.
Jokes: His jokes are like buried treasure: gems hidden beneath the surface. They're a lot of fun. Hmm? Well, which part didn't you get? Okay, I can explain it for you.
Genshin Impact - Nilou ImageNilou I don't really like interacting with people from the Akademiya because they don't view the arts too kindly. I often wonder what they do when they're bored... Huh, Cyno plays Genius Invokation TCG? I can't believe it...
Genshin Impact - Tighnari ImageTighnari You want to see Cyno...? Well, firstly, a word of caution: if he ever comes chasing you down for work-related reasons, prepare for the nightmare of a lifetime. Other than that, General Mahamatra is a high-ranking position, so it usually isn't easy to find him. But he does occasionally go to Gandharva Ville to see Collei. As much as he might want to stay unnoticed, he can't fool my ears, heh.

Cyno's Thoughts About Others

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Alhaitham ImageAlhaitham About Alhaitham
I don't really like people who are too smart. They think they can control everything, and constantly venture to the fringes of danger. But Alhaitham is one of the more reliable ones. In most cases, he is actually in control of things and has the ability to avert potential disaster.
Genshin Impact - Collei ImageCollei About Collei
I once helped Collei seal away in her body, but the process was an unthinkably painful one. To many, enduring that kind of pain would be a prospect more terrifying than death, so it was very admirable that she was able to persevere through it.
Genshin Impact - Faruzan ImageFaruzan About Faruzan
I've carefully browsed through the case files regarding Faruzan's disappearance. At the time, I thought maybe she had been conducting some kind of dangerous research, but once I met her in person, I completely abandoned that idea. Though it might be a little hard for me to get along with her, she mostly reminds me of a kindly and chatty parent. She is considerate of others, and would never do anything imprudent.
Genshin Impact - Kaveh ImageKaveh About Kaveh
Tighnari and Collei never said it to my face, but they found Kaveh's personal anecdotes far more entertaining than the jokes I had prepared... I could see it on their faces. Hmm? What did I think about that? Well, I thought it was funny that they could laugh at such a situation.
Genshin Impact - Lisa ImageLisa About Lisa
Of course I know about Lisa, we both studied under the same sage. As General Mahamatra, I've seen many tragedies befall those seeking knowledge too assiduously, so it's easy for me to understand her decision.
Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida About Nahida
Commenting on a god might be overstepping my position a little... But when I was working with her, I personally witnessed her wisdom, courage, and determination. Compared with those sages who constantly undermine and criticized her without a shred of evidence, I think I can provide a more reliable assessment: She is an exceptional deity who is worthy of everyone's respect.
Genshin Impact - Nilou ImageNilou About Nilou
I can sense her enthusiasm and passion for dancing - it has become an integral part of her being. I hope that she will always be able to use the art she loves to bring happiness to other people.
Genshin Impact - Tighnari ImageTighnari About Tighnari
Knowledge: Tighnari is different from other scholars I've met. He has the same wholehearted dedication to knowledge, but he will never cross the most important boundaries. Some Scholars see themselves as gods within their own laboratories, but not Tighnari - he has always shown the same respect for every form of life. I've heard that he even declined a position in the Akademiya, and I support his decision.
Jokes: Tighnari once told me not to tell jokes at the dinner table, insisting that my jokes weren't funny at all. I did not share his opinion, so I told three of my best jokes in a row, and explained the premise of each in great detail. By the time I was done talking, my food was cold.

Cyno Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 3.1
Genshin Impact Version 3.1
Release Date September 28, 2022

Released in Version 3.1

Cyno was officially released as a playable character during the first phase of Version 3.1 on September 28, 2022.

Check out all the other content that came out in this update here:

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Patch Notes

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139 Riri.3 months

Cyno overload team. Have y'all seen a cyno overload gameplay??? Cuz I was immensely surprised how he cleared first half of floor 12 abyss 4.4 and he's team are f2p which are Cyno (Main DPS) Chevruse (buffer) C6 Thoma (shield sub dps buffer) Beidou (sub dps battery shield)

138 Anonymous6 months

It’s genshin impact, if you want to play nilou in vape team go ahead, if you want to play hu Tao in an overloaded team go ahead, if you want to play alhaitham in a burning team go ahead. The characters were released with a particular gameplay style in mind. No one is forcing you to play nilou bloom… bc she was made with the bloom reaction in mind doesn’t make her a bad. You just don’t want to utilize her kit

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