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This is a guide on how to raise your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn the benefits of raising your Adventure Rank, and the best methods for farming Adventure EXP to grind levels.

How to Raise your Adventure Rank

Gain EXP to Increase your Rank

Gaining Adventure EXP

EXP Source Priority
Complete Archon Quests (main story) and Daily Tasks ★★★★★
Complete Daily Commissions ★★★★★
Complete Domains (dungeons) and Hunts ★★★★
Unlock Teleport Waypoints ★★★
Open Treasure Chests ★★★

Your Adventure Rank can be increased by gaining Adventure EXP. This can be gained by unlocking warp points located across the map, opening treasure chests, as well as completing quests and dailies.

Once you have gathered sufficient Adventure EXP, your rank will increase.

Best Methods to Grind Adventure Rank

Continue the Story to Increase Your Rank

Check Remaining Main Quests.png

Exp Earned 100 minimum

The most basic method for raising your Adventure Rank is completing the Archon Quests, which constitute the main story. If you're playing on a mobile device or PC, you can click the Quests icon in the top-left of the screen to check for an Archon Quest to take on.

After completing all the Archon Quests in the Prologue, you'll be required to raise your Adventure Rank by other means in order to take on the next series of Quests, so it's not possible to continue raising your Adventure Rank using only Archon Quests.

Story Walkthrough

Do Dailies Everyday!


EXP Earned 1200 EXP

Dailies are an efficient way to grind Adventure EXP. Clearing them will give 250 EXP per quest, and an additional 400 EXP once you conplete all daily quests.

You can check the progress of the quest in the Quest Menu Screen.
How to Unlock Daily Quests (Daily Commissions)

Hunt Bosses/ Leyline Outcrops

original resin boss leyline.jpg

EXP Earned 100-200 EXP

Hunting Bosses and Leyline Outcrops are a great source of EXP. However, Original Resin is needed to redeem these rewards. Original Resin refills overtime so make sure to always spend them when possible.

How to Use and Restore Original Resin

Complete Investigations

If you have finished all the available Archon Quests and Dailies, or if you have not unlocked the Daily Quests yet, the next step is to complete the tasks in the Experience section of your Adventurer Handbook. Completing one of these tasks will net you 100 Adventure EXP. Early in the game, the Experience tasks are low-stress and can be completed easily while doing other Quests, so be sure to check them.

If you haven't obtained your Adventurer Handbook yet, you can easily do so via the “Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild” World Quest, which only requires the player to visit Mondstadt and interact with an NPC.

List of Experience Missions

Explore the Map

Unlocking Warp Points

Exploring the map is important for increasing your Adventure Rank. This includes unlocking Waypoints and Treasure Chests you find to gain Adventure EXP.

This is crucial especially in early stages when dailies are not available, so we recommend exploring the map and collecting materials as much as possible.

Challenge Domains and Hunts


Taking on Abyssal Domains and Hunts can help increase your Adventure Rank. Domains are similar to challenge levels so make sure that your party is adequately prepared before taking on Domains.

List of Domains

Original Resin is Required

Recovery Conditions for Original Resin
Recovery Time 1 unit per 8 minutes
Using Primogems Spend 50 Primogems to refill 60 Original Resin
(Cost increases by 50 Primogems each time)
*Up to 6 refills per day

You can also gain Adventure EXP and other items by consuming Original Resin from the Revelation Flower after completing a Hunt. You will not be able to recieve these rewards without Original Resin, so be sure to check the Map screen to see your remaining amount of Original Resin before taking on a Hunt.

How to Restore Original Resin

Benefits of Increasing Adventure Rank

Accessing In-Game Content

Adventure Rank Content to be Released
12 Dailies
14 Dispatch System
16 Multiplayer System
Others Archon Missions
(Required Adventure Ranks may vary per mission)
Increases World Rank

The main benefit of increasing Adventure Rank is being able to access in-game content. Story and side missions require you to be at a certain Adventure Rank before you can accept them.

In addition, your Adventure Rank will determine whether you can do Dailies and access the Multiplayer mode, so it's important to raise your Adventure Rank to enjoy the whole game.

Getting Adventure Rank Rewards

ar rewards.jpg

Higher Adventure Ranks mean higher Adventure Rank Rewards. To claim them, speak to the Adventurers' Guild receptionist and you will receive different rewards depending on your rank, including a welcome windfall of Mora.

How to Farm Mora

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