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Energy Recharge Guide | How to Increase Energy Recharge

Genshin Impact - Energy Recharge Guide
Energy Recharge is a character stat in Genshin Impact. Learn what Energy Recharge does, how to increase Energy Recharge, and how to gain Energy in this guide!

Energy Recharge Information

What is Energy Recharge?

Energy Recharge refers to how quickly you regenerate energy with Elemental Particles and Orbs. The higher your Energy Recharge stat, the faster your Elemental Bursts will charge up!

The base Energy Recharge stat is 100%, and you can increase this with artifacts, weapons, or character ascensions. A good Energy Recharge stat would be around 150%~200%, since that lets you use your Elemental Bursts freely!
Elemental Burst Guide

What are Elemental Particles?

Genshin - Elemental Particles
Elemental Particles are tiny balls of light you collect to gain Energy for your Elemental Bursts. The Particles will give Energy to the entire party, but will give the most Energy to the on-field character.

What are Elemental Orbs?

Genshin - Elemental Orbs
Elemental Orbs are larger versions of Elemental Particles that provide you with more Energy. You usually get these from attacking some Boss Enemies, like Hypostases.

How to Increase Energy Recharge

Ways to Increase Energy Recharge

Increasing Energy Recharge
1 Artifacts with Energy Recharge stats
2 Weapons with Energy Recharge stats
3 Characters with Energy Recharge bonuses

Artifacts for Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge from Artifact Bonuses

Set Set Bonus
The Exile Set IconThe Exile 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.
Scholar Set IconScholar 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece: Gaining Energy gives 3 Energy to all party members who have a bow or a catalyst equipped. Can only occur once every 3s.
Emblem of Severed Fate Set IconEmblem of Severed Fate 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%.
4-Piece: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

The best 5-star Artifact set that improves Energy Recharge is the Emblem of Severed Fate. Your Elemental Burst damage will also scale based on your Energy Recharge!

Energy Recharge from Artifact Stats

Only the Sands of Eon, or most commonly called the ''Sands'' piece, can have Energy Recharge as the Main stat. However, Energy Recharge can still appear as a substat on any artifact piece.
List of All Artifacts

Weapons for Energy Recharge

Some weapons also have Energy Recharge as their bonus effect. Such weapons are great for characters in a Sub-DPS or Support role, as they allow you to use Elemental Bursts more often.

List of Weapons
Engulfing Lightning Image Engulfing Lightning Skyward Blade Image Skyward Blade Skyward Pride Image Skyward Pride
Skyward Spine Image Skyward Spine Elegy for the End Image Elegy for the End Fleuve Cendre Ferryman Image Fleuve Cendre Ferryman
Hakushin Ring Image Hakushin Ring Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Image Katsuragikiri Nagamasa The Catch Image The Catch
Favonius Sword Image Favonius Sword Sacrificial Sword Image Sacrificial Sword Favonius Greatsword Image Favonius Greatsword
Sacrificial Greatsword Image Sacrificial Greatsword Favonius Lance Image Favonius Lance Favonius Codex Image Favonius Codex
Favonius Warbow Image Favonius Warbow Sacrificial Bow Image Sacrificial Bow Wine and Song Image Wine and Song
Ballad of the Boundless Blue Image Ballad of the Boundless Blue Fading Twilight Image Fading Twilight Fruit of Fulfillment Image Fruit of Fulfillment
Forest Regalia Image Forest Regalia Sapwood Blade Image Sapwood Blade End of the Line Image End of the Line
Festering Desire Image Festering Desire Prototype Starglitter Image Prototype Starglitter Skyrider Sword Image Skyrider Sword
Otherworldly Story Image Otherworldly Story

List of All Weapons

Characters with Energy Recharge Bonuses

Characters have bonus stats that increase with every ascension. Here are the characters that have Energy Recharge as their bonus stat:

List of Characters
Genshin - Yun Jin Icon Yun Jin Genshin - Raiden Icon Raiden Genshin - Venti Icon Venti
Genshin - Kaeya Icon Kaeya Genshin - Bennett Icon Bennett Genshin - Mona Icon Mona

List of All Characters

How to Recharge Energy

Collecting Elemental Particles

Energy can be gained by using characters' skills and abilities. Elemental Skills are usually the main source of Energy, but some Elemental Bursts (like Venti's after unlocking ''Stormeye'') regenerate Elemental Particles as well.

Elemental Particle Tips

Facts about Energy Recharge
1 All party members gain Energy
Collecting Elemental Particles will give all characters Energy, but the on-field character gets the most.
2 On-Field character gains more Energy
The on-field character receives more Energy, which means you can quickly swap characters so the Elemental Particles go to whoever you want.
3 Matching elements gains more Energy
Collecting Elemental Particles of the same element as your character gives them more Energy.
4 Defeating enemies give Energy
Attacking and defeating monsters give Non-Elemental Particles that still charge your Energy.
5 Fallen characters will lose all their Energy
Characters that die lose all their accumulated Energy, so be careful!

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