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Genshin Impact - A Particularly Particular Author World Quest Guide

A Particularly Particular Author is a Tsurumi Island quest in Genshin Impact. Learn all locations for the Perches, how to solve the Shirikoro Peak Puzzle, a full quest walkthrough, and other quest information in this guide!

Through the Mists Quests
Particular Author Octave of Maushiro
Sea of Fog, Rite of Trees Sun-Wheel & Mt. Kanna

A Particularly Particular Author Quest Information

A Particularly Particular Author Quest Details

Quest Type World Quest
Location Inazuma City, Inazuma
Quest Giver Katheryne

How to Unlock A Particularly Particular Author

Genshin Impact - Seirai Stormchasers Quest Guide
A Particularly Particular Author can only be unlocked after reaching Inazuma and completing the Seirai Stormchasers Quest Series. Once unlocked, go to Katheryne in Inazuma City to begin the quest.
All Seirai Stormchasers Quests

A Particularly Particular Author Walkthrough and Rewards

A Particularly Particular Author

Katheryne seems to have a new commission for you.

A Particularly Particular Author Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Talk to Katheryne in Inazuma City
  • Talk to Sumida
  • Talk to Kama
  • Travel to Tsurumi Island
  • Talk to the mysterious young boy
  • Go to the destination and talk to Ruu
  • Touch the Perch
  • Make an offering to the perch
  • Report back to Ruu
  • Go to the ceremonial site
  • Look for the priest
  • Find your way through the mist and make an offering at the perches (0/3)
  • Return to the ceremonial site
  • Check the light
  • Talk to Kama then return
  • Report back to Sumida

A Particularly Particular Author Walkthrough

Go to Inazuma City and talk to Katheryne to complete the quest.
Go to the marked location in Inazuma City and talk to Sumida.
Go to Ritou after talking to Sumida then find Kama. He will bring you to Tsurumi Island!
Activate the Statue of the Seven nearby and proceed to the marked location. This will clear up some of the island's fog.
Once you pass through the gate, talk to the mysterious kid nearby. You'll find out his name is Ruu.
Follow the glowing path markers to the marked quest location and talk to Ruu and his friends.
Touch the Perch tree that they mentioned, which is near their location. After touching the Perch, touch the Perch Feathers marked on the minimap, then touch the Perch tree again.
After returning to Ruu and his friends, you'll need to go to the ''ceremonial site,'' which is further into Tsurumi Island.
Find and talk to the Priest, Mata.
You will be asked to make offerings to clear the fog in three different locations. Click on these location names to jump to the walkthroughs:

Chirai Shrine
Shirikoro Peak
Autake Plains
11 Get the Maushiro - Genshin Impact.png
Once you have done all three locations and the fog has dissipated, return to the ceremonial site. Grab the Maushiro after a short cutscene.
12 Talk to Sumida to finish Quest - Genshin Impact.png
Go back to Kama, who is near his boat, and talk to him to get back to Ritou. After that, talk to Sumida to finish the quest and obtain the rewards.
Wait until after server reset to unlock the next quest in the series, Octave of the Maushiro!


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×450 Primogem Image Primogem ×50 Hero Hero's Wit ×5
Mora Image Mora ×50000 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×5

Chirai Shrine Perch Locations

All Perch Locations in Chirai Shrine

Chirai Shrine Perch Locations

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Shirikoro Peak Perch Puzzle Guide

Shirikoro Peak Perch Puzzle Walkthrough

How to Complete the Offering
Touch the Perch and guide the three Seelie nearby to their court. This will drain the water in the lower section.
Click here for Seelie locations!
Go to the lowest floor and approach all three Perch Feathers. You can collect one of them, but the other two will move away from you.
To get the second Perch Feather, solve the Relay Stone Puzzle and open the circular door. You can collect the 2nd Perch Feather right after walking to the next location.
Click here for the Relay Stone Puzzle guide!
Perch Feather 3 will move away again until it passes through another circular door. You will need to solve the Relay Stone Puzzle in this location to get it.
Click here for the Relay Stone Puzzle guide!

Shirikoro Peak Seelie Locations

All Seelie Locations near the Perch

Shirikoro Seelie 1

Shirikoro Seelie 2

Shirikoro Seelie 3

Relay Stone Puzzle for Perch 2

Full Relay Stone Puzzle Walkthrough

Shirikoro Peak Puzzle Guide
Take the Relay Stone by the entrance of the area, the one beside the Fantastic Fungus. The Electro Stones will stay connected even if you remove it.
Go to the Stones near the wall with an Owl on it, then place the Relay Stone to extend the stones' connection.
Pick up the Relay Stone hidden in a bush.
From the bush and facing the circular door, use this last Relay Stone to connect the Electro Stones on your left side. You can use the image above as a reference.
Once all the Electro Stones have been connected, you can activate the mechanism to open the door and collect Perch 2. Keep reading for the next Relay Stone Puzzle guide!

Relay Stone Puzzle for Perch 3

Full Relay Stone Puzzle Walkthrough

Shirikoro Peak Puzzle Guide
At the marked location in the image above, there are three Seelie Courts. You have to guide three Seelie home to lower the water level and get access to the complete Relay Stone Puzzle.
Two of the Seelies are easily seen from the courts. However, one Seelie is trapped under a large breakable stone pile.
After lowering the water level, you will need to connect all the Electro Stones to open the circular door.
Pick up the two Relay Stones in the area you just unlocked. One is in the middle of the area, right beside a spider web. The other one connects two Electro Stones, but you can take it without disconnecting them.
Go a little northwest and place a Relay Stone between an Electro Stone on the floor and an Electro Stone sticking out of the wall.
Climb out of the hole and collect another Relay Stone inside a the ruins of a building. There will also be a Remarkable Chest there!
Place one of your Relay Stones between the two stones in the image above.
Place your final Relay Stone in the middle of the next set of stones, exactly like in the image above. It can be a little hard to connect these two stones.
Once the whole Relay Stone Puzzle is connected, a chest will spawn and the circular door will be unlocked.
Collect the 3rd and final Perch Feather and go back to Ruu and the Perch in Shiriko Peak.

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Autake Plains Perch Locations

All Perch Locations in Autake Plains

Autake Plains Perch Locations

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A Particularly Particular Author Tips & Strategies

Use Your Elemental Vision to find the Perches' Locations

Tracking through Elemental Vision.png
The feathers have a purple light that shrouds them, much like most Electro-infused items. Use your Elemental Vision to find them even through the thick fog!

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