Genshin Impact

Diona Rating and Best Builds

Genshin Impact - Diona Rating and Best Builds

Diona is a 4-Star Cryo Bow character in Genshin Impact. Learn about Diona's build, ascension materials, best weapons, best artifacts, talent priority, skills, teams, and our rating of the character in this build guide!

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Genshin - Diona Builds and RatingBuild Guide Definitely Not Bar Food! ImageSpecialty Dish
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Genshin - Act 1The Cat and the Cocktail Genshin - Act 2Act 2 Genshin - Act 3Act 3

Diona Rating and Info

Character Information

A Rank Icon
Voice Actors EN Voice Actor: Dina Sherman
JP Voice Actor: Izawa Shiori

Tier List Rankings

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Exploration
- - A B

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Diona's Stats

Lvl. 20 Base Stats
Lvl. 90 Max Stats
Stat Base Value
Cryo DMG%
Stat Max Value
Cryo DMG%

Base Stat Calculations

Genshin - Albedo Thinking Emoji Stats indicated above are obtained from Diona's base values. These numbers also exclude the character's equipped weapon, artifacts, talents, or other passive effects that are not innate to the character.
Genshin - Faruzan Thinking Emoji All characters start with 5% CRIT Rate, 50% CRIT DMG, 100% Energy Recharge, 0 Elemental Mastery, 0% Healing Bonus, and 0% Elemental DMG bonus before any additional stats are applied. The table above includes such values.
Genshin - Xianyun Thinking Emoji The Level 20 stats indicated for this character are calculated before their first ascension.

Character Stat Rankings

Diona's Strengths and Weaknesses

• All around generalist support unit that can slot in for Cryo resonance, provide decent Cryo application, and ample healing and shields.
• Most of Diona's kit scales with her HP, making her very simple to build and not even requiring a proper set for potency.
• C6 constellation allows her to provide another form of buffing to the team by increasing their Elemental Mastery by 200 while inside her Elemental Burst.
• Signature Mix is a stationary AoE, making her less effective against moving targets, or large monsters that knock the player off her healing circle.
• Low DMG potential, locking her down to only be played as an off-field Cryo support.

Best Builds for Diona

Support Build for Diona

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: HP%, Healing Bonus, or CRIT Rate
Artifact Sub Stats Energy Recharge, HP%, CRIT Rate

This build utilizes Diona as both a buffer thanks to Noblesse Oblige, and a dedicated healer and shielder thanks to the Artifact stats. Most of her ER requirements will be covered by her weapon, allowing her to slot into more HP.

If someone else is already using Noblesse Oblige, Diona can instead opt for a two-piece mix of different HP and/or Energy Recharge sets.

Diona's Talent Priority

For a Support Diona
1st Elemental Burst
2nd Elemental Skill

Diona's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are both essential in keeping your party members alive, so level them up to increase their effectiveness. We don't recommend leveling up her Normal Attack talent as it's not necessary and the DMG is very lackluster.

Best Artifacts for Diona

Best Artifacts Ranked

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
1st Genshin - Noblesse Oblige Image Noblesse Oblige 2-PC: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
4-PC: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members' ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.
2nd Genshin - Tenacity of the Millelith Image Tenacity of the Millelith 2-PC: HP +20%
Genshin - Emblem of Severed Fate Image Emblem of Severed Fate 2-PC: Energy Recharge +20%%
3rd Genshin - Tenacity of the Millelith Image Tenacity of the Millelith 2-PC: HP +20%
Genshin - Maiden Beloved Image Maiden Beloved 2-PC: Character Healing Effectiveness +15%.

Best 4-Star Artifact for Diona

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
Genshin - Instructor Image Instructor 2-PC: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
4-PC: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members' Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

List of Artifacts and Set Bonuses

Diona Best Weapons

Top 3 Diona Weapons

Weapon Weapon Information
1st Genshin Impact - Elegy for the End Image Elegy for the End Base ATK: 608
Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge 55.1%
Skill Effect: Increased Elemental Mastery by 60. Gain sigils when dealing damage with Elemental Skill or Burst every .2s even when off-field. At 4 sigils, all sigils will be consumed and Elemental Mastery is increased by 100 and ATK increased by 20% for 12s. Once the effect is triggered, you cannot gain Sigils for 20s. The same buffs from the Millennial Movement series does not stack.
2nd Genshin Impact - Sacrificial Bow Image Sacrificial Bow Base ATK: 565
Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge 30.6%
Skill Effect: After damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.
3rd Genshin Impact - Favonius Warbow Image Favonius Warbow Base ATK: 454
Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge 61.3%
Skill Effect: CRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s.

