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Do Treasure Chests Respawn?

Genshin Impact - Treasure Chest Respawn

Treasure Chests do not respawn or reappear in Genshin Impact. Read on to find out more about Treasure Chests and the possibility of respawning.

Do Treasure Chests Reappear?

Treasure Chests Do NOT Respawn

Treasure Chests do not appear to Respawn in Genshin Impact. Once you have opened a Treasure Chest, it will disappear and will not come back.

Why Do Some Treasure Chests Seem to Reappear?

Genshin - Maximum Adventure Rank

New Treasure Chests May Appear in Old Places

While Treasure Chests may not respawn, players might find a common chest or two in areas they have explored before. This may be due to new Treasure Chests being generated after a certain increase in Adventure Rank, World Level, or after a Version Update.

We are currently conducting further investigations, and will update this guide as we collect more information!

What are Treasure Chests?

Treasure Chest Rarity

Luxurious Chests

Precious Chests

Exquisite Chests

Common Chests

Treasure Chests are Chests found in Genshin Impact through world exploration or quest completion. There are four types of Treasure Chests, with the higher rarity chest containing better or more items.

Treasure Chest Guide

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