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Talents are the skills and abilities that your characters have in Genshin Impact. Learn about Talents and how to level them up in this guide.

Talent Basic Information

talent screen.jpg
Each character has 6 Talents: 3 Combat Talents and 3 Passive Talents.

2 Passive Talents are locked by default and can be unlocked after Character Ascencion Phase 1 and Phase 4.

The Traveler (Lumine/Aether) has 5 Talents: 3 Combat Talents and 2 Passive Talents.

Combat Talents

  • Normal Attack
  • Elemental Skill
  • Elemental Burst

Combat Talents mostly refer to your character's attacks and skills that deal damage, but they can also in some cases heal or buff your character and nearby allies.

The max level you can upgrade your combat talents is level 15.

Passive Talents

xingqiu talent.jpg
A 25% chance to refund materials used when crafting talent materials.

Passive Talents improve your character's stats or increase the effectiveness of their Combat Talents.

All Passive Talents are max level once unlocked. You can unlock two passive talents after Character Ascencion Phase 1 and Phase 4.

How to Ascend

How to Level Up Talent

Talent Level Up Requirements

Talent Level Ascension Phase Requirement
1 Unlocked by default
2 Must be Character Ascension Phase 2
3 Must be Character Ascension Phase 3

Before you can level up your character's Talents, they need to have ascended to a certain level first.

Talent Level-Up Material

Leveling up your character's talents requires special materials that you can get from the the Domains of Mastery.

The rewards change everyday, so keep that in mind when farming materials to upgrade a certain character.

Talent Level Up Materials Guide

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