Best Free-to-Play Weapon for Diona

Weapon Weapon Information
Genshin Impact - Recurve Bow Image Recurve Bow Base ATK: 354
Bonus Stat: HP 46.9%
Skill Effect: Defeating an opponent restores 8% HP.

All Recommended Weapons for Diona

Recommended Weapons How to Get

List of Bows

Diona Best Team Comp

Diona Freeze Team

Support Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Ayaka Ayaka Genshin - Mona Mona Genshin - Venti Venti
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Wriothesley Wriothesley Genshin - Furina Furina Genshin - Jean Jean

Diona can function in almost any Cryo team comp to function as a shielder, healer, and a battery tp recharge the energy of the Cryo Main DPS.

Diona Physical Team

Support Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Eula Eula Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Beidou Beidou
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Freminet Freminet Genshin - Xingqiu Xingqiu Genshin - Fischl Fischl

Similar to the freeze team, Diona functions as a shield and healer unit for Physical team. In this example Diona provides Energy for Eula's high Elemental Burst cost while protecting Eula with a shield while she deals damage.

Diona Fridge Team

Support Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Ayato Ayato Genshin - Shinobu Shinobu Genshin - Traveler (Dendro) Traveler (Dendro)
Genshin - Diona Diona Genshin - Kokomi Kokomi Genshin - Shinobu Shinobu Genshin - Nahida Nahida

Diona is also an excellent support for any Freeze + Dendro core type team comps. Diona can freeze enemies who have Hydro applied to them since Dendro does not interact with cryo. At C6, she can further improve Bloom damage from her Elemental Burst.

Diona Best Constellations


Constellation and Effects

Diona's Constellations
Genshin - Diona C1 C1 A Lingering Flavor
Regenerates 15 Energy for Diona after the effects of Signature Mix end.
Genshin - Diona C2 C2 Shaken, Not Purred
Increases Icy Paws' DMG by 15%, and increases its shield's DMG Absorption by 15%. Additionaly, when paws hit their targets, creates a shield for other nearby characters on the field with 50% of the Icy Paws shield's DMG Absorption for 5s.
Genshin - Diona C3 C3 A-Another Round?
Increases the Level of Signature Mix by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Diona C4 C4 Wine Industry Slayer
Within the radius of Signature Mix, Diona's charge time for aimed shots is reduced by 60%
Genshin - Diona C5 C5 Double Shot, On The Rocks
Increases the Level of Icy Paws by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Diona C6 C6 Cat's Tail Closing Time
Characters within Signature Mix's radius will gain the following effects based on their HP amounts: • Increases Incoming Healing Bonus by 30% when HP falls below or is equal to 50%. • Elemental Mastery increased by 200 when HP is above 50%.

Best Constellations Rating and Explanation

Rating Constellation Effect / Merits
C1 ★★☆ • Regenerates 15 Energy for Diona after the effects of Signature Mix end.
C2 ★★☆ • Increases Icy Paws' DMG by 15%, and increases its shield's DMG Absorption by 15%. Additionaly, when paws hit their targets, creates a shield for other nearby characters on the field with 50% of the Icy Paws shield's DMG Absorption for 5s.
C6 ★★★ • Characters within Signature Mix's radius will gain the following effects based on their HP amounts:
• Increases Incoming Healing Bonus by 30% when HP falls below or is equal to 50%. • Elemental Mastery increased by 200 when HP is above 50%

C1 Is Good Enough

For players willing to invest a little bit more for Diona, unlocking her first constellation is a good stopping point. Her Elemental Skill already provides 4 Elemental Particles, so adding a buff that gives her 15 energy after using her burst will help keep it consistently used after cooldown.

C2 is Great for Co-op

Diona's 2nd Constellation not only provides you a stronger shield, but will also create shields for other players in co-op play. If you want to protect your friends from certain doom, get Diona's 2nd Constellation!

C6 Can Be Amazing

On paper, her C6 can be an amazing utility that she provides. However, it can be somewhat tricky to take advantage of this.

Her Elemental Burst applies Cryo on enemies via pulses, so it can mess with certain Elemental Reactions that your Main DPS should have otherwise been the one to create.

