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Genshin Impact - Prologue Act 3 Story Story Walkthrough
This is a story walkthrough guide for Prologue: Act 3 in Genshin Impact. Here you can learn what you need to do to progress and what you should be doing during Act 3.

Prologue Act 3

Into Stormterror's Lair


1 Head to Dawn Winery and speak to Diluc.
2 Head to the marked area and defeat the Abyss Mage that awaits you there.
3 Travel to the area marked as the entrance into Stormterror's Lair.
4 Defeat the Hilichurls that attack.
5 Continue into Stormterror's Lair. Use the wind currents to get into Dvalin's tower.
6 Break the seal found at the top of the tower.
7 Find and break the 3 other seals scattered around in Stormterror's Lair.
8 Head back to the top of the tower.
9 Pass through the seal and start the Storming Terror Domain.
10 Beat Stormterror in a sky battle and then in a ground battle.

Lighing Guidance Ritual Pieces

East Side Guiding Light Seal
2 Pieces on Top of Pillars
1 Piece Near the Seal

Two of the Guiding Light piecares are on top of pillars next to each other. You can use the wind currents nearby to Wind Glide your way up. The final piece is easy to get to as it is right next to the seal.

North Side Guiding Light Seal
1 Piece Under Ruble]
1 Piece in Enemy Camp
1 Piece in Wind Barrier

The three pieces are scattered across the area. One is under some rubble you will need to break first. Geo Slimes will also appear when you get close. Anothe seal is hidden inside some boxes in a Hilichurl camp. The final piece is located inside a wind barrier. Climib up the nearby pillars to Wind Glide your way in.

East Side Guiding Light Seal
3 Pieces Near the Seal

The three pieces are easy to find as they are scattered nearby around the seal. The hard part is when you get near the seal. You will need to complete a combat challenge in order to use the pieces on the seal.

The Purple Projectiles are Homing

Homing Projectiles.jpg
Keep an eye on the purple projectiles during the Wind Glider fight against Stormterror. Unlike the blue ones, the purple ones will lock on to you and follow your movement. Try to move right before they hit you to avoid them.

Move Platforms During the Battle

Stormterror Battle.jpg
During the ground battle against Stormterror, avoid standing on the glowing platforms. You will receive Anemo damage constantly while standing on those platforms. Use the Wind Currents on the sides to move from platform to platform.

A Hero's Welcome

Traveler and Venti.jpg

1 Speak to some of the residents of Mondstadt. Speak to Cyrus, Nimrod and Grace.
2 Head to shop Good Hunter. After speaking to Kaeya, sit down and have a meal with Amber.
3 Go to the Cathedral and meet Jean and Venti there.
4 Meet with Venti at the tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise.

What You Should Do in Act 3

Get to Adventure Rank 23

Just like for this act, you will need to be a certain Adventure Rank to be able to continue to Act 3. This can be done before or after you complete Act 3 in a variety of ways.

Ways to Increase your Rank

Ways to Increase Rank
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Unlocking Warp Points
  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Quest Achievement Rewards (Story Quests and Dailies)
  • Reward for Unexplored Discoveries
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Gaining Adventure Rank rewards

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Prepare a Strong Party

After the prologue is Chapter1. You will encounter more powerful enemies that can prove a challenge if unprepared. Try to get the best characters, upgrade them and upgrade your gear for the best chance!

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Character Tier List Character Ascension

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