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warp points

This is a guide to Teleport Waypoints, which act as warp points in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn about Teleport Waypoints and their features.

What Are Teleport Waypoints?

warp points
Teleport Waypoints are areas you can immediately port to. This is extremely useful when roaming the fields.

How To Use Teleport Waypoints


When a Teleport Waypoint is activated, simply go to the map and select the chosen Teleport Waypoint to port to it. Warping does not cost anything so if you only wish to reach your destination faster, give the warpzones a good click and you're instantly there!

Statue of the Seven

Liyue_Statue of the Seven

Statues of the Seven are also usable as a teleportation point. They can also be used to heal your characters so they are much more valuable than the standard waypoints. Prioritize activating these more than standard waypoints!

How to Activate Teleport Waypoints

Find Unactivated Ones On The Field

Locating Unactivated Teleport Waypoints is the major issue for using Teleport Waypoints. This is why activating them is highly recommended when starting the game.

Not only do they provide a faster way of moving about in the field, they also give out 50 Adventure EXP each, so Teleport Waypoints are a good thing to aim for when progressing the game.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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