Diona Ascension and Talent Materials

Diona Ascension Materials


Diona Talent Level-Up Materials

Daily Domain Drops Enemy Drops Weekly Boss Drops
Genshin Impact - Teachings of Freedom Image Teachings of Freedom
Ranged Hilichurls
Genshin Impact - Firm Arrowhead Image Firm Arrowhead
Childe Challenge Reward
Genshin Impact - Shard of Foul Legacy Image Shard of Foul Legacy
Genshin Impact - Guide to Freedom Image Guide to Freedom Genshin Impact - Sharp Arrowhead Image Sharp Arrowhead
Genshin Impact - Philosophies of Freedom Image Philosophies of Freedom Genshin Impact - Weathered Arrowhead Image Weathered Arrowhead

Talent Materials per Level

How to Use Diona

Elemental Skill Creates Shields

Diona Icy Paws

Diona's Elemental Skill Icy Paws allows her to launch projectiles that deal damage, while also creating a shield for protection.

The duration of her shield is based on the number of Icy Paws that hit an enemy. Keep in mind that you can press or hold her elemental skill, which means you can hold it to launch more Icy Paws and create a better shield.

Shields Scale with HP

The amount of damage that her shield can absorb is based on her max HP, which is why it is best to get artifacts that focus on boosting her HP.

Shields for Nearby Characters Unlocked at C2

Upgrading to Constellation Level 2 allows her to create shields for nearby characters, making it an effective support skill during co-op play.

Elemental Burst Heals Characters Inside its Radius

Diona Signature Mix

Her Elemental Burst, Signature Mix, creates an AoE that deals Cryo damage to enemies within the area and heals characters at the same time. The area that the burst covers is wide, making it great against huge enemy mobs, and set up Elemental Reactions.

More Suited for Support

Diona Support

Diona's supportive abilities make her a great character to have in your party. As such, it is recommended to build her as a support, who can protect other characters in the field and potentially create Elemental Reactions.

Diona Talents (Skills)

Normal Attack: Kätzklein Style

Talent Description
Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.
Charge Attack
Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, biting frost will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged frost arrow will deal Cryo Damage.
Plunge Attack:
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG on impact.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
1-Hit DMG 36.1%
2-Hit DMG 33.5%
3-Hit DMG 45.6%
4-Hit DMG 43.0%
5-Hit DMG 53.8%
Aimed Shot 43.9%
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot 124%
Plunge DMG 56.8%
Low/High Plunge DMG 114%/142%

Icy Paws

Talent Description
Fires an Icy Paw that deals Cryo DMG to enemies and forms a shield on hit. The shield's DMG Absorption scales based on Diona's Max HP, and its duration scales off the number of Icy Paws that hit their target.
Press: Rapidly fires off 2 Icy Paws.
Hold Attack:
Dashes back quickly before firing five Icy Paws. The shield created by a Hold attack will gain a 75% DMG Absorption Bonus.
The shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus, and will cause your active character to become affected by Cryo at the point of formation for a short duration.
Flavor Text:
When she first started bartending, Diona found that no matter how much ice she put in her cocktails, it would never do a drunkard any harm. That all changed when she received her Vision – now she can form ice cold enough to cause severe brainfreeze. Five out of five stars!

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Icy Paw DMG 41.9% per paw
Base Shield DMG Absorption 7.2% Max HP + 693
Duration 1.8s per Claw
Press CD 6.0s
Holding CD 15.0s

Signature Mix

Talent Description
Tosses out a special cold brew that deals AoE Cryo DMG and creates a Drunken Mist in an AoE.
Drunken Mist: Deals continuous Cryo DMG to enemies within the field. Continuously regenerates the HP of characters within the field.
Flavor Text:
A horrific mix that even Diona considers inhumane. The horrifying foretaste should be left for one's enemies. It has a crisp aftertaste, but unfortunately, one can only feel it on one's nose and skin.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Skill DMG 80%
Continuous Field DMG 52.6%
HP Regeneration Over Time 5.34% Max HP+ 513
Duration 12.0s
CD 20.0s
Energy Cost 80

Cat's Tail Secret Menu

Talent Description
Characters shielded by Icy Paws have their Movement SPD increased by 10% and their Stamina Consumption decreased by 10%.

Drunkards' Farce

Talent Description
Opponents who enter the AoE of Signature Mix have 10% decreased ATK for 15s.

