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Dandy's Time Trial Challenge | Locations and Rewards


Dandy is an adventurer in Liyue that gives you Timed Challenges. Find out Dandy's Locations, times needed to beat, and rewards in this guide.

Dandy's Time Trial Challenge


Talking to Dandy allows you to take on her challenge where you have to reach a certain area before time runs out.

The time trial challenge consists of gliding and using wind currents to reach the destination, except for the one in Wangshu Inn where you have to reach the top of the Inn by running before time runs out.

You can beat Dandy's challenge 3 times per location, with each time you beat it the time limit gets shorter or more difficult.

Set a personal best

Dandy_New Record.jpg

After you beat all 3 challenges you can keep retaking the challenge and set your personal best.

Dandy's Locations

Location and Map Directions
In front of Wangshu Inn, by the road.
To the west of the Statue of the Seven in Qiongji Estuary.
North of Qince village at the top of the terraces near a big tree.
At the westmost islands in Bishui Plain region of Liyue.

Time Needed and Rewards


Beating Dandy's challenges will get you a chest every time you beat it, but only on the first 3 times.

You get a common chest the first time you beat it, an exquisite chest for the second time, and finally a precious chest for the third time.

Time to Beat

Location 1st Challenge 2nd Challenge 3rd Challenge
Wangshu Inn 120s 110s 100s
Mingyun Village 31s 26s 23s
Qince Village (North) 100s 90s 60s
Qince Village (West) 40s 55s 45s

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