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Anemo Element Guide

Genshin - Anemo Element Guide

Anemo is the Wind Element in Genshin Impact and is 1 out of 7 Elements in the game. Check out this guide to learn about Anemo's Strengths, Weaknesses, Anemo Elemental Reactions, and Anemo Characters in the game.

What is the Anemo Element?

Genshin's Wind Element

Anemo is the Wind Element in Genshin Impact, with Mondstadt being the designated Anemo Region and Barbatos as the Anemo Archon.

Anemo Status Effect

Anemo on Characters

Anemo will immediately disappear if applied to characters. If a non-Anemo and non-Geo element is already applied to a character, Anemo will cause a Swirl effect which will make the initial element and Anemo immediately disappear.

Impetuous Winds

Having two Anemo characters in the party will activate the Anemo Buff called Impetuous Winds, which decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%, increases Movement SPD by 10%, and shortens Skill CD by 5%.

Anemo Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Immunities

Bad For All Elemental Shields
All Elemental Armor
No Effect On Geo Shields, Dendro Element

Anemo is not a good element when it comes to breaking Elemental Shields and Elemental Armor. Though it can still do some damage to them, it is better to use the correct element that's weak to the particular Elemental Shield and Elemental Armor.

Elemental Shields need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy, while Elemental Armor does not need to be completely removed to do damage to an enemy.

Shields used by Mitachurls don't have to be destroyed either as long as you hit the opponent's body.

List of Anemo Reactions

Genshin - Elemental Reaction - Swirl

Anemo's primary reaction is swirling with all elements except Anemo, Geo, and Dendro. This can be a good way to spread other elements to nearby enemies.

Element 1 Element 2 Reaction Effect
Pyro Pyro
Anemo Anemo Swirl: Spreads the first element around the target then deals the element and Anemo damage.
Cryo Cryo
Hydro Hydro
Electro Electro

List of Anemo Characters

Current Anemo Characters

Character Rarity Weapon Rating
Genshin Impact - Wanderer ImageWanderer 5★ Catalyst A Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Traveler (Anemo) ImageTraveler (Anemo) 5★ Sword D Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Jean ImageJean 5★ Sword S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Venti ImageVenti 5★ Bow S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Xiao ImageXiao 5★ Polearm A Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Kazuha ImageKazuha 5★ Sword SS Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Lynette ImageLynette 4★ Sword B Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Heizou ImageHeizou 4★ Catalyst B Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Sucrose ImageSucrose 4★ Catalyst S Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Sayu ImageSayu 4★ Claymore B Rank Icon
Genshin Impact - Faruzan ImageFaruzan 4★ Bow S Rank Icon

Upcoming Anemo Characters

No characters!

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