Complimentary Bar Food

Talent Description
When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restoriative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

How to Get Diona

Pull from Any Active Banner

All Current Wish Banners
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation GachaEpitome Invocation Genshin Impact - From Ashes Reborn GachaFrom Ashes Reborn
Genshin Impact - Immaculate Pulse GachaImmaculate Pulse Genshin Impact - Wanderlust Invocation GachaWanderlust Invocation

Diona is available at a normal rate on all Standard Wish Banners except Beginner's Wish.

Diona was also a featured 4-star character in both Neuvillette's and Hu Tao's banners in Version 4.1 Phase 1, which ran from September 27, 2023 to October 17, 2023.

All Wish Banners Guide

Diona's In-Game Information

Diona Voicelines

Thoughts About Diona

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Diluc ImageDiluc Diona's attitude towards me is... how should I put it? Rather rigid. I've yet to find the opportunity to speak with her properly. I'm not sure if it's an issue with my family line or— Oh? It's not? She simply despises alcohol? Huh... I never thought I'd come across another bartender like myself in Mondstadt.
Genshin Impact - Eula ImageEula Diona? She's a miracle worker when it comes to making cocktails, and to my surprise, we get along really well. She infiltrated a tavern with the hopes of tearing down the wine industry, while I infiltrated the knights to exact my revenge on them. A kindred spirit it seems...
Genshin Impact - Kaeya ImageKaeya Have you tried one of Diona's drinks? Oh right, you're still underage. Haha, such a shame, it truly is — to not be able to revel with you in such bliss.
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee Diona is the best! I like listening to her, last time I heard her say, "I'm gonna destroy the wine industry in this city if it's the last thing I do!" And I'm gonna help her using my bombs! ...I don't know what a wine industry is though. Is it a monster?
Genshin Impact - Venti ImageVenti There's a special drink known far and wide at Cat's Tail. But it ah... ahh... ACHOO! 'sniffs' How about you go and fetch one for me? I'll be truly thankful, I promise.
Genshin Impact - Xiangling ImageXiangling Diona, from Springvale! Ah, I heard she mixes a great drink, so I came specifically to see her! I thought perhaps I could use her secrets in my cooking, and bring out more flavors. But the tips she gave — like soaking lizard tails in beer, or putting bits of smoked fish in dandelion wine — all came out really awful. 'sigh' Guess it's up to me to work it out myself, then.

Diona's Thoughts About Others

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Albedo ImageAlbedo About Albedo
Alchemy genius? Hmm... I wonder if he knows of a way to finally help me make a drink that people don't like?
Genshin Impact - Barbara ImageBarbara About Barbara
How come all my fans are drunk middle-aged men, while Barbara's are all young people...? Hmph! So stupid. Forget it!
Genshin Impact - Diluc ImageDiluc About Diluc
Diluc... I can't stand him! If there was no Diluc, there would be no Mondstadt wine industry; if there was no Mondstadt wine industry, Daddy wouldn't drink; and if Daddy didn't drink... he would keep me company. Ohhhh...
Genshin Impact - Jean ImageJean About Jean
Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius... A rare, mature adult who doesn't drink... But perhaps a little too earnest, cause is it just me, or are the Knights overdoing it a bit on protecting me?
Genshin Impact - Kaeya ImageKaeya About Kaeya
How is it that even a captain is a disgusting boozehound! You know, that guy who's got that laugh! He downs drink after drink. Ugh!
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee About Klee
Every time Klee wants to play with me, I take her somewhere far from the tavern. Alcohol and explosives... yeah, that's a dangerous combination! I mean, do I want to destroy the wine industry of Mondstadt? Yes, but not in that sense!
Genshin Impact - Lisa ImageLisa About Lisa
Lisa is so nice and gentle! But... how can such a gentle person also be a regular drinker!? Ohhhh... Why!? ...There's really no hope for Mondstadt, is there?
Genshin Impact - Venti ImageVenti About Venti
Venti? I'm not familiar with him... He's a bard? Oh, he must be that guy who sings tunes to entertain the drunkards. Well, then I don't like him, no no no...
Genshin Impact - Xiangling ImageXiangling About Xiangling
Xiangling once gave me a "so-awful-it-goes-with-nothing" food combination she came up with, saying how it tasted absolutely terrible, blah blah blah... It didn't work, no use at all. All my little cat ears heard that night was "One more cup of that good stuff!" 'sigh'<

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