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Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises | Chapter 3: Act 5 Archon Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Akasha Pulses,  the Kalpa Flame Rises Archon Quest Chapter 3 Act 5

Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises is Act 5 of the Chapter 3 Archon Quest in Sumeru for Genshin Impact Version 3.2. See how to unlock the quest, and the walkthrough guides here!

Chapter 3: Act 5 Quest Guides
Through the Predawn Night As by a God's Side
Jnagarbha Day Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies
A Toast to Victory

How to Unlock Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises

Unlock by completing Act 4

Genshin - Chapter 3 Act 5 Archon Quest

How to Unlock Reach Adventure Rank 35+
Complete Chapter 3: Act 4 Archon Quest

No special prerequisites needed

To unlock the Akasha Pulse, the Kalpa Flame Rises quest, you will need to reach adventure rank 35 or above and complete the previous quest, King Deshret and the Three Magi!
Chapter 3: Act 4 Archon Quest Guide

Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises Walkthrough

Chapter 3: Act 5 Walkthrough Summary

Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises Quests
1 Through the Predawn Night
• Wait until the next day.
• Talk to Candace in Aaru Village.
• Enter the village chief's house.
• Meet up with Alhaitham north of Aaru Village.
• Go to the Eremite base south in Land of Upper Setekh.
• Go to Caravan Ribat and meet up with Cyno.
• Talk to the soldiers stationed in Caravan Ribat.
• Change the time two days later.
• Go down the Statue of the Seven in Aaru Village.
• Help Cyno mock-arrest the Eremites.
2 As by a God's Side
• Meet up with Dehya in Caravan Ribat.
• Find Tighnari in Pardis Dhyai.
• Follow Dehya to track The Doctor.
• Go to the east docks in Port Ormos.
• Sneak behind the Fatui soldiers.
• Hide in Wikala Funduq, the building behind the pier.
• Return to Pardis Dhyai as quickly as possible.
• Defeat the attacking Fatui in Pardis Dhyai.
• Check on Tighnari and Dehya outside.
• Wait until 19:00 - 21:00.
• Go to the Grand Bazaar.
3 Jnagarbha Day
• Wait until 8:00 - 12:00 tomorrow.
• Enter the Akademiya together with Alhaitham.
• Enter the House of Daena.
• Hide for now and wait for an opportunity.
Find a way to connect to Nahida's consciousness.
• As Nilou, go up the stairs to the Akademiya.
• As Isak, hide behind the house, hide towards the left, return to the position behind the house, keep waiting, and head towards the Grand Bazaar.
• Go to the Sanctuary of Surasthana.
4 Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies
• Wait until 16:00 and find Nahida in the Sanctuary.
• Talk to Nahida once you have made your preparations.
Go through the passage and reach The Balladeer.
• Defeat the Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom.
• Leave this place using the Boat of Consciousness.
• Find the remaining consciousness of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.
5 A Toast to Victory
• Talk to Collei and Tighnari in Gandharva Ville.
• Go to the Grand Bazaar.
• Inquire about Alhaitham's whereabouts in the Akademiya.
• Enter the House of Daena and look for Alhaitham.
• Talk to Alhaitham.
• Go to Port Ormos and talk to Dehya and Dunyarzad.
• Go to Aaru Village and talk to Cyno.
• Wait for the feast to start two days later.
• Go to the Grand Bazaar to attend the feast.
• Talk to everyone at the feast.
• Go to the Sanctuary of Surasthana.

Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 5 Information

Act 4 of the Sumeru Archon Quest

Genshin - Sumeru Archon Quest

The quest centers on Alhaitham's plan to free Nahida from her prison in the Sanctuary of Surasthana. Together with Cyno, Dehya, Tighnari, & Nilou, the Traveler will work against the creation of a new god by the Sages of the Akademiya, Scaramouche, and The Doctor.

Chapter 3: Act 5 Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 3.2
Genshin Impact - Version 3.2 - Akasha Pulses the Kalpa Flame Rises
Release Date November 02, 2022

Chapter 3: Act 5 was announced in the livestream for Version 3.2 and was made playable the same time when this version hit the live servers on November 02, 2022!

Version 3.2 Release Date & Patch Notes

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