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Spread is an elemental reaction in Genshin Impact that is triggered when Dendro hits a Quickened Enemy. See how to trigger Spread, the best characters to trigger it, and the best teams for this elemental reaction!

What is the Spread Reaction?

Reaction Between an Enemy with Quicken Aura and Dendro

Spread Elemental Reaction
Genshin - Spread Reaction
Effect Deals increased Dendro Damage.

Spread is the reaction when an enemy with Quicken Aura takes Dendro damage. The Dendro attack that hits the Quickened enemy will deal increased Dendro damage.

The Elemental Mastery stat of the active Dendro character can further boost this Dendro damage increase. This reaction can be also boosted through Artifacts and weapon passives.

How to Trigger Spread

Trigger Catalyze First!

Just like its counterpart, Aggravate, Spread is a follow-up to the Catalyze reaction. To fully utilize that increased Dendro damage, a Catalyze reaction must first occur.

Catalyze and Quicken Elemental Reaction
Genshin - Quicken Reaction
Effect Creates the Quicken Aura
Order Any

You can be able to tell if the enemy has a Quicken Aura by a green flicking effect around them. The Catalyze reaction itself deals no extra damage, as the reaction is a set-up for Aggravate and Spread reactions. The aura lasts about 7 seconds.

Apply Dendro

Be sure to apply Dendro right away on Quickened Enemies to capitalize on the Spread reaction! Adding Electro or any other element might result to a different reaction. Use your best Dendro Main DPS or Sub-DPS for this.
List of All Dendro Characters

Best Characters for Spread


With proper rotations, Alhaitham and his Chisel-Light Mirrors are the best in dealing immense amount of Dendro damage to an enemy.

He can effectively cause the Catalyze reaction and immediately capitalize on the following Spread damage with both his Dendro infusion and Elemental Burst.

Genshin - Checkmark When you want a fast-paced and methodological Dendro DPS.
Genshin - Checkmark When you want to deal massive Dendro damage over a single area.

Alhaitham Rating and Best Builds


Despite being a Standard Banner 5-Star, Tighnari is still an effective pick for a Spread DPS. His kit focuses a lot on charge attacks, which can deal a lot of damage in a single instance.

He can also keep up with his Elemental burst always at the ready due to its low cost and effective particle generation with his Elemental Skill.

Genshin - Checkmark When you don't mind a Charge Attack-Based Playstyle.
Genshin - Checkmark When you want to have a strong ranged Dendro Main DPS.
Genshin - Checkmark When you are mostly going after single target damage.

Tighnari Rating and Best Builds


Of course, the Dendro Archon excels in dealing with any type of Dendro reactions. Nahida can easily apply Dendro with either her normal attack or Elemental Skill, making her very flexible whether or not you want her On-Field or Off-Field.

With her 2nd Constellation unlocked, any Transformative Reactions can cause CRIT Hits. While enemies affected by Aggravate, Quicken, and Spread can decrease enemy's DEF by 30%.

When to use Nahida in Spread

Genshin - Checkmark When you want to have more flexibility in team roles.
Genshin - Checkmark When you want to have a Debuffer against Dendro along with another Dendro Unit.
Genshin - Checkmark When you want to use have constant Off-Field Dendro application.

Nahida Rating and Best Builds

Best Teams for Spread

Premium Spread Team

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Alhaitham Image Alhaitham Nahida Image Nahida Yae Miko Image Yae Miko Zhongli Image Zhongli

This all 5-Star team ensures that the Dendro damage that Alhaitham inflicts will continuously cause the Spread reaction. Nahida ensures that enemies are constantly affected by Dendro while Yae Miko can sustain the Quicken aura.

Zhongli can be replaced with characters that don't interfere with Dendro Reactions like Kazuha for Anemo or Diona for Cryo and healing capabilities.

Tighnari-Nahida Team

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Tighnari Tighnari Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Yae Miko Yae Miko Genshin - Shinobu Shinobu

Since Tighnari synergizes well with a full set of the Wanderer's Troupe Artifact, Nahida can hold the Deepwood Memories Set to further debuff enemies against Dendro.

Yae Miko and Shinobu can cause the Quicken Aura on enemies through their own separate ticks of Electro application.

Nahida On-Field Quicken Team

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Yae Miko Yae Miko Genshin - Kazuha Kazuha
Genshin - Nahida Nahida Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Beidou Beidou Genshin - Jean Jean

Due to her excellent Dendro application, Nahida could also act as an On-Field Driver for Quicken and Spread. This team also makes her personal build focused on both CRIT substats and Elemental Mastery to ensure a balance of both raw damage and reaction damage.

Aggravate Reaction Guide

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