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List of Realm Layouts | Serenitea Pot Realms Guide

Genshin Impact - Realm Layout Guide - List of All Realm Layouts
Realm Layouts are Housing System worlds you can decorate in Genshin Impact. Learn all the Realm Layouts, how to get them, how to unlock exterior areas, and their starting Mansions here!

List of Realm Layouts

All Realm Layout Guides

Realm Layout Guides
Genshin - Floating Abode GuideFloating Abode Genshin - Emerald Peak GuideEmerald Peak Genshin - Cool Isle GuideCool Isle
Genshin - Silken Courtyard GuideSilken Courtyard Genshin - Housing System - Sumeru Realm LayoutSublime Spicewood Genshin - Underwater Teapot PreviewSwirling Isles

There are 6 types of Realm Layouts in Genshin Impact! Silken Courtyard is an Inazuma Realm Layout released in Version 2.2, while Sublime Spicewood is a Sumeru Realm Layout released in Version 3.2, and the Fontaine Underwater Realm Layout's release is in Version 4.3.

Click on a guide to learn that Realm Layout's areas and information!

New Realm Layout - Swirling Isles

Genshin Impact - Swirling Scene in a Bottle Layout 2

Underwater Teapot Realm Layout

The Underwater Teapot Layout is the latest Realm Style! The release date for this realm layout is December 20, 2023, which happens on Version 4.3!

Fontaine Realm Layout Guide

What are Realm Layouts?

Serenitea Pot Worlds

Genshin - Serenitea Pot Realms
Realm Layouts are the worlds inside Serenitea Pots. There are 5 types of Realm Layouts so far, with each having a different scenery and island layout.
Housing System & Serenitea Pot Guide

How to Get Realm Layouts

How to Unlock the Housing System

Genshin - How to Unlock Realm LayoutsPlayers will get to choose a Realm Layout after unlocking the Housing System! Complete A Teapot to Call Home: Part I to get the Serenitea Pot and begin decorating.

A Teapot to Call Home Walkthrough

Can I change my Realm Layout?

Yes, you can change Realm Layouts! It's even possible to unlock all Realm Layouts, but doing so would require a high Trust Rank. Choose your first Realm Layout wisely, because you're probably going to spend a lot of time there!

How to Get More Realm Layouts

Trust Rank Unlocks
8 Maximum Realm Layouts increased to 2
10 Maximum Realm Layouts increased to 3

Realm Layouts are unlocked at certain Trust Rank levels. Once you increase the maximum number of Realm Layouts, you will be able to travel to different ones with the help of Tubby!

How to Increase Trust Rank

How to Unlock Silken Courtyard

The fourth Realm Layout, Silken Courtyard, can only be unlocked upon using the Silken Print, which in turn is obtained by leveling your Sacred Sakura Tree to Level 40.

How to Get Silken Print

How to Unlock Sublime Spicewood

The fifth Realm Layout, Sublime Spicewood, can only be unlocked upon using the Nature's True Fruit, which you can buy from the Realm Depot after completing the Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 4.

How to Get Nature's True Fruit

How to Unlock Swirling Isles

To get the Underwater Teapot Realm Layout, the Swirling Isles, purchase the Swirling Scene in a Bottle for 1000 Realm Currency from Tubby in your Teapot!

How to Get Swirling Scene in a Bottle

Which Realm Layout Should I Choose?

Best Realm Layout to Choose

Genshin - Realm Layouts

Choose the Layout You Like Best

You should just choose which Realm Layout you like the most! All Realm Layouts are essentially the same, even if some starting areas (like Floating Abode's) are smaller than others.

Pick a Realm Layout you think looks good and enjoy decorating it freely! Just be careful of the Load Limit...

Consider the Starting Mansions

One thing you might want to consider are the starting Mansions, though! You will start with either a Mondstadt-style Mansion or a Liyue-style Mansion depending on the Realm Layout you pick.

Which Realm Layout do you think is the best?

Floating Abode 126
Emerald Peak 213
Cool Isle 109
Silken Courtyard 514
Sublime Spicewood 75
Swirling Isles 22

Realm Layout Mansions

Realm Layout Starting Mansions

Realm Default Mansion
Floating Abode
Emerald Peak
Cool Isle
Silken Courtyard
Sublime Spicewood
Swirling Isles
Genshin - Fontaine Villa - Illusory Annex Fontaine Villa: Illusory Annex

One thing you might want to consider when choosing Realm Layouts are their default Mansions. You will only be able to change your Mansion type once you reach Trust Rank 7, which means it may take a while!

Mansion Types & Maps

Housing System Mansions

Mondstadt Mansion

Liyue Mansion

Inazuma Mansion

Sumeru Mansion

Fontaine Mansion

Maps of Upstairs Area & Downstairs Area

Mansion Downstairs Upstairs
Genshin - Liyue MansionLiyue
Genshin - Monstadt MansionMondstadt
Genshin - 2.2 Inazuman Walled HouseInazuma
Genshin - Sumeru Mansion Meditative RetreatSumeru
Genshin - Fontaine Villa Illusory AnnexFontaine

Can I move my Mansion to other areas?

Yes, you can move your Mansion to other areas of a Realm Layout! While placing Furnishing, select the area you want your Mansion in and click on the ''Main Building'' category. It will display where your Mansion is currently located, but clicking on it will allow you to place the Mansion in your desired Exterior Area.

Housing System Mansion Guide

How to Unlock Realm Layout Areas

Realm Layout Exterior Areas

Genshin - Locked Exterior Area
There are a total of 5 areas inside a Realm Layout: the Inside area, and 4 Exterior Areas. If you've noticed bridges that lead to areas you can't reach, it's because you haven't unlocked that Exterior Area yet.

Increase your Trust Rank to unlock Exterior Areas

Trust Rank Unlocks
5 Unlock Exterior Area 2
7 Unlock Exterior Area 3
9 Unlock Exterior Area 4

Exterior Areas 2, 3, and 4 are unlocked by reaching certain Trust Rank levels. Once you've unlocked an Exterior Area, you will be able to travel there freely and decorate it as you please!
How to Increase Trust Rank

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Realm Layout Guides

Genshin - Realm Layout Guides
List of Realm Layout Guides

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