Genshin Impact

How to Do Plunging Attacks

Genshin Impact - How to Do Plunging Attacks

This is a guide on one of the main and basic attacks used in Genshin Impact's combat. Read on to find out more about how Plunging Attacks work, how to maximize its usage, and which characters are best at it.

What Are Plunging Attacks

Genshin - What Are Plunging Attacks

Plunging Attacks are mid-air attacks that strike the ground below, dealing AoE damage to enemies in a small radius. The higher the user starts the Plunging Attack, the greater the chance it has of dealing more damage.

While all weapon types are capable of doing Plunging Attacks, not all can be effective at it. In most cases, ranged weapons such as bows and catalysts don't work as efficiently as melee weapons.

Pros of Plunging Attacks

Genshin - Primogem bullet point Deals a great amount of damage for a basic attack.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Deals AoE damage which is great for clearing mobs.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Can break shields from slimes and geo skirmishers. (Not as effective for bow and catalyst users)
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Can save your character from dying by fall damage during explorations.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Can be used to destroy ores when mining crystals. (Not as effective for bow and catalyst users)

Cons of Plunging Attacks

Genshin - Primogem bullet point Can cause minor-major fall damage if done with too much height.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Plunging Attacks from greater heights can be too much work and difficult to aim.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Not very effective against other shield types.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Not all characters can easily use Plunging Attacks, nor are effective at it.
Genshin - Primogem bullet point Can't be stopped if already started. If done from a high place, you'll either have to brace for some fall damage or teleport to a Teleport Waypoint or Statue of Seven before impact.

How to Do Plunging Attacks

Jumping is Not Enough

Genshin - Jump

Plunging Attacks can't be executed with regular jumps. Jumping directly from the ground your character is standing on won't give you enough height for the attack.

Jump From Elevations

Genshin - Plunging Attack

Characters must at least be at the minimum height where gliding is possible. Once positioning is achieved, pressing the attack button will cause your character to strike the ground below.

While exploring the open world, standing on an elevated platform could give enough height to perform a Plunging Attack.

Best Characters for Plunging Attacks


Genshin - Xiao Plunging Attack

Xiao's Elemental Burst, Bane of All Evil, increases his jump height, allowing him to easily do continuous Plunging Attacks for a limited amount of time. Xiao doesn't take any fall damage from Plunging Attacks as well, regardless of the height.

Xiao's Character Rating and Best Builds


Genshin - Keqing Plunging Attack

Keqing's Elemental Skill, Stellar Restoration, can be aimed upwards so that she could teleport above enemies for an easy Plunging Attack.

Keqing's Character Rating and Best Builds


Genshin - Kazuha Plunging Attack

Kazuha's Elemental Skill launches himself up and doing a Plunging Attack after will cause extra Anemo AoE damage (or a different type of element depending on what was absorbed).

Kazuha's Character Rating and Best Builds

Characters That Set Up Plunging Attacks


Genshin - Venti Plunging Attack

Venti's Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet, creates an air current which can provide an easy opportunity for party members to do Plunging Attacks.

Venti's Character Rating and Best Builds


Genshin - Albedo Plunging Attack

Party members can be lifted by Albedo's elevator-like Geo Construct for a quick Plunging Attack.

Albedo's Character Rating and Best Builds


Genshin - Zhongli Plunging Attack

Zhongli can spawn a Stone Stele that can be climbed for a Plunging Attack. This Geo Construct is the highest spawnable construct in the game by far, which could boost your Plunging Attack's damage, but it may take a bit of time to climb up top during combat.

Zhongli's Character Rating and Best Builds

Geo Traveler

Genshin - Geo Traveler Plunging Attack

The Geo Traveler can also spawn a Geo Construct that can provide a platform for a Plunging Attack. It's worth noting that this has less height compared to other Geo Constructs.

Geo Traveler's Character Rating and Best Builds

How to Get the Plunging Attack Achievement

Geronimo! Achievement Guide

Genshin - Geronimo! Plunging Attack Achievement

To get this achievement, your character must start from a very high point in the map. Once there, you have to do a Plunging Attack from up top, making sure that you'll land directly on top of an enemy. The Plunging Attack should last for more than 5 seconds before connecting.

Where to Start Geronimo

Genshin - Where to Start Geronimo

An example of a good location for this achievement is Mt. Aocang. You can teleport to the Teleport Waypoint indicated above, and on the encircled pin, you'll find a Cryo Whopperflower.

From the Teleport Waypoint, glide towards the pin. Once your character is directly on top of it on your map, do a Plunging Attack. Don't worry if you miss! Just remember the specific locations and you should be able to easily retry until you succeed.

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