Genshin Impact

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 for Version 4.4 Guide

Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss Floor 11 for Version 4.4 Guide

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 is the second to the last floor of the Spiral Abyss domain in Genshin Impact. Check out Spiral Abyss Floor 11 in Version 4.4, the best teams and characters, chamber enemies and guides, and the rewards here!

Floor 11 Basic Information

Floor 11 Information and Rewards

Ley Line Disorder All part members receive a 75% Anemo DMG Bonus.
Enemy Level Lv. 88 - Lv. 92
Star Bounty
(All 9★)
Mora Mora x60,000

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Resilient Moon

Blessing Effect
Genshin Impact - Blessing of the Abyssal Moon 4.4 Phase 2
After the active character's Plunging Attacks hit opponents, the character's Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 20% for 8s. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s. Max 3 stacks. Each stack's duration is counted independently. This effect will be cleared if the character leaves the field.
Blessing Reset 2024/03/01 04:00 (Server Time)

Floor 11 Recommended Teams

Best Team Comps For Floor 11

First Half

Cryo Image Cryo Pyro Image Pyro Anemo Image Anemo Any
Electro Image Electro Hydro Image Hydro Anemo Image Anemo Any

For the First Half of this floor, you will be facing large enemies for the most part. It is important to consider that you will be facing against Bathysmal Vishaps, which has resistance to Hydro.

We recommend bringing any teams that can deal any form AoE damage, as enemies cannot be grouped easily in this half.

Second Half

Pyro Image Pyro Hydro Image Hydro Anemo Image Anemo Any
Anemo Hypercarry + Other Elements
Anemo Image Anemo Anemo Image Anemo Any Any

On this side of the floor, you will be facing enemies with various elemental auras.

It is highly recommended that you bring an Anemo unit! Swirl is very beneficial here as to group enemies and break elemental shields, but bringing designated elemental counters can still help.

Best Characters to Use

First Half

Sample Team
Genshin - Ganyu Icon Ganyu Genshin - Zhongli Icon Zhongli Genshin - Bennett Icon Bennett Genshin - Xiangling Icon Xiangling
Genshin - Raiden Icon Raiden Genshin - Yelan Icon Yelan Genshin - Furina Icon Furina Genshin - Jean Icon Jean
Other Recommendations
Main DPS
Wanderer Image Xiao Image Heizou Image Ayaka Image Wriothesley Image Yoimiya Image
Yae Miko Image Fischl Image Beidou Image Yelan Image Xingqiu Image
Sucrose Image Faruzan Image Layla Image Diona Image
Kaeya Image Lisa Image Barbara Image

Second Half

Sample Team
Genshin - Diluc Icon Diluc Genshin - Furina Icon Furina Genshin - Bennett Icon Bennett Genshin - Xianyun Icon Xianyun
Genshin - Xiao Icon Xiao Genshin - Furina Icon Furina Genshin - Faruzan Icon Faruzan Genshin - Xianyun Icon Xianyun
Other Recommendations
Main DPS
Wanderer Image Heizou Image Alhaitham Image Keqing Image Yoimiya Image Gaming Image
Yae Miko Image Beidou Image Xingqiu Image Xiangling Image
Jean Image Venti Image Sucrose Image Yaoyao Image Shinobu Image
Traveler (Dendro) Image Collei Image Lisa Image Barbara Image

Floor 11 - Chamber 1 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 12 Opponents
Defeat 18 Opponents
Goal ★ Target defense progress greater than 20%.
★ Target defense progress greater than 40%.
★ Target defense progress greater than 60% sec.

Floor 11 - Chamber 1 First Half

Floor 11-1-1 Enemies

Genshin - Blazing Axe Mitachurl ImageBlazing Axe Mitachurl x4 Genshin - Hilichurl Fighter ImageHilichurl Fighter x4
Genshin - Hilichurl Berserker ImageHilichurl Berserker x4

Floor 11-1-1 Strategy

Thankfully, most of the enemies for this round will get closer to the Monolith. With that in mind, just be sure to stay away from the Monolith and deal with the waves of enemies as they move forward.

We recommend using mostly AoE Attacks for this round as to clear the enemies efficiently. Crowd Control units can also be useful as to take advantage of the Anemo DMG bonus.

