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Teleport Waypoints Guide

Genshin Impact - Teleport Waypoints Guide

This is a guide to Teleport Waypoints, which act as teleportation devices to travel in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn about Teleport Waypoints, how to teleport in the game, and how to activate them here.

What Are Teleport Waypoints?

Instant Travel Feature in Genshin Impact

Genshin - Teleport Waypoint in Teyvat
Teleport Waypoints are areas you can immediately teleport to. This is extremely useful when roaming the wilds of Teyvat, as well as travelling for quests or farming purposes.

Underground and Hidden Teleport Waypoints

Several Teleport Waypoints in The Chasm, Enkanomiya, and Sumeru are located in underground areas, or are otherwise hidden by puzzles and quests. See our guides on how to unlock them:

Hidden and Underground Waypoint Guides

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Teleport Waypoint Optimization in 3.4

Genshin - Teleport Waypoints - Underground Waypoint Indicator
After Version 3.4, Travelers are now able to see whether a Teleport Waypoint is above or underground right on the map! Underground Teleport Waypoints will appear to have an extra indicator on their map icons.

This optimization is part of the Version 3.4 update on January 18, 2023.

Version 3.4 Release Date and Patch Notes

How To Use Teleport Waypoints

Select A Teleport Waypoint in the Map

Genshin - Teleport Waypoint on the Map

Open the Map and Select A Teleport Waypoint

When a Teleport Waypoint is activated, simply go to the map and select the chosen Teleport Waypoint to go to it.

Teleporting does not cost anything so if you wish to reach your destination faster, give the Waypoints a good click and you're instantly there!

Other Ways to Teleport in Teyvat

Statue of the Seven

Liyue_Statue of the Seven
Statues of the Seven are also usable as a teleportation point. They can also be used to heal your characters, and unlock parts of the map. Prioritize activating these more than standard waypoints!

Statues of the Seven Guide


Genshin - Forsaken Rift Domain Location
Different types of domains can be found and activated in Teyvat. Aside from challenging these domains, they can also be used to teleport to the domain location!

List of Domains Guide

How to Activate Teleport Waypoints

Find Inactive Waypoints On The Field

Genshin - Activate a Teleport Waypoint to use it
Inactive Teleport Waypoints will be red, and can be interacted with. It's best to activate Teleport Waypoints as you come across them to make traveling all over Teyvat easier.

Teleport Waypoints in Mondstadt and Liyue also give 50 Adventure EXP each, while those in Inazuma and Sumeru give 5 Primogems, so Teleport Waypoints are a good thing to aim for when progressing the game.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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