Genshin Impact

Serenitea Pot and Housing System Guide

Genshin Impact - Housing System and Serenitea Pot Guide

The Serenitea Pot is Genshin Impact's housing system introduced in Version 1.5. Learn everything you need to know about the teapot and its furnishings in this guide!

Serenitea Pot Basic Information

How to Unlock Genshin's Housing System?

Genshin - Housing System Feature

How to Unlock Reach Adventure Rank 35+
Complete A Teapot to Call Home

Complete the quest ''A Teapot to Call Home'' to unlock get the Serenitea Pot and unlock the Housing System Feature! The quest will only appear if you're Adventure Rank 35 or higher.

A Teapot to Call Home Quest Guide

Serenitea Pot Design Replication System

Genshin - Serenitea Pot Design Replication System
Players can now copy and share the designs in their Serenitea Pot with other players! The function was introduced in Version 3.2, and allows players to create and use designs from inside their Serenitea Pot Realms.

Teapot Replication Guides
Replication System Guide Teapot Replica ID Board

Serenitea Pot Realm Layouts

Housing System Worlds

Genshin Impact - Housing System Realm Layouts
Players will get one free Realm Layout as soon as they unlock the Housing System. The other Realm Layouts can be unlocked with Realm Currency!
Realm Layout Guide

Housing System Realm Layout Guides

Realm Layout Guides
Genshin - Floating Abode GuideFloating Abode Genshin - Emerald Peak GuideEmerald Peak Genshin - Cool Isle GuideCool Isle
Genshin - Silken Courtyard GuideSilken Courtyard Genshin - Housing System - Sumeru Realm LayoutSublime Spicewood Genshin - Underwater Teapot Slim PreviewSwirling Isles

Serenitea Pot Gadget

Genshin - Housing System Serenitea Pot
Players will be able to access all kinds of Housing System features through the Serenitea Pot Gadget. Interact with the Serenitea Pot to go to different Housing Realm Layouts and begin decorating!

Serenitea Pot Item Information

Serenitea Pot Trust Rank

Genshin Impact - Tubby Trust Rank
A high Trust Rank shows you have a great friendship with Tubby! Earning Tubby's trust and ranking up will unlock even more Housing System features and rewards. Take a look at our guide for more information on the Housing System Trust Rank:

How to Increase Trust Rank

Serenitea Pot Adeptal Energy

Adeptal Energy Levels

Genshin - Adeptal Energy
Accumulating Adeptal Energy is the only way to earn more Realm Currency per hour. Increase your Adeptal Energy Levels by placing furniture inside your Housing Realm!

Adeptal Energy Levels Guide

Housing System Teapot Spirit Birds

Serenitea Pot Spirit Tubby

Genshin - Housing System Teapot Bird Tubby
Your Serenitea Pot houses a Teapot Spirit Bird called Tubby! By talking to Tubby, you can access a variety of Housing System features like the Trust Rank, Realm Layouts, Furniture Crafting, and the Realm Depot!

Serenitea Pot Spirit Chubby

Genshin - Housing System Teapot Bird Chubby
Chubby, another Teapot Spirit Bird, will occassionally drop by to sell you rarer furniture items. Chubby is also known as the Jade Seeker!

Serenitea Pot Furnishings

Serenitea Pot Furniture

Genshin Impact - Housing System Furniture
Furnishings are the Housing System's Furniture items. Obtain different kinds of furniture by either crafting with Tubby, or by purchasing Furniture directly from the Housing System Shops.

Housing System Decorations

Genshin - Decorate with Furniture
Place Furniture items of your choice to bring your Housing Realm to life. Furniture items range from chairs to ornaments to whole buildings, so get creative!

List of Furnishings

Furniture Crafting & Materials

Genshin - Furniture Crafting Materials
Access the Furniture Crafting interface by speaking to Tubby and selecting ''Create Furniture.'' Choose a Furniture Item of your choice and spend the required materials to craft it. Take note that crafting Furniture items takes up real time!

How to Craft Furniture

Play Realm Music in Your Teapot

Genshin - What is Realm Music
Use Radiant Spincrystals with the Euphonium Unbound: Winding and Euphonium Unbound: Soaring furnishings and set your favourite Genshin Impact songs as the background music inside your Serenitea Pot!

List of Radiant Spincrystals and Music

Serenitea Pot Shops

Serenitea Pot Depots

Tubby's Realm Depot

Chuby's Traveling Depot

Teapot Spirit Shops

Tubby offers Version 1.5 items like Transient Resin, Sanctifying Essence, and Sanctifying Unction. He also offers Furniture crafting materials, Furniture Blueprints, and actual Furnishing items!

Chubby, on the other hand, offers rarer goods you won't find in Tubby's shop! Chubby himself is quite rare, as he only visits the Serenitea Pot on the weekends.
Housing System Shops

Visit other players' worlds for Chubby's Traveling Depot

To acquire different types of Furnishing quickly, visit other players' worlds on the weekend for the Traveling Depot! Each players' Chubby will be selling random items.

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board Genshin - Supporting castBoardSupporting Cast Board

Serenitea Pot Realm Currency

Used to Buy Housing System Items

Genshin - How to Get Realm Currency
Realm Currency is used to buy some precious items, Furnishing, Furnishing Blueprints, and more! Visit Teapot Spirit Depots to browse their selections and find things to buy with your Realm Currency.

How to Get Realm Currency

Serenitea Pot Paths

New Paving Feature: Teapot Roads

Genshin - Paving Features

Serenitea Pot Paving was released in Version 2.2 on October 13, 2021. Players can place paths and roads in the teapot to cut through the Realm Layout's grassy fields!

Serenitea Pot Paths, Roads, and Paving

Serenitea Pot Companion Move-In Feature

Genshin - How to Add Characters in the Serenitea Pot
The 1.6 update introduced an additional feature where you can place Characters in your Teapot Realm. This feature lets you get Companionship EXP through Realm Bounty!
How to Move In Characters Guide

Serenitea Pot Gardening

Genshin - How to Harvest Plants

Gardening Gameplay Guide

Obtain Seeds, buy Field Plots, and grow plants in your very own Serenitea Pot! You can harvest vegetables, flowers, and even Local Specialties in the Gardening Gameplay of Version 2.0.
Gardening Gameplay Guide

Gardening System Seeds

Gardening Seeds are a Housing System item you can plant! You can either collect and unlock different types of seeds or buy seeds from Tubby in the Realm Depot.
List of Gardening Seeds

Gardening System Fields

Gardening Fields are where you plant Seeds! Buy them from the Realm Depot, place them in the Teapot, and get to planting! There are a total of 3 types of Fields as of now, and you can only grow specific Seeds in each.
List of Gardening Fields

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