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Genshin Impact - Treasure Chest Respawn

Treasure chests in Genshin Impact contain a lot of useful stuff for your adventures; weapons, ascension materials, Mora, and even Primogems. Learn more about when these treasure troves reappear and the conditions.

When do Treasure Chests Reappear?

Not all treasure chests can reappear after they're open. There are certain conditions that determine which treasure chests reappear.

Treasure Chest Rarity

Luxurious Chests

Precious Chests

Exquisite Chests

Common Chests

Common chests seem to be the only type of chest that have a chance or respawning, but not all common chests can reappear.

Unlock Condition

Some chests that appear after defeating enemies or clearing camps have a chance of respawning.

Meanwhile, chests that spawn or unlock as rewards for solving puzzles don't respawn.


Time and the Wind_Time.jpg

Some time also needs to have passed before chests reappear. There could be multiple conditions that can be met in order to qualify a chest to respawn.

Chests can reappear just after a day or two, while some others only reappear after a week has passed.

Random Respawn Everyday

The area where treasure chests can respawn could also be randomly decided everyday.

Adventure Rank and World Level

How to Raise Adventure Rank

Another factor affecting treasure chests is your World Level. Having a higher level grants you better items when opening a treasure chest, even if you've opened it before.

As of right now, the conditions in which Treasure Chests reappear are too random and there's no definite answer. Our team will continue to look into this and update here once we have more information.

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