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Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 2 Prologue - Autumn Winds Scarlet Leaves Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the Archon Quest Chapter 2: Prologue Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves in Genshin Impact Update Version 1.6. Learn more about how to unlock this quest, the possible rewards, and a full walkthrough on how to complete it.

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Basic Information

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Quest Details

Quest Type Archon Quest
Chapter Chapter 2: Prologue
Location Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue

How to Unlock Archon Quest

How to Unlock Complete Chapter 1: Act 4
Reach Adventure Rank 36+

Featuring Beidou and Kazuha

Genshin Impact - Autumn Winds Scarlet Leaves - Beidou and Kazuha
This new archon quest features Beidou, Captain of the Crux Fleet, and the new 5-Star character Kazuha, who escaped from Inazuma. Inazuma is still closed off to outsiders, and players need the help of Beidou and Kazuha to get there!
Kazuha Details and Release Date

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Release Date

The new Chapter 2: Prologue Archon Quest was released on June 29, 2021, in the second half of Version 1.6.
1.6 Release Date and News

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Walkthrough and Rewards

A Path Through the Storm

You share your feelings with Paimon before embarking on the next phase of your journey.

A Path Through the Storm Objectives

  • Take in the view outside of Liyue Harbor to collect your thoughts
  • Ask Atsuko about how to travel to Inazuma
  • Go to The Alcor and meet with Beidou
  • Go to the tournament arena
  • Size up the other competitors

Archon Quest Walkthrough

Head to the Teleport Waypoint just above Liyue Harbor to begin the quest.
After the dialog between the Traveler and Paimon, head to the port in Liyue Harbor.
Once there, find and talk to Atsuko.
Head to the Domain of Guyun to make your way towards Beidou's ship.
Once at the domain, make your way up to get enough height so that you can reach the ship by gliding.
Upon landing on the ship, you'll immediately be engaged in a dialog with one of the crew members.
You can talk to Beidou just by moving a few steps to the left after the dialog.
Head to the location southwest of Guyun Stone Forest to find the tournament arena.
Once there, talk to three of the competitors indicated on your minimap.


Genshin Impact - Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×700 Genshin Impact - Mora Image Mora ×34075 Genshin Impact - Hero Hero's Wit ×3
Genshin Impact - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

The Crux Clash

After meeting some of the contestants, you reckon that this will be a milk run. Still, your ticket to Inazuma is at stake here. Best not to let your guard down during the tournament.

The Crux Clash Objectives

  • Talk to Zhuhan, who is in charge of registration for The Crux Clash
  • Talk to Beidou and Kazuha
  • Talk to Zhuhan again and enter the next round
  • Talk to Rongshi
  • Ask around for info about your final opponent
  • Continue asking around for more info about your final opponent
  • Ask Beidou and Kazuha about your final opponent
  • Follow Kazuha to a more peaceful location
  • Talk to Kazuha
  • Defeat the monsters to show Kazuha your elemental abilities
  • Talk to Kazuha


Talk to Zhuhan to register for The Crux Clash.
Defeat Jinyou. This is a fairly easy fight as long as you keep dashing and attacking.
Note: Use of Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts are not allowed in the tournament..
After the battle, talk to Beidou and Kazuha to immediately proceed to the semi-finals.
Go back to Zhuhan to continue the next round.
Defeat Rongshi. Make sure to keep distance when he starts punching as he can be quite resistant to stagger.
After the battle, talk to Uncle Yun to get more info on your final opponent.
Continue asking around by talking to Liang.
Talk to Beidou and Kazuha to ask them about your final opponent.
Head to the peaceful location near the Domain Guyun to find Kazuha.
Talk to Kazuha.
Defeat the Slimes.
Go back and talk to Kazuha.


Genshin Impact - Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×750 Genshin Impact - Mora Image Mora ×35475 Genshin Impact - Hero Hero's Wit ×3
Genshin Impact - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

Follow the Wind

The grand final of the Crux Clash is about to begin, and you will soon meet your opponenet. Victory is but one step away...

Follow the Wind Objectives

  • Enter the arena to fight the final round
  • Go check the box containing the Vision
  • Go to the wind current location
  • Proceed to the small island and search for clues
  • Confirm the clues with Kazuha
  • Continue the pursuit
  • Defeat the Treasure Hoarders blocking the way
  • Talk to the Treasure Hoarder who stole the Vision
  • Defeat the Treasure Hoarder
  • Talk to the Treasure Hoarder again
  • Return to the Guyun Stone Forest arena


Head back to the arena with Kazuha for the final round.
Head to the wind current location.
Ride the wind current to head to the next small island.
Find the next wind current by investigating the clue indicated by a pinpoint on your minimap.
Ride the wind current to get to the next small island.
Defeat the Treasure Hoarders.
Talk to the Treasure Hoarder who stole the Masterless Vision.
Defeat Fei the Flyer. Keep a close distance to him and start attacking.
Head back to the tournament arena.
Talk to Zhuhan to wrap up the quest.


Genshin Impact - Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×700 Genshin Impact - Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Genshin Impact - Mora Image Mora ×34075
Genshin Impact - Guide to Prosperity Image Guide to Prosperity ×2 Genshin Impact - Guide to Diligence Image Guide to Diligence ×2 Genshin Impact - Guide to Gold Image Guide to Gold ×2
Genshin Impact - Hero Hero's Wit ×3 Genshin Impact - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Tips & Strategies

The Crux Clash

Genshin - The Crux Clash
In The Crux Clash tournament, you'll be using the Traveler by default and are only allowed to do basic attacks. A simple strategy of staggering opponents with constant combos and dodging when they attack will easily get you through each round.

Note: You don't have to forcibly level your Traveler as they'll be boosted in the battles.

Follow the Wind

Genshin - Follow the Wind
Outside of the tournament, there are two mob battles involving Slimes and Treasure Hoarders, which can easily be dealt with using AoE attacks. As for the final boss, Fei the Flyer, you just have to keep a close distance and overwhelm him with flurries of attacks or burst him down with your best DPS character.

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