Floor 11 - Chamber 1 Second Half

Floor 11-1-2 Enemies

Genshin - Pyro Slime ImagePyro Slime x7 Genshin - Hydro Slime ImageHydro Slime x5
Genshin - Cryo Slime ImageCryo Slime x4 Genshin - Electro Slime ImageElectro Slime x2

Floor 11-1-2 Strategy

In the second half of Chamber 1, enemies will spawn surrounding the Monolith, so having an Anemo unit that can group can go a long way!

Luckily, you will be facing waves of Small Slimes, which can easily be pulled in and grouped.

Floor 11 - Chamber 2 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 4 Opponents
Defeat 8 Opponents
Goal ★ Remaining challenge time longer than 60 sec.
★ Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★ Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.

Floor 11 - Chamber 2 First Half

Floor 11-2-1 Enemies

Genshin - Geovishap ImageGeovishap x2 Genshin - Primordial Bathysmal Vishap ImagePrimordial Bathysmal Vishap x2

Floor 11-2-1 Strategy

Players will go against a tag-team of two different types Vishaps for this Chamber.

The key thing to do here is to do the most damage possible, as each wave of Vishaps can move a lot and delay your clear times.

We recommend going to the edge as they spawn, especially when going against Primordial Bathysmal Vishaps. This can limit their movements and make it easier for you to deal damage.

Floor 11 - Chamber 2 Second Half

Floor 11-2-2 Enemies

Genshin - Pyro Abyss Mage ImagePyro Abyss Mage x1 Genshin - Large Hydro Slime ImageLarge Hydro Slime x3
Genshin - Cryo Abyss Mage ImageCryo Abyss Mage x1 Genshin - Large Pyro Slime ImageLarge Pyro Slime x3

Floor 11-2-2 Strategy

The following chamber will now bring in Abyss Mages and Large Slimes, spawning close to each other per wave.

Conveniently, these Slimes have the Element that counters the shields of the Abyss Mage they spawn with, so swirling each wave makes this challenge significantly easier.

If you didn't bring an Anemo unit, having different elements can still clear this round.

Floor 11 - Chamber 3 Guide

Chamber Information

Challenge Defeat 2 Opponents
Defeat 15 Opponents
Goal ★Remaining challenge time longer than 180 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 300 sec.
★Remaining challenge time longer than 420 sec.

Floor 11 - Chamber 3 First Half

Floor 11-3-1 Enemies

Genshin - Ruin Drake - Skywatch ImageRuin Drake - Skywatch x2

Floor 11-3-1 Strategy

Players will face two Ruin Drakes for this half of the chamber. Each Ruin Drake will spawn on the opposite sides of the arena.

This challenge is pretty-straightforward. It will simply tests your team's damage output against these hovering enemies. You can go after any side, as the other Ruin Drake will follow the player.

Bow-Users can be useful here to target weak points, but not entirely required.

Floor 11 - Chamber 3 Second Half

Floor 11-3-2 Enemies

Genshin - Mirror Maiden ImageMirror Maiden x3 Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Pyro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Pyro Potioneer x3
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Hydro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Hydro Potioneer x3 Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Electro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Electro Potioneer x3
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Cryo Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Cryo Potioneer x3

Floor 11-3-2 Strategy

This last half of this chamber can be tricky as you will be facing a Mirror Maiden for each wave, along with surrounding Treasure Hoarders. These enemies can easily overwhelm unprepared players as they can deal damage from various points.

As mentioned earlier, an Anemo CC unit can shine well here. An alternative would be having any form of AoE damage to efficiently deal damage to various enemies.

We recommend going after the Mirror Maiden first as they teleport frequently and have the largest HP. The Treasure Hoarders will follow the player, so just be careful of their projectiles as these can trigger Elemental reactions.

Floor 11 Clear Rewards

Chamber's Bounty

Chamber 1
Mora Mora x30,000
Chamber 2
Mora Mora x30,000
Chamber 3
Mora Mora x30,000

The Chamber's Bounty is the set of rewards you receive simply for clearing a Chamber for the first time. This can only be received once.

Star's Bounty

Mora Mora x15,000
Mora Mora x20,000
Mora Mora x25,000

The Star's Bounty can only be received if you clear the star requirements displayed during the challenge. Each Chamber has 3 stars each with 1 prize for every 3 earned. These can also only be received once.

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